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When you join the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), you become a part of a community of global scientific scholars, innovators, visionaries, and achievers all passionately dedicated to the advancement of the science of food and food technology. A community of game changers working together to make food safer, nutritious, and sustainable.

As a member you also gain access to a breadth of research, learning resources, networking opportunities, and events all created with the goal of helping you to become a stronger science of food professional and better positioned to be a vital contributor to the future of food.

And now you can join IFT for as little as $99 per year (plus section dues) as a Networking & Engagement member. That's only $8.25 per month! For more details about membership, see Membership Types for details regarding membership options and corresponding benefits. 


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The power of community.

When you join a community, you become something bigger than yourself.

When you become a member of the IFT community, you’re connecting with a global network of science of food professionals who come together for a variety of individual reasons as unique as they are.

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IFT recognizes the many accolmplishments that individuals and organizations have made to advance food science and the food industry and to help provide safe, affordable, and nutritious foods to the world.

A Supportive Community

IFT’s community represents all facets of the food profession. From academia, to industry, to policy, to marketing and sales, IFT’s members provide a depth and wide variety of knowledge and experience. Whether it’s through one of IFT’s 47 regional sections or 25 topical divisions, as a member of IFT you will have access to a wealth of scientific knowledge and industry expertise that you can’t get anywhere else.

What an IFT Membership Can Do for Your Career

IFT offers access to a wide variety of programs, events, resources, networking opportunities, and services all created with the goal of helping you become a stronger professional in the science of food. IFT’s dedicated volunteers and staff faithfully work to ensure that the science of food profession remains strong, relevant, and influential. Position yourself as a vital contributor to the future of food. Join IFT today.

What Your IFT Membership Can Do for the Science of Food

IFT members represent all facets of the food industry. From research and development, to safety and quality assurance, to processing and packaging. It is because of this depth, that IFT is seen as the trusted source for all things related to the science of food. And it is because of our members and volunteers that IFT play a vital role in strengthening the important role food science and technology plays in advancing our global food system. Learn more about volunteer opportunities.

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