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Interviews with IFT members, exclusive to Food Technology online.

Amelia Chen
  Meet Amelia Chen
Food Scientist
Geltor Inc.

"Geltor's—and many other Bay Area companies’—nontraditional way of making food ingredients will be important to help fill in the gaps that traditional food production will not be able to meet."

Dan Wilkinson

Meet Dan Wilkinson
Vice President of Sales
White Oak Frozen Foods

"I have a great curiosity about all the new and exciting developments that are taking place in the global food industry—especially in the development of “plant-based” products that are changing the way we look at vegetables."

Dale Conoscenti

Meet Dale Conoscenti
R&D Manager CRC®
Rhino Foods, Inc.

"Being a product developer is a multifaceted job and I love it because I constantly have the opportunity to learn and put into practice what I learn."

Bethia Margoshes

Meet Bethia Margoshes
Principal Consultant
Margoshes-Miller Consulting

"When I started my first sensory assignment, I quickly realized sensory combines both the technical and consumer product understanding I enjoy."

Kathryn Boor

Meet Kathryn Boore
The Ronald P. Lynch Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Professor of Food Processing Microbiology, Dept. of Food Science
Cornell University

"I also expect to see a growing number of innovative start-ups pushing into the food space."

Karsten Kotte

Meet Karsten Kotte
Vice President of Technical Services
Graceland Fruit

"I get fired up about developing new approaches to product innovation."

Ernest Symanski

Meet Ernest Symanski
New Product Development Services, LLC

"It has become more apparent to me that building good business relationships throughout your career will lead to your overall success. Your reputation in the industry, and how well you treat your colleagues, employees and suppliers, will define who you are."

Kim Sheridan

Meet Kim Sheridan
Research and Development Manager
Oregon Fruit Products

"I’ve found that you never know when an idea for one customer could spark an idea for another in a totally different discipline. You just have to be open to keeping an ear out for that great 'crossover' idea."

Bryson Bolton
  Meet Bryson Bolton
Manager of Sensory and Sample Collections
Synergy Flavors

"The food industry is constantly evolving and during the coming year I think that consumers are slowly going to embrace science based research when comes to the GMO debate."

Nicholas Tarleton
  Meet Nicholas Tarleton
Associate R&D Scientist
The Kraft-Heinz Company

"Though there are many changes occurring in the industry, patience is a virtue and continuously communicating with the customer is very important."

Milda Embuscado
  Meet Milda Embuscado
Senior Principal Scientist, Materials & Process Technology
McCormick & Co.

"It is enlightening to know that you can apply what you learned over the years and that there are still a lot of things to learn."

Rodolfo Solis
  Meet Rodolfo Solis
Food Engineering Consultant Services

"I love the opportunity to work in developing new nutritive processed products at low cost for lower income populations."

Martha Verghese
  Meet Martha Verghese
Professor and Chair
Dept. of Food and Animal Sciences at Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University

"Attending the annual IFT meeting is one of the major highlights of my last 12 months. I use that to keep abreast of the critical/pressing issues in Food Science which helps shape the direction of the department I chair."

Andrew Cummings
  Meet Andrew Cummings
Associate Scientist
Ripple Foods

"Being a start-up we tend to take risks that larger companies wouldn't and that often means extremely tight timelines."

Kyle Walcutt
  Meet Kyle Walcutt
Food Scientistf
Interbake Foods

"I see a growing emphasis on environmental consciousness, sustainability, and waste reduction."

Jordan Neff
  Meet Jordan Neff
R&D Chef
Better Nutritionals LLC

"Bringing health and happiness to people is a dream come true."

Julie Divis
  Meet Julie Divis
Quality Manager
PRE Brands

"I’m am proud to be a part of a startup that is pushing the limits of the meat industry and encouraging consumers to know more about what they are eating. "

Eva Almenar
  Meet Eva Almenar
Associate Professor, School of Packaging
Michigan State University

"As with other professors/researchers in my field, I have the responsibility and honor to build the new leaders of the food packaging industry."

James Musetti
  Meet James Musetti
Cheese Application Technologist
Dupont Nutrition & Health

"I love many things about my job besides the fact that cheese is in the title of my job."

Melissa Kaczmarczy
  Meet Melissa Kaczmarczyk
Principal Scientist

"I chose industry over academia because I felt in industry I could make a larger impact on people’s diets by creating healthier food choices."

Tisa Drew
  Meet Tisa Drew
Senior Customer Innovation Applications Specialist

"It is imperative that I obtain as much information as possible regarding our customer's application in order to make the optimum AAK product recommendation."

Marcia Walker
  Meet Marcia Walker
Director of Innovation
915 Labs

"One of my greatest challenges is trying to further the adoption of innovative processing technologies."

Ana Paula Craig
  Meet Ana Paula Craig
Quality Manager
Applied Food Sciences

"When I first learned about food engineering it sounded like an appealing opportunity to take on one of our biggest challenges: feeding the world in a healthier and sustainable way."

Ian Gordon
  Meet Ian Gordon

"The major problem will continue to be that there will be too many people to be fed, and, as this pressure grows further, fresh water may well become a limiting factor in marginal lands."

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