Call for videos for IFT Annual Meeting
IFT will showcase corporate, academic, and association videos at its Video Theater at the 2004 Annual Meeting + Food Expo® in Las Vegas. For consideration for inclusion in the theater, recent noncommercial videos, produced in 2002 or later, must be submitted by December 1, 2003. For details, contact Mary Palumbo at 916-445-2264 or [email protected].

Call for New Products & Technologies Papers
The New Products & Technologies Committee seeks qualifying papers for presentation at the 2004 IFT Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nev., July 12–16. Submissions must be received by January 16, 2004.

This forum seeks commercial developments, not research papers. The developments must be less than two years since commercial introduction, they must be novel and useful, and the presentation must emphasize the technological attributes of the introduction.

In the past, ingredients papers have dominated these sessions, but the committee believes there are more analytical, process, and packaging developments which would also qualify. The subcommittee will present a plaque for the best oral presentation of an accepted entry.

Guidelines for submission are available at or by calling 312-782-8424. For more information, contact Committee Chair Noel Anderson at 914-742-4670 or [email protected].

International paper competition winners named
Winners of the George F. Stewart International Research Paper Competition have been announced.

Andrea Cisneros Estevez, currently at the University of Wisconsin, won first prize for “Crystallization Behavior and Microstructure of Milk Fat Fractions.” David Del-Pozo Insfrán, currently at the University of Florida, won second prize for “Effect of Amyloglucosidase Addition on Wort Composition and Properties of Lager Beers Produced From Sorghum." And Dmitri Tsangalis, from Victoria University, Australia, won third prize for “Development of an Isoflavone Aglycone Enriched Soymilk Using Soy Germ, Soy Protein Isolate and Bifidobacteria.”

The competition is open to primary authors who are not U.S. citizens for research conducted outside the U.S. At least one author must be a member in good standing of IFT or an IFT Allied Organization. For details, visit

October JFS in print
The October issue of the Journal of Food Science (JFS) is now available.

Along with 33 other papers, the issue features a Concise Review entitled, “Understanding Molecular Weight Reduction of Starch During Heating—Shearing Processes,” by R.M. van den Einde, A.J. van der Goot, and R.M. Boom of Vageningen University.

The table of contents for the issue, as well as the abstracts of the papers, can be viewed and searched electronically at

The time lapse from paper acceptance to publication is now less than 10 weeks. See for submission information.

Baird retires after 15 years of service
Betsy Baird, Senior Editor of Journal of Food Science, retired from the IFT staff at the beginning of October after 15 years of dedicated service. When the IFT staff gathered around cake and ice cream to celebrate her retirement plans, there was a simple inscription on the cake—One Helvetica of an Editor, an apt description. For IFT staffers, authors, and members who have known and worked with her, there’s no question that she has lived up to that playful reference to accomplishment and handsome typography.

Elizabeth A. Baird joined the staff 15 years ago as news editor for Food Technology, hired by Editor John Klis, and spent 12 years writing news about IFT members, associations, and the food industry. Three years ago, she was promoted to Senior Editor of Journal of Food Science. Working with Fran Katz, Director of Publications at that time, and Editor-in-Chief Owen Fennema, she was called on to get a new Web-based manuscript system moving smoothly. In addition to a considerable backlog of papers, there were more papers appearing almost every minute, and authors demanding to know when their paper would be published. And there was new staff, as well as all-new procedures and operations. She took on these challenges, and today JFS is running smoothly, with papers received, peer-reviewed, edited, and published within weeks.

The youngest daughter of a Foreign Service career employee, Baird spent her high school years in Turkey and is still captivated by travel, learning, meeting new people, trying new foods, and experiencing new experiences. She intends to keep busy. She’s active in her community association in Pullman and its annual house tour, and she played various heroine roles in the Old-Time Radio Days group, producing several of their programs. She also intends to keep her hand in by starting start her own freelance editorial service.

Duxbury retires after 10 years
Dean Duxbury, IFT’s Director of Continuing Education, retired at the end of October after 10 years of service on the IFT staff and 47 years as an IFT Student Member, Member, and Professional Member.

He graduated with B.S. and M.S. degrees in Food Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and subsequently was Quality Control Supervisor at Libby, McNeill & Libby, Research Manager at Swift & Co., Technical Vice President of American Pouch Foods, President of Pouch Technology consulting firm, Vice President of American Pouch Laboratories, and Senior Editor at Food Processing magazine prior to joining the IFT staff.

