Neil Mermelstein

Neil H. Mermelstein

Thermal processing of low-acid canned foods has become more and more scientific since it was first accomplished by Nicolas Appert in the 19th century, and thermal processes have been established for all types of foods in hermetically sealed containers.

Experimental magnetic thermometry setup at NCFST for measuring temperature of simulated food particles during aseptic processingSimilar processes have also been established for aseptic processing, in which the product and the package are sterilized separately and combined in a sterile atmosphere. However, almost all of the established processes for aseptic processing have b…

Schematic of the magnetic I.D. flow monitoring system with a single sensor array. 1 = simulated particle containing the magnetic tag; 2 = magnetic tag; 3 = giant magnetoresistive sensor; 4 = sensor holder or gasket enclosure; 5 = soft iron magnetic flux concentrators; 6 = DC voltage sources; 7 = data acquisition system; and 8 = stainless-steel tube

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Neil Mermelstein

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