2023 Food Trends Collection

The science of food is ever-changing to reflect the latest scientific research in nutrition and food safety, evolving consumer preferences and behaviors, shifts in the regulatory and legislative landscape, and innovations in new product development. Below is a curated collection of IFT's coverage of leading trends for 2023.

The Top 10 Food Trends of 2023

Morphing consumption patterns, gourmet convenience, and a bifurcated approach to healthier eating are among the market trends that should be front and center for product developers in the months ahead.

2023 Trends

IFT’s Science and Policy team has connected the dots from processed foods and global food system silos to food safety hazards, supply chain constraints, sustainability efforts, and more.

2023 Foodservice: Food & Flavor Trends

Foodservice innovation drivers in 2023 include health and wellness, nostalgia, sustainability, and a desire for adventure.

IFT’s Tech-Enabled Traceability Insights Report Based on the FDA’s Low- or No-Cost Traceability Challenge

This report is an important resource for industry stakeholders to advance food traceability concepts as outlined under the New Era of Smarter Food Safety blueprint. 

EP 9: Food Safety Change Agent, Cool Tips on Freeze/Thaw, Top Trends for 2023

This episode of Omnivore features new conversations on timely topics with leading food scientists and industry experts taken from the pages of the April 2023 issue of Food Technology magazine.

Reaching Gen Z On Their Terms

Speaking as a part of a Tuesday Scientific & Technical Forum on consumer mistrust, Center for Food Integrity’s Roxi Beck highlighted some recent research on Gen Z’s purchase behavior.

What’s on the Menu for Meal Kits?

Strong sales are forecast for companies that keep it healthy, fresh, and affordable as well as convenient.

Consumers Share How Crises Affected Their Food Choices

Sharing their personal stories, a panel of three consumers addressed how their food choices were and are impacted by crisis at a Tuesday IFT FIRST featured session.

Strong and Balanced Food for Women

Products tailored for women’s health are on the rise, made by women, for women.

Money Matters Webinar: Compensation Trends in the Science of Food

Are you getting a competitive salary? Is your organization's compensation in line with your peers? Featuring highlights from the 2022 IFT Compensation & Career Path Report, you'll hear breakouts by geographic region, job function, years of employment, gender, race, and much more.

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