He specialized in the early development of both freeze-dried space foods for NASA and shelf-stable Meals, Ready-to-Eat (MRE) field rations in retortable packages for the U.S. military. While at Swift & Co. R&D, he worked on development of new products in the Fresh Meats, Grocery Products, Pet Foods, and New Products departments.

During his college years and his entire career in the food business, Duxbury was active in IFT. He served on every committee of the Chicago Section, was National Councilor for 23 years, and served as Section Chair in 1992–93. He was General Arrangements Chair for IFT’s 50th Anniversary in 1989 and Co-chair for the Chicago Section’s 50th Anniversary in 1991.

Duxbury joined the IFT staff in 1993, where he assumed staff leadership for the Continuing Education, Career Guidance, Technical Presentation, Hot Topics, New Products & Technologies, and Forums Committees. He has been successful in developing IFT’s Professional Development Dept.

He often claims that “IFT networking” has been an important part of his career, and when asked what he would do first on retirement, he replied, “ Probably what I do best and most . . . attend a local Chicago Section IFT meeting!” Looking forward to his retirement, he said, “My Mother just turned 100 and is going strong, so I have a lot of lifetime left to enjoy my Emeritus status.”

Other staff changes
A number of staff changes have occurred over the past few months in both the IFT world headquarters office in Chicago and the Office of Science, Communications, and Government Relations (OSCGR) in Washington, D.C.

Cory M. Bryant has been hired as Research Scientist in OSCGR’s Dept. of Science and Technology Projects. He has a B.S. degree in Food and Nutritional Science and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Food Science and was previously a research investigator at International Flavors & Fragrances. His responsibilities include management of IFT’s FDA contracts and other activities.

Theodor T. Cartwright has been hired as Director of OSCGR’s Office of Science and Government Relations. He has a B.S. degree in Environmental Science and is currently an MBA candidate. He was previously Manager of Public Affairs for the American Society for Microbiology, Manager of Technology and Regulatory Affairs for the Flexible Packaging Association, and Staff Assistant to U.S. Congressman Frank R. Wolf. His responsibilities include enhancing IFT’s activities and visibility in the regulatory and legislative arenas.

Lori Conley has been promoted to Portal Content Developer for IFT’s new member portal, She has a B.S. degree in Communication, Information, and Media-Journalism and a B.S. degree in Political Science and was Associate Internet Editor at IFT for the past four years. Prior to that, she served as Web designer and online editor for Thomson Newspapers. Her responsibilities include developing and maintaining the content of the myIFT Web site.

Tim Hyde has been hired as Portal Administrator in the Information Services Dept. He has a B.S. Degree in Applied Computer Science and was previously employed as a Technical Team Lead at Affina, Inc. His responsibility is to manage the myIFT Web site.

Catherine Keich has been hired as Associate Internet Editor. Previously she worked on both electronic and print encyclopedia products for Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc. She has a B.A. degree in English and Certification in Web Site Design. She will be responsible for maintaining and updating the Web site, as well as assisting with the myIFT portal.

Milton Kinnison has been hired as Tradeshow Coordinator in the Meetings & Expositions Dept. He was a temporary employee at IFT since March 2003, assisting both the Publications Dept. and the Meetings & Expositions Dept. His responsibilities include assisting the Exposition Manager, coordinating the IFT Exhibitor Workshop and Exhibitor Booth Selection Meeting, entering exhibitor contract data into IFT’s computer system, and providing concierge service to exhibitors to resolve exhibit problems and issues.

Sara Langen has been promoted to Science Information Manager in the Science & Communications Dept. in Chicago. She was Assistant Editor of Food Technology for the past three years. Sara holds a B.A. degree in Journalism and History of Art and before joining IFT was a reporter with The Smithfield Herald in North Carolina. Her responsibilities include managing the Scientific Status Summary program, contributing to the production of Expert Reports, and developing and managing the dissemination of communications materials for specific target audiences.

Aviva Mermelstein has been hired as Administrative Assistant in the Field Services Dept. She has a B.A. degree in Communication with a minor in Professional Writing and spent four years as Editorial Associate at the College of American Pathologists and one year in Family Support Services at the Regional Organ Bank of Illinois. Her responsibilities include providing support for the Employment Bureau, the Awards program, and the Distinguished Lectureship Program.