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Every individual within the science of food community has an important role in improving the safety, sustainability, accessibility, and nutritiousness of food for people across the globe. But no one person can do it alone.

 IFT is your destination for access to the expert advice and resources, knowledgeable community, and innovation inspiration needed to advance your career and the future of food. Whether you attend a single event or leverage our full offering, the value you will gain is endless.


Having access to the expert knowledge, comprehensive training, and educational resources IFT offers is a key differentiator for individuals and teams around the globe. Efficiently solve problems and enhance your knowledge and technical skills with:


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IFT is the place to build career-long connections and relationships within the global science of food community. Its diverse and engaging network often provides a source for collaborative partnerships, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, inspiring ideas, or new career opportunities.

Your first stop for the latest and most relevant research, insights, and trends to inspire innovation and power your next scientific breakthrough.


An objective voice in public dialogue on food and nutrition-related issues, advocating for science-based outcomes on behalf of all members of the science of food community.


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More than 12,000 individuals from more than 90 countries are part of the IFT membership community. Our members span every career stage from student to retiree and nearly every role across the global food system. People join IFT for a variety of reasons as unique as they are, but they share the same goal: to harness the power of this community to help them as they work to develop food that is safe, nutritious, tastes great, and feeds our growing global population.

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