Call for Nominations for 2003 IFT Achievement Awards
IFT seeks nominations for the Achievement Awards listed below. The deadline for receipt of nominations is December 1, 2002. Instructions and nomination forms are available online at, or by writing to Patti Pagliuco at IFT, 525 W. Van Buren St., Suite 1000, Chicago, IL 60607 (e-mail [email protected]).

Nicholas Appert Award for preeminence and contributions to the field of food science and technology.

Babcock-Hart Award for contributions to food technology that have improved public health through some aspect of nutrition or more nutritious food.

Stephen S. Chang Award for Lipid or Flavor Science for contributions to lipid science or flavor science. The contributions can be in any aspect of the science, ranging from basic chemistry to applied technology, but must have had some impact on commercial operations.

William V. Cruess Award for excellence in university teaching of food science and technology. This is the only award for which Student Members can serve as nominators.

Carl R. Fellers Award for a member of IFT and Phi Tau Sigma who has brought honor and recognition to the profession of food science and technology through a distinguished career in that profession displaying exemplary leadership, service, and communication skills that enhance the effectiveness of all food scientists in serving society.

IFT Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award for an outstanding development which represents a significant advance in the application of food science and technology to food production and has been successfully applied in actual commercial operation.

Industrial Scientist Award for major technical contributions to the advancement of the food industry. The contributions must have had a significant, measurable impact in areas such as production; development of new products, processes, or packaging systems; improvement of food safety and nutrition; etc.

IFT International Award for promoting the international exchange of ideas in food technology and/or successful transfer of food technology to an economically depressed area in a developing or developed nation.

Samuel Cate Prescott Award for outstanding ability in research in some area of food science and technology.

Bernard L. Oser Food Ingredient Safety Award for contributions to the scientific knowledge of food ingredient safety or leadership in establishing principles for food ingredient safety evaluation or regulation.

IFT Research and Development Award for a recent, significant research and development contribution to the understanding of food science, food technology, or nutrition. The contribution may be basic or applied in nature and must advance science or improve the human condition.

Elizabeth Fleming Stier Award for pursuit of humanitarian ideals and unselfish dedication that have resulted in significant contributions to the well-being of the food industry, academia, students, or the general public.

Calvert L. Willey Award for Distinguished Service for continuing, meritorious, and imaginative service to IFT.

Call for Nominations for 2003 IFT Fellows
IFT seeks nominations for IFT Fellows by February 1, 2003.  

A Fellow is a unique professional distinction conferred on individuals with outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience for their contributions to the field of food science and technology. Nominees must be IFT Members for 15 years or more and hold Professional Member status at the time of nomination. If a nominee is an IFT Professional Member from outside the United States, the 15-year Member requirement may be waived by the Awards Committee.

Nomination forms and instructions are available online at, or by writing to Patti Pagliuco at IFT, 525 W. Van Buren, Suite 1000, Chicago, IL 60607 (e-mail [email protected]).

Call for New Products & Technologies Papers
The New Products & Technologies Subcommittee seeks qualifying papers for presentation at the 2003 IFT Annual Meeting in Chicago, Ill., in July. Submissions must be received by January 17, 2003.

This forum is unique in that it seeks commercial developments, not research papers. The developments must be less than two years since commercial introduction, they must be novel and useful, and the presentation must emphasize the technological attributes of the introduction.

In the past, ingredients papers have dominated these sessions, but the subcommittee believes there are more analytical, process, and packaging developments which would also qualify. The subcommittee will present a plaque for the best oral presentation of an accepted entry.

Guidelines for submission are available at or by calling 312-782-8424. For more information, contact Subcommittee Chair Ross Clark at 858-467-6638 or [email protected].

September 2002 JFS in print
The September 2002 issue of the Journal of Food Science is now available.

It features a Concise Review entitled, “A Model of Survival Curves Having an ‘Activation Shoulder,’” by M. Peleg, and 60 other papers.

