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IFTNEXT Food Disruption Challenge™ Past Winners and Finalists

Launched in 2018, the IFTNEXT Food Disruption Challenge™ focuses on showcasing the innovative work of emerging and investment-ready food and food-related companies developing products contributing to the advancement of the science of food.

Each year finalists, representing breakthrough solutions across food ingredient, packaging, agriculture, and processing applications, are chosen to share their innovations in a high-profile pitching competition at IFT’s Annual Event to a panel of prestigious judges.

Two awards are given, the IFTNEXT Future Food Disruptor of the Year™ with a $25,000 prize selected by the six judges, and the IFTNEXT Future Food Disruptor of the Year™ People’s Choice Award with a $5,000 award selected by the session audience.

2020-21 Food Disruption Challenge™ Future Food Disruptor of the Year™


2020-21 IFT NEXT Future Food Disruptor of the Year™ People’s Choice


2020-21 Finalists

Journey Foods
Helping food companies launch better food and monitor portfolios with ease through technology.

Ripe Revival
Making snacks packed with purpose by using Earth's most bountiful & healthy ingredients.

Snap DNA
Solving the global food safety challenge by reducing food pathogen testing from 3 days to 20 minutes.

Offering sustainable and nutritious plant-based protein from the ocean.

2019 Food Disruption Challenge™ Future Food Disruptor of the Year™

En Solucion Inc. 
Designs innovative technology and methods to improve the efficacy, environmental impact, and expense of existing postharvest wash processes.


2019 IFTNEXT Future Food Disruptor of the Year™ People’s Choice

Heliponix, LLC 
Disrupts the way consumers obtain produce by converting highly perishable goods to non-perishable pods through an IoT enabled device.

2019 Finalists

Chinova Bioworks Inc.
Developed a new, natural, clean label preservative extracted from mushrooms called chitosan.

Develops products and ingredient solutions exploiting the East African Highland green cooking banana.

Yarok Microbio
Developed a breakthrough technology for fast detection of dangerous bacteria (E.coli, Listeria, Salmonella, etc.) for the food industry.

Round 2 Finalists

Amai Proteins 
Chinova Bioworks Inc.
En Solucion Inc.
Heliponix, LLC
Spira Inc
Yarok Microbio

Round 1 Semi-Finalists

Advance International, Inc.
Amai Proteins
Believe in Bambara
better juice
Chinova Bioworks Inc.
Cowboy Cricket Farms
En Solución Inc.
Heliponix, LLC 
Kull Foods

NanoSpy, Inc. 
Persea Naturals LLC

Pulp Pantry
Redefine Meat (by Jet-Eat)
ScanX Technologies
Spira Inc
Spoon Guru
Sweetpot Yogurt
Yarok Microbio

2018 Food Disruption Challenge™ Future Food Disruptor of the Year™

Renewal Mill – a CPG and ingredient company that creates high-value superfood ingredients and foods from the $6 billion of unused fiber and starch byproducts of legumes, vegetables, and fruits produced annually. 


2018 IFTNEXT Future Food Disruptor of the Year™ People’s Choice

C-Fu Foods – an ingredient innovation company developing the next generation of insect-based, value-added food ingredients. The company’s goal is to support the emerging insect food sector with high quality functional ingredients that solve the technical challenges that limit the use of insects in food. 

2018 Finalists

Inductive Intelligence – a packaging technology company that makes it possible to safely and conveniently heat foods and drinks in disposable package, using the same device you use to charge your mobile phone battery. 

Nebullam – a food technology company providing new vertical farmers with High Pressure Aeroponic systems, powered by artificial intelligence. 

Rise Products – a food technology company that uses a patent-pending process to convert organic by-products into healthy, tasty, and sustainable food products, starting by turning spent barley from brewers into flour. 

Re-Nuble – an agricultural technology company that uses an inexpensive, patent-pending process to transform food waste into chemical-free, organic nutrients for both soil-based and hydroponic cultivation. 


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