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Respond to the Employment & Salary Survey
IFT’s Membership Employment & Salary Survey will be mailed to all IFT members in the United States this month. The questionnaire is completely anonymous, and the more responses we receive, the more representative the results will be.

The results of the 2001 survey will be summarized in the March 2002 issue of Food Technology.

Please fill out and return your questionnaire as soon as you receive it. Thank you.

IFT offers weekly electronic newsletter
The Institute of Food Technologists launched a weekly e-mail newsletter on September 5, 2001.

Although it is initially only being sent to members whose e-mail addresses we have, anyone can subscribe to the IFT Weekly Newsletter.

One benefit of the newsletter is that it reaches a large portion of members in a form that is both interactive and immediate, enhancing the way IFT communicates with its members. It includes information on topics such as food ingredient industry news, research reports, new food product information, regulatory information, food safety reports, meetings reports, and upcoming events information. Recipients of the email can click on links for more information. The newsletter’s inaugural sponsor is GivaudanAccess, which provides small to mid-size flavor companies with a convenient on-line channel for identifying, sampling, and purchasing flavors for beverages, sweet goods, and meat and savory products. Givaudan’s world headquarters is located in Vernier, Switzerland. 

An example of the newsletter can be found at Anyone may join the list by going to and entering your name and e-mail address. 

Call for nominations for IFT Fellows
IFT is now seeking nominations for electing IFT Fellows by February 1, 2002. 

The term “Fellow” is a unique professional distinction conferred on individuals with outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience for their contributions in food science and technology. 

Nominees must be IFT Members for 15 years or more and hold Professional Member status at the time of nomination. If a nominee is an IFT Professional Member from outside the United States, the 15-year Member requirement may be waived by the Awards Committee. 

Nomination forms and instructions are available online at, as well as through the IFT e-XPRESS faxon-demand service by dialing 800-234-0270 in the U.S. and Canada at any time (650-556-9176 elsewhere) and requesting Document 3510, or by writing to Patti Pagliuco at IFT, 221 N. LaSalle St., Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60601-1291 (email [email protected]). 

Fellows Visitation Program extended to Sections
IFT’s Fellows University Visitation Program now has a sister program, the Fellows Regional Section Visitation Program, approved by the Executive Committee in June. The university visitation program brings IFT Fellows to universities for periods of one to several days to give seminars, consult in their areas of expertise, and mentor students, and the Regional Section visitation program brings Fellows to a Regional Section meeting or other program as guest speakers. 

The Fellows donate their time and receive no remuneration or honorarium. IFT pays for their transportation expenses up to a maximum of $500 per visit. The university or Regional Section is responsible for transportation expenses beyond $500, as well as for local expenses, such as meals and accommodations. 

More than 100 Fellows have volunteered to participate in these programs. Their names and areas of expertise can be found on IFT’s Web site at, under “IFT Fellows Visitation Programs.” The list is also sent to Regional Sections, university food science administrators, and IFT student chapter presidents. 

All Regional Sections are eligible to participate in the program. However, only university departments that meet the IFT Education Standards for Undergraduate Curricula in Food Science are eligible. Visits to departments that do not meet IFT’s minimum standards may be considered on a case-by-case basis if the departments intend to submit their curriculum for approval. 

To arrange a Fellow visit to a Regional Section, the Regional Section chair or program chair should contact Field Services Manager Gail A. Wiseman at the IFT office (phone 312-782-8424, fax 312-782-8348, e-mail [email protected]) to obtain the Fellow’s phone number and to determine if sufficient funds are still available, then contact the Fellow directly to arrange a visit at a mutually agreeable time. 

To arrange a Fellow visit to a university, the request must be made by the department head. Student chapters wishing to invite a Fellow must have their department head arrange the visit. 

A total of $10,000 has been budgeted for each program for fiscal year 2001-02. That would pay for a minimum of 20 visits per program at the maximum of $500 per visit. 

