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IFT’s second annual International Food Safety and Quality Conference and Expo will be held Feb. 20–22, 2002, in Atlanta, Ga. As explained by Rosetta Newsome, IFT’s Director of Science and Communications in the August issue of Food Technology, this conference explores in depth the issues of food safety and quality. The accompanying exhibition features suppliers of instruments, packaging systems, processing technologies, and professional services. It will also include poster presentations and tours, such as one to the U. of Georgia Center for Food Safety and Quality Enhancement in Griffin.

LABORATORYThe conference program and registration and hotel reservation details are accessible at www.iftfoodsafety.com. The event is sponsored by IFT’s Food Technology magazine and is endorsed by the Association of Food and Drug Officials, Food Safety magazine, International Association of Foodservice Executives, Meat & Poultry magazine, and the National Registry of Food Safety Professionals. 

Conference topics include emerging microbiological food safety issues, HACCP, rapid testing methods, developing quality systems, application of ionizing radiation to extend shelf life, BSE, foot-and-mouth disease, and discussions on creating a single food safety agency.

may be used for a variety of laboratory weighing applications. The new CP Series consists of twenty-three models including analyticals, top loaders, and a micro model. The balances have the ability to read from 0.01 to 1.0 mg and weigh from 64 g to 34 kg. The models in the series feature a triangular weighing pad and draft shields on the analytical and 1-mg models. The doors on the analytical models are said to allow easy access for loading and unloading samples of all sizes. The draft shield on the 1-mg models has a hinged cover to facilitate sample loading and removable side panels that allow the pan to be easily accessed from either side. The draft shields can be easily interchanged between the analytical and 1-mg models. The balances feature a display with an adjustable light intensity control and large 0.65-in digits. The balances incorporate a monolithic load cell technology that is etched from one piece of metal. This technology is said to give the balances faster response times, more durability, and reduced susceptibility to temperature drifts. There is a built-in motorized calibration weight in the 0.01-mg and 0.1-mg models that helps to ensure a higher weighing accuracy. All models have a bi-directional RS-232 port for communication with a personal computer or analytical instrument. All balance-generated data can be recorded or printed out in compliance with GLP requirements so that the balances may be used in a quality management system. The balances also offer built-in programs such as weighing in percent, net-total formulation, dynamic weighing or animal weighing, mass-unit conversion by toggling, and piece counting. For more information, contact Sartorius Corp., 131 Heartland Blvd., Edgewood, NY 11717 (phone 800-635-2906 ext. 272; 631-254-4249; fax 631-254-4253)—or circle 310. 

Microplate Handler, the Twister, is said to be a low cost, bench-top system designed to standardize laboratory applications for microplate readers, washers, and liquid handlers. The handler individually moves up to 20 microplates from an input rack to the plate locator on the instrument. An optional loader accommodates up to 60 additional plates. The handler’s software initiates the scientific instrument’s method. After completion of sample testing, the handler retrieves the plate from the instrument and places it into an output rack. The software is capable of cycling plates in predetermined intervals to accommodate kinetic applications. For more information, contact Zymark Corp., Zymark Center, Hopkinton, MA 01748 (phone 508-435-9500; fax 508-435-3439)—or circle 311.

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Sanitizing Lotion Dispensers, called SaniMyst No-Touch, spray a pre-measured application of lotion over the entire surface of the hands, including nails and cuticles which are typically missed during hand washing. Each spray delivers a measured amount of USDA-approved sanitizing lotion. The sanitizer requires no water to rinse. The user can then handle food products or samples immediately after use. Refill cartridges or bulk refills are available. The no-touch dispensers are said to reduce cross-contamination. For more information, Hardy Diagnostics, 1430 W. McCoy Ln., Santa Maria, CA 93455 (phone 805-346-2766; 800-266-2222; fax 805-346-2760)—or circle 312.