The table of contents for the issue, as well as the abstracts of the papers, can be viewed, and searched electronically, at

JFS Web journals’ third quarterly posting now available
The third quarterly posting of IFT’s Internet journals the Journal of Food Science Education and Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety is now available to view at

This edition of the Journal of Food Science Education features five articles entitled, “A Dynamic Food Science Internship Mechanism: Integration of Problem-Based Learning and Pro-student Mentoring;” “A Method for Graduate Students to Provide Feedback to their Major Professors;” “Food Engineering Education in Mexico, Central, and South America;” “Active Learning in The Experimental Study of Food;” and “Validation of Analytical Measurements by Single-trial and Collaborative Study.”

Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety features three in-depth articles.

“Non-digestible Oligo- and Polysaccharides (Dietary Fiber): Their Physiology and Role in Human Health and Food,” discusses the physicochemical and biological properties of these compounds as they relate to dietary fiber and are associated with physiological actions in the small and large intestine, and the physical implications and aspects related to human health.

“Structured Lipids—Novel Fats with Medical, Nutraceutical, and Food Applications,” discusses the production, commercialization outlook, medical, and food applications of structured lipids.

“Food Process Engineering: The Last 25 Years and Challenges Ahead,” gives an overview of past and present developments within the food processing and engineering fields.

The Nutmeg Section presented a number of awards at its Student Recognition Night in April.

The Undergraduate Scholarship recipients were University of Connecticut students Hilary Sepe ($500), Amy LaFountain ($250), and Jennifer Joy ($250).

The $1,000 Graduate Scholarships, sponsored by FIS, went to University of Connecticut students Pradeep Vasudevan (Howard Pease Scholarship), Jiali Tang (Herbert Schaltegger Scholarship), and Manoj Kumar Mohan Nair (Hatton B. Rogers Scholarship).

The Connecticut Science Fair winner was Andrew T. Kydes of All Saints Catholic School in Norwalk, Conn., for his project, “Why Some Like It Hot: The Antimicrobial Effects of Spices.” He received a $50 prize and a subscription to Food Technology.

The winner of the $2,000 National IFT Fellowship was Amy L. Phillips.

IFT Scholarship and Fellowship Recipients: 2002–03

Each year, outstanding students receive undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships administered by the Institute of Food Technologists.

These grants are given by the IFT Foundation, IFT members, food companies, organizations, and IFT Divisions and Regional Sections to assist young scientists in obtaining the education and training necessary to fill positions in industry, government, and education. The student winners are selected by distinguished juries.

For the 2002-03 school year, 143 scholarships and fellowships were awarded totaling over $200,000. Listed below are the recipients and the sponsors who made the awards possible.

Applications for scholarships and fellowships for the 2003-04 school year can be obtained: (1) at, under Continuing Education and Professional Development; (2) from your food science department; or (3) from Patti Pagliuco, IFT Scholarship Dept., 525 W. Van Buren, Suite 1000, Chicago, IL 60607 (phone 312-782-8424, fax 312-782-8348, e-mail [email protected]).

Junior/Senior Scholarship Recipients
Coca-Cola Foundation ($2,000)
Kelly C. Albin, U. of California-Davis
Mindi D. Russell, Kansas State U.
Krista K. Schneider, Texas A&M U.
David L. Schroeder, U. of Nebraska
Airy D. Zamora, Brigham Young U.

FIS, USA ($1,000)
Michelle M. Farrington, U. of Maryland
Julie M. Frecka, Purdue U.
Inggrayani Herlambang, Oregon State U.
Amanda R. Hubbard, Ohio State U.
Rachel E. Langer, U. of Illinois

FIS, USA, Louis J. Minor ($1,000)
Henny K. Sumawi, Michigan State U.

Givaudan Flavors Corp. ($1,000)
Grace L. Camp, Pennsylvania State U.

