IFT Member Referral Program

Member Referral Program

When we come together as a community working together to advance the science of food, our profession has strength and impact.

Stronger Together.

When we work together as one, we are stronger together.

When you share the value of IFT with your friends and colleagues you are helping to make our community of science of food professionals stronger and more vibrant. When you combine your network with IFT’s, you are making a positive contribution to advancing food science and the future of food.

Be a Part of the Member Referral Challenge and Help Build IFT for the Future!

Help grow our profession’s impact by growing our community. As a valuable member of IFT you can share your experience with others to help influence their career. Being able to show how IFT has influenced you professionally and personally shows a connection that others may not have seen before. You as a member are an influencer for others within the science of food community, share the knowledge!

And, to show our thanks for sharing IFT with a friend or colleague who joins from October 16, 2019– February 17, 2020 as a Premier or Networking & Engagement member, you will be entered into a drawing to win one of five free 12-month memberships and the IFT20 All-Access Experience.

The IFT20 All-Access Experience includes:

  • All-access pass to IFT20 in Chicago
  • A travel reimbursement of up to $500
  • Hotel accommodations at IFT20
  • Premier Members receive early access to IFT20 Food Expo
  • Round trip ground transportation to/from the hotel/airport
  • A 12-month membership

Do you know a student who would benefit from an IFT membership?

Encourage them to join. When you refer a new student to IFT and they include your name as a referral, you’ll be entered into a drawing for the IFT20 travel prize, a travel reimbursement of up to $500.

NOTE: Members outside the United States are not eligible for the Member Referral Challenge.

**An individual can only win one (1) 12-month membership prize throughout the promotional period, see the Official Rules for full details and restrictions.

Referring IFT to a friend is easy.

Refer a colleague so we can strengthen our ability to work together in advancing the science of food and the profession.

Share. Let your colleagues know how you advance your career with information from IFT’s publications and newsletters, by gaining leadership skills and giving back through volunteer opportunities, and being able to connect and collaborate with science of food professionals from around the world... and that they can do the same thing!

Refer. Have them include you as the referring member on their application when they join IFT and you will be entered to win a free annual membership.

Need some help in sharing IFT with your colleagues?

We have tools and resources you can use when you talk about IFT, including reasons people join IFT and templated messages you can send to share the benefits of IFT membership.

1. Who is a prospective member?

  • Friends who are interested in IFT
  • Colleagues in food science professions
  • Food industry professionals looking for career advancement
  • Members of allied associations
  • Non-members who attend section meetings
  • Students studying food science and technology
  • Contact prospective members directly by sending them an email inviting them to the join IFT (see below for an example). Below we also provide the top 10 reasons science of food professionals join IFT, which you can use in conversation with your colleagues. Sometimes just asking a colleague or friend to join is all it takes.

2. Know the benefits

Be familiar with the many IFT membership types and benefits. IFT is the catalyst for food science and technology professionals - from the latest food trend information, discounts on educational programming, to opportunities for professional interaction... IFT is your association, and who better to explain the benefits than you, one of our dedicated members.

3. Explain to prospective members how to join IFT

  • Email prospective members a membership referral application (PDF) or the student membership referral application (PDF). Be sure they write your name in the “Referred by” space at the top of the form.
  • Assist prospective members with submitting their membership referral application.
  • Let prospective members know that they can easily join online and add your name on the “Referred by” section.

4. Show your enthusiasm

Show your enthusiasm by sharing first-hand accounts of how your membership in IFT has been a rewarding experience. Prospective members will be much more likely to join if they can relate to how you have benefited from membership.

5. Send them to ift.org

Show prospective members the value of IFT membership by sending them to ift.org. The website contains valuable information about IFT and our member benefits.

6. Follow-up

Following up with prospective members is just as important as your initial contact. Call them, email them, send a letter, or drop by to see if they have joined and answer questions they may have. Sample email and letter messages are provided below.

7. Thank them

Send a note or email thanking the prospective member for considering membership in IFT. The more contact they have with you, a current IFT member, the more likely they will be to join and stay involved!

Share these fun reasons to join IFT:

  1. It’s THE place for professional connection, collaboration, and networking, both in person and online
  2. Professional educational opportunities on timely science of food topics, available 24/7 online or in person
  3. Receive a free subscription to Food Technology magazine
  4. Advance your professional knowledge and gain an edge on your colleagues with information on the latest trends and research
  5. Give back and support the future of the profession through meaningful volunteer and leadership opportunities
  6. Receive registration discounts to the IFT annual event and food expo, as well as other IFT meetings and events
  7. Find out how much you are worth, or what your staff should earn with FREE access to the IFT Membership Employment Salary Survey Report
  8. Stay abreast of regulatory and public policy changes, and understand the impact on both your organization and the industry
  9. Maintain your professional contacts 24/7 through IFT's online community and membership directory
  10. Get advice on your career or guide another science of food professional through the IFT eMentor program

Below are sample letters and reasons to join IFT, for you to send to prospective members. Please edit as needed

Invitation Letter:

Dear [NAME],

I think I've mentioned to you before that I belong to the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT).

IFT is the largest food science-related organization in the world, and it's the place where everyone from the food profession comes together. There are professionals like us, as well those involved in: food science, R&D professionals, chemists, microbiologists, QA/QC folks, regulatory affairs experts, academics, brand managers, marketing, technical sales, and executive management, just to name a few.

I can't begin to tell you what a valuable resource IFT has been for making professional contacts and advancing my career. I've met some really wonderful people that I probably wouldn't have gotten to know if it weren't for my involvement in IFT. It's also been a great source for unbiased information on what's going on in the food industry.

If you have a moment, check it out by visiting ift.org. If you'd like to talk with me about my personal experience with IFT, give me a call or drop me an e-mail when you get a chance.


Follow-up Letter:

Dear [NAME],

I just wanted to follow up with you on our conversation about IFT. As you could probably tell, I think it's a great organization for food professionals like us.

There are more narrowly focused organizations out there, and they certainly have value. But for people like us who have to understand what's going on in more than just our specific area of the food industry, nothing beats IFT.

If you haven't had a chance to check out their website (ift.org) yet, I'd encourage you to see what's there. And if you want to talk more about why I'm such an advocate of IFT, just give me a call or send me an e-mail.

Talk to you soon,