Temperature and Humidity Recorder, the FH 125, is a paperless recorder that provides temperature and humidity data. Recorded temperatures may range from -40 to 185°F (-40 to 85°C) and 0 to 95% RH. The instrument has a 4.5 by 2.5-in display, which shows current temperature and humidity readings and displays a graph of data ranging from 1 hr to 32 days. For detailed analysis, storing, or e-mailing, though, the instrument does store 16,128 sample points for optional PC downloads. The recorder features a remote temperature and humidity probe which may be used for monitoring hard-to-reach places, chambers, and clean rooms. For more information, contact Dickson Co., Customer Service, 930 Westwood Ave., Addison, IL 60101-4997 (phone 800-323-2448; fax 800-676-0498)—or circle 313. 

Hydrogen Peroxide Test Kits provide hydrogen peroxide measurement for many applications, including analyzing residual levels after rinsing extended shelf-life packaging; measuring treatment solution concentrations; and analyzing the strength of concentrated hydrogen peroxide disinfecting solutions. Hydrogen peroxide is widely used as a disinfecting agent in many food and dairy packaging applications. These test kits quantitatively analyze hydrogen peroxide in concentration ranges from low parts-per-million to percent levels. Test kits for other disinfectants and sterilizing agents, including peracetic acid, ozone, glutaraldehyde, chlorine dioxide, chlorine, and bromine are also available. For more information, contact Chemetrics, Inc., Rte. 28, Calverton, VA 20138-0214 (phone 800-356-3072; fax 540-788-4356)—or circle 314.

Fumonisin Test Kit, offered by Neogen Corp., has been approved by the USDA’s Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration (GIPSA) for official testing in the national grain inspection system. GIPSA sought rapid methods to detect fumonisin as concerns about the detrimental effects of the mold toxin have escalated. The Environmental Protection Agency classifies fumonisin, which is produced by molds that commonly infect corn and rice, as a Category II-B carcinogen. Horses are extremely sensitive to low amounts of fumonisin, which can cause liquefaction of the brain. The concerns have led the FDA to issue guidelines to limit fumonisin to 2 ppm in corn and corn by-products destined for humans, and as little as 5 ppm in the corn used for animal feed. The company also offers other rapid tests for toxins including kits for aflatoxin, deoxynivalenol (DON), ochratoxin, zearalenone, and T-2 toxin. For more information, contact Neogen Corp., 620 Lesher Place, Lansing, MI. 48912 (phone 517-372-9200)—or circle 315. 

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International Food Safety and Quality Conference and Expo Exhibitors
(For information on exhibiting, contact ROC Exhibitions, Inc., Lisle, Ill., phone 630-271-8210; e-mail [email protected])

Association of Food and Drug Officials, Association information

BioControl, Rapid microbiology products

Bio Science International, SAS microbial air monitor

Diffchamb AB, Food analysis test kits, pathogens, toxins, allergens

DuPont Qualicon, Food safety and quality management services

EM Science, Microbiology, environmental test kits

Food Safety Magazine, Publication (formerly Food Testing & Analysis Magazine)

Food Safety Net Services, Ltd., Food safety services, laboratory, auditing, consulting

IBA Food Safety Division, Irradiation services

International Food Service Executives Association, Association information

IQ Scientific Instruments, Inc., Thermometer with paperless HACCP Documents

Joint Institute for Food Safety & Allied Nutrition, Collaborative research and education

Loma Systems Inc., Metal detection, temperature measurement

Meat & Poultry Magazine, Publication

Medallion Labs, Analytical services—microbiology, GMO testing, pesticide testing

MK Products, Inc., Sanitary orbital tube welders

National Registry of Food Safety Professionals, Association information

Orkin Pest Control, Pest control services

PureOx Sterilization and Fumigation, Natural fumigation products

Remel Inc., Microbiology media, rapid test kits

Safeline Inc., Metal detectors

Vista International Packaging Inc., Food packaging

Warren Analytical Laboratory, Analytical testing services

WRH Industries Ltd., Food processing and material handling containers(NSF, FDA, USDA compliant design and materials)

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