New members selected for Foundation Board

The IFT Foundation Board of Directors welcomed new members for 2001–02. There are 21 board members—16 voting and 5 non-voting members. There are three officers (chair, vice chair and treasurer); six members selected by the IFT Executive Committee; six members selected by the IFT Foundation Board; one IFT Student Association Representative, and five ex-officio members (IFT President, President-Elect, Treasurer, Executive Vice President; and Vice President of Finance & Administration). Board terms are for three years, with four members and the student representative rotating onto the board each year. The Board meets three times a year to approve funding for priorities determined by the IFT Executive Committee and to develop and monitor fundraising plans and activities. 

John Helferich, John Ruff, Barbara O. Schneeman, and Danny Strickland began terms that will expire in 2004. Robert E. Smith joined the board as vice chair. Jaime Rudolf will serve as Student Association Representative for one year. 

Here is a complete list of officers, members, and ex-officio members.

Enrique (Rick) Guardia, Consultant, Chair
Robert E. Smith, Robert E. Smith Consulting, Vice Chair
Al S. Clausi, Treasurer

William Baran, Krystal Co.
William Franke, Unilever Best Foods
John Helferich, M&M/Mars
Lamartine F. Hood, Pennsylvania State University
Gilbert A. Leveille, McNeil Consumer Healthcare
Mickey E. Parish, University of Florida Citrus Research and Education Center
George Purvis, Purvis Consulting, Inc.
Skip Rosskam, David Michael & Co., Inc.
Jaime Rudolf, IFT Student Association
John Ruff, Kraft Foods, Inc.
Barbara Schneeman, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture–ARS
Danny L. Strickland, General Mills, Inc.
Mary K. Wagner, Taco Bell Corp.

Ex-officio Members
Michael R. Cernauskas, IFT Vice President of Finance & Administration
Richard L. Hall, IFT Treasurer
Mark R. McLelland, IFT President-Elect
Philip E. Nelson, IFT President
Daniel E. Weber, IFT Executive Vice President

For more information about the IFT Foundation, contact Tekla A. Syers, IFT Foundation Director of Development, at [email protected].

IFT Scholarship and Fellowship Recipients: 2001–02
Each year, outstanding students receive undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships administered by the Institute of Food Technologists.

These grants are given by the IFT Foundation, IFT members, food companies, organizations, and IFT Divisions and Regional Sections to assist young scientists in obtaining the education and training necessary to fill positions in industry, government, and education. The student winners are selected by distinguished juries.

For the 2001-02 school year, 143 scholarships and fellowships were awarded totaling over $200,000. Listed below are the recipients and the sponsors who made the awards possible.

Applications for scholarships and fellowships for the 2002-03 school year can be obtained: (1) via the IFT Web Site at, under Continuing Education and Professional Development; (2) via the IFT e-xpress fax-on-demand service by dialing 800-234-0270 in the United States and Canada (650-556-9176 elsewhere) and requesting Document 3410 for freshman forms, document 3420 for sophomore forms, Document 3430 for junior/senior forms, and Document 3440 for graduate forms; (3) from your food science department; or (4) from the IFT Scholarship Dept., 221 N. LaSalle St., Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60601 (phone 312-782-8424, fax 312-782-8348, e-mail [email protected]).

IFT ($1,000)
Morgan W. Chase, Cornell U.
Taylor A. Cookingham, North Carolina State U.
Joanna L. Farnsworth, Oregon State U.
Jennifer Lee Fuchs, California Polytechnic U.
Lisa K. Gallegos, U. of California-Davis
Nancy J. Engelmann, U. of Illinois
Effie M. Epke, U. of Nebraska
Carrie E. Harris, U. of Tennessee
Garrick L. Howell, U. of Kentucky
Meredith A. Keiling, Cornell U.
Kyle G. Long, U. of Illinois
Mary M. Lucia, Ohio State U.
Joanne L. Luif, U. of Illinois
Jessica A. Oesterling, Cornell U.
Joshua J. Olah, Purdue U.
Maureen A. Pease, U. of Maine
Latonia V. Polk, U. of Delaware
Alexander M. Siegwein, U. of Idaho
Clinton D. Stevenson, U. of Idaho
Emily N. Tuttle, Ohio State U.
James S. Weller, Purdue U.
Carol L. White, U. of Tennessee
Allison R. Whitt, U. of Illinois
Richard G. Zbasnik, U. of Nebraska
Sarah E. Zevchak, Ohio State U.

