Several errors appeared in the September 2003 issue. We apologize for the errors.

In the last paragraph on page 64, the name of Loders Croklaan’s new no-trans, non-hydrogenated shortening was incorrectly stated as SansFree. The correct name is SansTrans™. Loders Croklaan is located in Channahon, Ill. (phone 800-621-4710,

In the second paragraph in the third column on page 68, the manufacturer of the probiotic products FloraFit™ Balance and FloraFit™ Boost was incorrectly identified as FutureCeuticals. The manufacturer is Rhodia, Inc., located in Cranbury, N.J. (phone 609-8604000,

In his Back Page article, “Biopharming? Not in My Back Yard” (September, p. 160), Henry I. Miller inadvertently incorrectly stated, “Morphine and cocaine are derived from the opium poppy, for example, and taxol and tetrahydrocannabinol come from the Yew.” He meant to say heroin instead of cocaine. Cocaine comes from the Erythroxylon coca plant.