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The alchemy of modern food innovation is a collaborative, farm-to-fork blend of disciplines, combining food science, finance, marketing, consumer insights and supply-chain expertise. For product developers, it's no longer sufficient for foods to be nutritious, tasty, and affordable. They must also be sustainable and accessible to a complex global market. Savvy product developers now accelerate the process by leveraging an array of cutting-edge ingredients and techniques. Below is a curated collection showcasing how innovation is being applied across the food system.

Food Technology is the leading publication exploring the intersection of business, science, and technology. We offer a variety of subscription types, in both digital and print formats. 

IFT Dairy Division Webcast: Visualizing Dairy Innovation from Farm to Fork  Featuring Richard Franta and Dr. Kumar Mallikarjunan, this webcast covers the four main pillars across dairy value chain including Dairy Farms, Academia, culinary and incubator program and will showcase innovations in each of these categories. Thought-provoking video stories will bring the complete view of innovations in the dairy sector to the audience.
IFT Product Development Division Webcast: Applying Sensory Sciences during Product Development This webcast focuses on two sensory professionals, Janet McLean and Lori Rothman, who will educate students and new professionals on innovative methods to use sensory practices when evaluating new products. You will learn quantitative and qualitative methods relevant to achieving consumer-centric innovation in today's food world.

Innovation Articles from Food Technology Magazine

Proofing Innovation

How Bread and Butter Ventures’ Brett Brohl went from startup CEO to VC investor in the future of food and ag-tech.

The Nuts and Bolts of Food Innovation

In Monday afternoon’s Business FIRST session, four food science entrepreneurs shared their experiences in building products and businesses from their passion, creativity, and discoveries.

Commercializing Transformational Science

Aletta Schnitzler believes the world is ready for lab-made milk protein, and she’s working hard at TurtleTree to make it a marketplace reality.

A New Food Ecosystem Emerges in Israel

An update on cultured meat innovators in Israel

Insider Innovation at PepsiCo

An unconventional approach to R&D challenges high-potential researchers and jump-starts breakthrough product and process advances.

Weighing Risks and Rewards

Despite inflation and recession fears, investors are still putting money into food companies explained panelists at Tuesday afternoon’s Business FIRST session.

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