IFT ($1,500)
Emily A. Curtis, U. of Tennessee

IFT Student Association, George R. Foster Memorial ($1,000)
Daniel A. Seigerman, Cornell U.

Nabisco Inc. ($1,000)
Katherine R. Nufer, U. of Illinois

IFT ($1,000)
Tabra K. Alpers, Kansas State U.
Karen Bonneau, U. of Laval
Wadette H. Bradford, Alabama A&M U.
Annick Champoux, U. of Laval
Mark E. Corey, U. of Maine
Grace L. Cramp, Penn State U.
Alexandrea D. Davis, U. of Missouri-Columbia
Erin K. Frakes, U. of Illinois
Guillermo Guerrero-Chavez, ITESM
Kelly E. Guthrie, U. of Maine
Jennifer L. Huebner, U. of Nebraska
Louise L. Lai, U. of Illinois
Jessica A. Lammers, Cornell U.
Rachel E. Langer, U. of Illinois
Marion J. Majeske, U. of Wisconsin-River Falls
Jennifer L. Martin, U. of Missouri-Columbia
Allison E. Ricks, U. of Tennessee
David L. Schroeder, U. of Nebraska
Makinde Tolu, U. of Nebraska

Nabisco Inc. ($1,000)
Erika A. Bible, U. of Tennessee

Chef America, Inc. ($1,000)
Ruben Alfaro, ITESM

Coca-Cola Foundation ($2,000)
Crystal D. Cinq-Mars, U. of Manitoba
Caitlin S. Boon, North Carolina State U.
Carrie M. Kincaid, Ohio State U.
Jennifer L. Newell, Purdue U.
Becky L. Zenger, Kansas State U.

FIS, USA ($1,000)
Lia M. Andrae, U. of Illinois
Aaron K. Bolte, U. of Missouri-Columbia
Michelle M. Farrington, U. of Maryland
Laura R. Lang, U. of Minnesota
Dayna P. Syperek, Purdue U.

FIS, USA, Louis J. Minor ($1,000)
Henny K. Sumawi, Michigan State U.

Givaudan-Roure Corp. ($1,000)
Craig R. Diebal, U. of Missouri-Columbia

Heinz U.S.A. ($1,000)
Mindi D. Russell, Kansas State U.

IFT ($1,000)
Kylee R. Allen, Iowa State U.
Illeme A. Bonsi, Alabama A&M U.
Hui Hui Chong, Purdue U.
Kayce Clark, U. of Tennessee
Mark W. Elwell, Penn State U.
Jana L. Gallagher, Penn State U.
Jennifer B. Godin, U. of Wisconsin-Madison
Devon I. Greensweig, California Polytechnic U.
Yolanda Guizar Tirado, ITESM
Stacie R. Hamilton, Alabama A&M U.
Ellyn Henderson, Penn State U.
Erin M. Horton, Ohio State U.
Sharlotte M. Ivory, Alabama A&M U.
Katie J. Janssen, Kansas State U.
Katie J. Koecher, U. of Minnesota
Julie Melietio, U. of Manitoba
Barbara A. Miller, Cornell U.
Jeffrey C. Moore, Michigan State U.
Thomas J. Nack, U. of Wisconsin-Madison
Emmanuel Olvera, ITESM
Alyssa R. Ouverson, U. of Minnesota
Marie-Eve Parent, McGill U.
Adriana Pérez Gavilán, ITESM
Kathryn M. Rippel, Purdue U.
Ashley S. Robbins, Kansas State U.
Amanda K. Roberson, Alabama A&M U.
Kari A. Russell, U. of Tennessee
Marie-Eve Seyer, U. of Laval
Ik Fei Tan, Purdue U.
Vicki Cheuk Hang Wan, U. of Tennessee
Lisa M. White, U. of Tennessee
Lydia A. White, U. of Tennessee
Clint T. Wills, U. of Georgia
Debby Hoi-Yee Wong, Cornell U.
Janice E. Young, Kansas State U.