Heinz U.S.A. ($1,000)
Stacie R. Hamilton, Alabama A&M U.

IFT ($1,000)
Gerrie L. Adams, Chapman U.
Ruben Alfaro, ITESM
Salma B. Ali, U. of Guelph
Illeme A. Bonsi, Alabama A&M U.
Alexandra R. Cherrie, Pennsylvania State U.
Jana L. Gallagher, Pennsylvania State U.
Karen A. Hein, U. of Missouri-Columbia
Ingrid A. Hernández, ITESM
Ellen E. Hill, U. of Tennessee
Corrie L. Hockensmith, Pennsylvania State U.
Mireille Huel, U. of Laval
Jessica L. Huber, U. of Kentucky
Boyd S. Inglet, Utah State U.
Katie J. Janssen, Kansas State U.
Weston B. Johnson, Utah State U.
Mary Beth Kamnetz, North Dakota State U.
Kortney M. Karnok, U. of Georgia
Alexandria R. Keys, Kansas State U.
Katherine J. Meyers, Cornell U.
Claudia Mucciardi, McGill U.
Thomas J. Nack, U. of Wisconsin-Madison
Emmanual Olvera Castillon, ITESM
Carolina Perez Locas, McGill U.
Jean-Francois Poulin, U. of Laval
Allison E. Ricks, U. of Tennessee
Amanda K. Roberson, Alabama A&M U.
Guillermo Rodriguez, ITESM
John F. Schmitz, Jr., Iowa State U.
Stacy L. Schwambach, Pennsylvania State U.
Marie-Eve Seyer, U. of Laval
Janna M. Smith, U. of California-Davis
Alvina Suhendra, U. of California-Davis
Mia F. Susanto, Iowa State U.
Ronald D. Taylor, Auburn U.
Elrica Tjoegiarto, U. of Wisconsin-Madison
Landon W. Trost, Brigham Young U.
Adriana Velasquez, U. of Nebraska
Emily A. Wise, U. of Georgia

IFT ($1,500)
Marion J. Majeske, U. of Wisconsin-River Falls
Janice E. Young, Kansas State U.

IFT 50th Anniversary, “Inspiration for Tomorrow” ($2,000)
Laura R. Lang, U. of Minnesota

IFT New York Section ($1,000)
Erin L. Ohmann, Cornell U.
Nicole M. Peters, Pennsylvania State U.

IFT Past Presidents ($1,000)
Tabra K. Alpers, Kansas State U.

IFT Quality Assurance Division, Abe Mittler Memorial ($2,000)
Linda Kelly, U. of Kentucky

McCormick & Co. ($1,500)
Erika A. Bible, U. of Tennessee

John J. & Irene T. Powers ($1,500)
Jennifer L. Huebner, U. of Nebraska

Arthur T. Schramm Memorial ($2,250)
Caitlin S. Boon, North Carolina State U.

Julie Vande Velde Leadership ($1,000)
Jessica M. Morton, California Polytechnic State U.

Graduate Fellowship Recipients

Coca-Cola Foundation ($5,000)
Sarah E. Smith, Rutgers U.

Frito-Lay, Inc. ($2,500)
Joy G. Waite, Oregon State U.

General Mills Inc., James Ford Bell ($5,000)
Marcos X. Sánchez, U. of Nebraska

Gerber Endowment in Pediatric Nutrition ($3,000)
Craig W. Hadley, Ohio State U.

Grocery Manufacturers of America, Inc., ($2,500)
Beth Ann Crozier-Dodson, Kansas State U.

Haarmann & Reimer ($1,000)
Jennie M. James, Oklahoma State U.

