Donald Pszczola

Donald E. Pszczola

In the November 1999 Ingredients section, “Sipping into the Beverage Mainstream,” we discussed how a variety of ingredients were helping to redefine what once were considered alternative beverages, moving them gradually into the beverage mainstream. At that time, we looked at bottled waters, soy drinks, coffee or tea beverages, fortified smoothies, juices, and several other categories.

A beverage recently introduced into the marketplace, Stewart’s Strawberry N’ Cream is an aromatic soda that uses the essence of strawberries and a hint of vanilla. Today’s beverages are driven by such factors as indulgence, health, novelty, and convenience.More than ever, today’s beverages are driven by such key trends as health, indulgence, convenience, the desire f…

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Food Technology magazine Senior Editor and key member of the Food Technology editorial staff for 26 years.
Donald Pszczola