IFT ($1,500)
Stephanie A. Cordell, Ohio State U.
Michael M. Gabel, Colorado State U.

IFT 50th Anniversary, “Inspiration for Tomorrow” ($2,000)
Krista K. Schneider, Texas A&M U.

IFT New York Section ($1,000)
Katherine J. Meyers, Cornell U.
Heidi J. Sicherman, Cornell U.

IFT Past Presidents ($1,000)
Julia D. Braun, U. of Illinois

IFT Quality Assurance Division, Louis J. Bianco Memorial ($2,000)
Rachel L. Ellerman, Kansas State U.

IFT Quality Assurance Division, Abe Mittler Memorial ($2,000)
Kylee R. Allen, Iowa State U.

Kalsec Inc., Stephen S. Chang Memorial ($1,000)
Alison M. Barth, Cornell U.

Nutrinova Inc. ($1,000)
Jeremy S. Higley, U. of Idaho

John J. & Irene T. Powers ($1,500)
Mandy M. Cox, U. of Arkansas

Arthur T. Schramm Memorial ($2,250)
John W. Ellebracht, Texas A&M U.

Julie Vande Velde Leadership ($1,000)
Alexandra R. Cherrie, Penn State U.

Coca-Cola Foundation ($5,000)
Craig P. Sherwin, U. of Minnesota

Frito-Lay, Inc. ($2,500)
Londa S. Vander Wal, Kansas State U.

General Mills Inc., James Ford Bell ($5,000)
Justin W. Shimek, U. of California-Davis

Gerber Endowment in Pediatric Nutrition ($3,000)
Azita Mdadi Noei, U. of British Columbia

Grocery Manufacturers of America, Inc. ($2,500)
Marcia Kaye Walker, Oregon State U.

Haarmann & Reimer ($1,250)
Subramaniam Sathivel, Louisiana State U.

IFT ($2,000)
Jill K. Branen, U. of Illinois
Robert G. Brannan, U. of Massachusetts
Craig W. Hadley, Ohio State U.
Stephen J. Kenney, U. of Georgia
Giselle A. Maurer, Purdue U.
Lacey K. McKlem, North Carolina State U.
Hannah T. Osborn, U. of Georgia
Amy L. Phillips, U. of Connecticut
Juan C. Ramirez-Suarez, U. of Kentucky
Sarah E. Smith, Rutgers U.
Alexa T. Smolinski, Michigan State U.
Trenna D. Taylor, Oklahoma State U.
Lisa G. Vann, U. of Florida
Carla J. Wobschall, North Dakota State U.
Po Sai Marie Yeung, Cornell U.

IFT ($2,500)
Lauren R. Franssen, U. of California-Davis
Cathy A. Pelletier, Cornell U.
Ted A. Russin, McGill U.

IFT ($5,000)
Marcos Xavier Sánchez, U. of Nebraska-Lincoln

IFT Carbohydrate Division ($1,000)
Jeanny E. Zimeri, Rutgers U.

IFT Food Packaging Division ($1,000)
Vikramaditya Ghosh, Penn State U.

IFT New York Section ($1,500)
Beilei Ga, U. of Maryland

IFT Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Division and The World Food Logistics Organization ($2,500)
Lauren R. Franssen, U. of California-Davis

IFT Sensory Evaluation Division Silver Celebration ($5,000)
Tanya L. Ditschun, U. of California-Davis

Kalsec, Inc., Stephen S. Chang Memorial ($2,000)
Beth Ann Crozier-Dodson, Kansas State U.

Procter & Gamble Co. ($2,500)
Jeffrey James Resch, North Carolina State U.

Society of Flavor Chemists Memorial ($2,000)
Jeffrey M. Boff, Ohio State U. 

Janka joins IFT as Expositions Manager
In August, IFT named Melanie J. Janka Expositions Manager. Her primary responsibilities will be the management and coordination of exhibit activities for the IFT Food Expo®. She joins IFT from IPC, an association of electronic companies located in Northbrook, Ill., where she was Exhibits Operations Coordinator. While at IPC she honed her abilities on the APEX 2000 and APEX 2001 exhibitions, one of the largest U.S. exhibitions focusing on heavy equipment and related segments of the electronics assembly industry. 

