Donald Pszczola

Donald E. Pszczola

I remembered reading—a few years ago—about the health properties of garlic. Garlic may have been one of the first ingredients whose nutraceutical or bioactive components received major attention in the media—both trade and consumer.Words such as “alliin,” “allicin,” and “allinase” quickly come to mind, as well as numerous studies which reported on their potential value in areas such as the maintenance of heart health.

Health-promoting components may be derived from a wide range of ingredients, including garlic (shown in photo), flax, soy, fenugreek, and many other categories. These components can play a critical role in the development of foods with nutraceutical properties.Today, a range of garlic products are prepared with proprietary processes that …

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Food Technology magazine Senior Editor and key member of the Food Technology editorial staff for 26 years.
Donald Pszczola