IFT ($2,000)
Alejandro Amezquita, U. of Nebraska
Brent A. Anderson, U. of California-Davis
Heather L. Biehl, Ohio State U.
Bolivar A. Cevallos, Texas A&M U.
Sasitorn Chantanawarangoon, Cornell U.
Katherine A. Cleary, North Carolina State U.
Jennifer K. Diehl, Ohio State U.
John L. Koontz, Virginia Tech
Nathan V. Matusheski, U. of Illinois
Jennifer B. Mei, U. of Minnesota
Catalin Moraru, Rutgers U.
Lauren M. Sammel, U. of Wisconsin-Madison
Matthew D. Steven, Cornell U.
Alberto Sun, U. of California-Davis
Trenna D. Taylor, Oklahoma State U.
Marcia K. Walker, Oregon State U.
David A. Weil, Pennsylvania State U.

IFT ($2,500)
Brian J. Lloyd, North Carolina State U.
Hannah T. Osborn, U. of Georgia
Alexa T. Smolinski, Michigan State U.

IFT ($5,000)
Jeffrey M. Boff, Ohio State U.

IFT Carbohydrate Division ($1,000)
Linda C. Pravinata, Rutgers U.

IFT Food Packaging Division ($1,000)
Matthew D. Steven, Cornell U.

IFT New York Section ($1,500)
Jennifer E. Cleveland, Rutgers U.

IFT Refrigerated & Frozen Foods Division and The World Food Logistics Organization ($2,500)
Waraporn Boonsupthip, Rutgers U.

IFT Sensory Evaluation Division Silver Celebration ($5,000)
Sarah V. Kirkmeyer, Rutgers U.

Procter & Gamble Co. ($2,500)
Po Sai Marie Yeung, Cornell U.

Society of Flavor Chemists Memorial ($2,000)
Dana M. Dronen, U. of Minnesota

Sophmore Scholarships
IFT ($1,000)
Morgan W. Chase, Cornell U.
Jessica A. Clemons, U. of Tennessee
Melissa A. Colgan, Kansas State U.
Taylor A. Cookingham, U. of Florida
Emily A. Curtis, U. of Tennessee
Effie M. Epke, U. of Nebraska
Robin T. Erat, Cornell U.
Elisa Halim, Purdue U.
Carrie E. Harris, U. of Tennessee
Preciaus D. Heard, Alabama A&M U.
Emily L. Hollatz, Iowa State U.
Alicia G. Holt, Alabama A&M U.
Katherine R. Nufer, U. of Illinois
Karina A. Polar Cabrera, U. of Idaho
Tracy A. Sinnott, Cornell U.
Clinton D. Stevenson, U. of Idaho
Jacob L. Thompson, North Carolina State U.
Emily N. Tuttle, Ohio State U.
James S. Weller, Purdue U.
Carol L. White, U. of Tennessee
Allison R. Whitt, U. of Illinois
Sarah E. Zevchak, Ohio State U.

Freshman Scholarships
IFT ($1,000)
Larissa M. Bell, Cornell U.
Kathleen J. Bingham, Michigan State U.
Ashley P. Duhl, U. of Tennessee
Christopher E. Duncan, U. of Florida
Nicholas A. Fishback, Purdue U.
Heath R. Hasenbeck, U. of Arkansas
Carol M. Hegler, Clemson U.
Erin E. Jeffery, U. of Nebraska
Valerie M. Kasztejna, Cornell U.
Elizabeth A. Keson, Michigan State U.
Brandy M. Martin, Auburn U.
Sara E. Morrissey, U. of Nebraska
Jessica M. Olin, Colorado State U.
Chee S. Ong, U. of Guelph
Jessica S. Pellen, U. of Florida
Summer J. Porter, U. of Illinois
Emily J. Richmond, U. of Nebraska
Judson L. Rudgers, Cornell U.
Emily R. Schulman, Cornell U.
Adrienne M. Stucky, Kansas State U.
Julie C. Tangkawarow, Kansas State U.
Aubrey A. Vifquain, U. of Nebraska
Taylor C. Wallace, U. of Kentucky

IFT ($1,500)
Ashley N. Hiatt, Cornell U.

Assistant Editor