Avomex Inc. will introduce a complete Chicken Fajita Dinner in its new ready-to-eat Meals in Minutes line using Avure Technologies Inc.’s Fresher Under Pressure® high-pressure processing (HPP) technology. HPP destroys foodborne pathogens and spoilage organisms, ensuring product safety and enabling longer shelf life. Avomex is launching the Meals in Minutes line of complete meals-to-go as part of its AvoClassic™ national brand. The Chicken Fajita Dinner includes everything the customer needs to prepare a complete meal: chicken, guacamole, salsa, sliced peppers and onions, and tortillas. The chicken, vegetables, salsa, and guacamole are all produced using HPP. Avomex, based in Keller, Tex., markets HPP products, primarily avocado products and fruit juices. Avure, based in Kent, Wash., received IFT’s 2002 Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award for its Fresher Under Pressure technology.

Cascadian Farm introduced a new line of 16-oz family-size frozen organic vegetables, available in corn, garden peas, broccoli cuts, cut green beans, and mixed vegetable varieties. Cascadian Farm, based in Minneapolis, Minn., manufactures organic products.

Food Collage Inc. has introduced Jammin’ Juices. The “gourmet fusion juices” blend tropical fruit purees and combinations of exotic sweet Caribbean spices found in recipes based on Jamaican custom. The products are made with all-natural ingredients and feature no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, artificial flavors, or artificial colors. Jammin’ Juices come in Mambo Mango, Razz-Ade, and C-Beta Carrot flavors. Food Collage is based in Sterling, Va.

PacificHealth Laboratories Inc. and Cargill Inc. formed a strategic alliance in November to launch Accelerade, PacificHealth’s ready-to-drink sports product. As part of the agreement, PacificHealth will incorporate Ascend™, Cargill’s branded ingredient, trehalose, into its sports drink, and Cargill will provide substantial distribution and manufacturing resources to PacificHealth for the launch of the product in ready-to-drink form. Until now, the drink was only available as a powder. PacificHealth is based in Woodbridge, N.J.

Harvest Bay introduced six varieties of all-natural vegetable chips and sticks in November. The snacks are made with real carrots, green beans, squash, taro, sweet potatoes, red sweet potatoes, and radishes that are vacuum cooked in 100% non-hydrogenated canola oil. They contain no saturated fat, no trans fats, and less total fat than most ordinary potato chips. Harvest Bay is based in Edison, N.J.

General Mills introduced a number of new Pillsbury products in October. Pillsbury Waffle Sticks with Dippin’ Cups™ feature individual cups of maple syrup for dipping and come in Homestyle and Blueberry varieties. The Pillsbury Toaster Strudel ™ line of pastries introduced two new flavors, Strawberry-Kiwi and Watermelon. Both the Toaster Strudel and the Waffle Sticks products take only minutes to toast and serve. The company also introduced two new flavors to its Home Baked Classics™ line of freezer-to-oven baked goods. Butterflake Dinner Rolls and Flaky Layers Biscuits bake up in layers that can be peeled apart and eaten one by one. General Mills is based in Minneapolis, Minn.

Signature Brands and CCL Container have introduced the Betty Crocker Easy Color Decorating Spray® line of cake decorating products. The aerosol spray produces an airbrushed effect, allowing a professional-looking decorative finish on made-at-home confections. Customers can use stencils or come up with their own freehand designs. The product is available in red, blue, green, white, and yellow. Signature Brands is based in Okla, Fl. COL is based in Hermitage, Pa.