Sara Langen

One IFT Basic Symposium, seven two-day programs, and two one-day programs are planned for this year’s Pre-Annual Meeting continuing education program, June 14–15 in Anaheim, Calif.

Dietary Fiber, Prebiotics, and Probiotics and Their Roles in Intestinal Health, the IFT Basic Symposium, is a two-day program beginning June 14. Among other topics, participants will learn the status of the definition of dietary fiber and review the proposed Recommended Dietary Intakes and how to use that information to formulate or reformulate food products.

The seven two-day programs are:
Food Powder Technology and Utilization. Scientists from industry and academia will discuss their experiences with the processing and handling of food powders and ingredients, covering physical chemical engineering and functional properties.

Fundamentals of Water Activity. The course is designed to introduce the concept of water activity to food scientists and technologists. Participants will learn how water activity relates to the quality, shelf-life, and safety of food products.

Designing Food Safety. The information offered will help processors ensure that they have the necessary programs in place to comply with food safety regulations and compete in the marketplace. The course is an introduction to the basics of good sanitation and will serve as a refresher for those working in the field, while providing tools to develop or enhance their own programs.

Project Management for Food Professionals. The course focuses on effective strategies for increasing quality and productivity and reducing process variability, product reworks, and waste.

Ingredients Technology. This course will provide an overview of some of the key ingredients available, as well as their applications and uses.

Developing Quality Partners. This course will provide an overview of the most common chemical hazards in food operations, as well as their impact on public health. Attendees will learn a practical approach to managing these hazards.

Making Measurements for Sensory and Consumer Testing. This course will provide an overview of recent issues surrounding behavioral measurement in sensory and consumer testing, as well as insight for sensory professionals who want to design their own testing procedures.

Two one-day courses will also be offered:
Successful Selling and Negotiation Skills. This is a one-day program offered on June 14. Attendees will learn how to guide clients through the phases of a sale and negotiation to produce a mutually acceptable result.

Product Development/Quantitative Tools & Technology. This is a one-day program offered on June 15. It is the third in a series of workshops designed to stretch traditional understanding of the researcher’s role in product development and decision making through the strategic planning process.

For more information on any of the programs, contact IFT’s Professional Development Dept. at 312-782-8424, fax 312-782-0045, or visit

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