In addition to her primary responsibilities with IFT, Janka will also serve as liaison between the Meetings and Expositions Department and IFT’s Marketing, Sales, and Accounting Departments, and IFT’s exposition contractors and suppliers. 

Duncan gives Frazier Lecture
IFT Professional Member Charles L. Duncan, Vice President of Research and Development at Hershey Foods, Hershey, Pa., recently gave the 10th Annual Frazier Memorial Lecture in Food Microbiology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 

The lecture, “Reflections,” was presented in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Food Research Institute. Duncan described some of the changes in foodborne illness that have occurred during the past 25 years. 

The annual lecture perpetuates the memory of William C. Frazier, a pioneering food/dairy microbiologist at the University of Wisconsin. 

Fung receives Educator Award
The Society for Industrial Microbiology recently presented its 2001 Waksman Outstanding Educator Award to IFT Professional Member Daniel Y.C. Fung. 

The award recognized Fung for his 30-year career as an educator, researcher, and tireless worker in promoting food microbiology, food fermentation, applied microbiology, and rapid methods and automation in microbiology throughout the world. He is currently a professor of food science in the Dept. of Animal Sciences and Industry at Kansas State University. He has also served as chair of the food science graduate program there. 

Fung is well known for the international workshop on rapid methods and automation in microbiology that he started in 1980. In 2000, during the 20th Gala Anniversary Celebration for the course, 185 scientists from 20 countries and 25 states attended the event. The workshop has more than 2,000 alumni scattered throughout the world. 

His international work also includes workshops in countries across the globe. His efforts earned him IFT’s International Award in 1997. He is a Fellow of IFT and chair of the Fellows Af-



Winning of IFT’s Industrial Achievement Award celebrated
Calpis Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, held a reception and press conference in Tokyo on July 5 to celebrate the company’s winning IFT’s 2001 Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award. The award, which was presented at the IFT Annual Meeting in New Orleans, La., in June—recognized the development and commercialization of Ameel-S, a functional beverage designed to prevent and improve hypertension. Representing IFT at the Calpis event were Executive Vice President Daniel E. Weber, then–President-Elect Philip E. Nelson, and Past President Charles H. Manley. 

The event included an overview of the company by Calpis president Takayoshi Mutoh, a presentation by Manley about IFT and the importance of the award, and a technical presentation by Toshiaki Takano, executive officer and general manager of Calpis’ Frontiers Laboratory, on the development of the award-winning product. More than 250 press representatives attended, and more than 100 articles appeared in Japanese newspapers and magazines. 

The IFT award—presented at the IFT Annual Meeting in New Orleans, La., in June—recognized Calpis for researching fermented milk, clarifying the effect of the fermented milk, and supplying it as a functional beverage. The effectiveness and safety of the product were confirmed by approval from Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare to include a “Food for Specified Health Use” label that states, “Ameel-S is a useful drink for those with high blood pressure.” The company first marketed the product in July 1997, and sales have increased steadily since then. The company has patented the technology and intends to expand business outside Japan.

Calls and Guidelines for 2002 IFT Annual Meeting Papers
IFT is seeking papers and proposals for next year’s IFT Annual Meeting in Anaheim, Calif., June 15-19. Complete instructions and forms for the following papers and other presentations may be obtained through the IFT Web site ( or by using the IFT e-XPRESS fax-on-demand service at any time by dialing 800-234-0270 (in the U.S. and Canada) or 650-556-9176 (elsewhere in the world) and requesting the desired document number. If you wish, you may also write to the Institute of Food Technologists, 221 N. LaSalle St., Suite 300, Chicago, IL 60601-1291.

Title; Deadline; Document No.

Final Symposia Proposals; November 30, 2001; 2215

Volunteered Technical Papers, Both Oral and Poster; December 3, 2001 2220

Poster Presentations; December 3, 2001; 2230

International Research Paper Competition Entries; December 3, 2001; 2260

Forum Presentations; See guidelines; 2285

New Products & Technologies Presentations; January 18, 2001: 2290

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