IFT Annual Meeting + FOOD EXPO® dates set through 2010
IFT has set the dates for its Annual Meeting + Food Expo through 2010. Note that there are changes from previously published information.

2005: July 16–20 (Sat.–Wed.), New Orleans, La.

2006: June 24–28 (Sat.–Wed.), Orlando, Fla.

2007: July 26–30 (Thurs.–Mon.), Chicago, Ill.

2008: June 26–30 (Thurs.–Mon.), New Orleans, La.

2009: June 6–10 (Sat.–Wed.), Anaheim, Calif.

2010: July 17–21 (Sat.–Wed.), Chicago, Ill.

For information on the 2004 IFT Annual Meeting + Food Expo in Las Vegas, Nev., call 312-782-8424 or visit www.am–fe.ift.org/cms/.

IFT and Marcel Dekker offer book discount
Marcel Dekker Inc. is offering a 20% discount on all of its science book titles to IFT members. The company publishes reference books, textbooks, encyclopedias, journals, and newsletters for students, researchers, and practitioners in a variety of disciplines, including food science.

When ordering, IFT members need to enter a special member code which can be found in the IFT member portal, www.myift.org. Members should look under the IFT Resources, Books area for more details and the code. Members can also visit www.dekker.com for full book listings.

March JFS in print
The March issue of Journal of Food Science is now available.

In addition to 23 papers, the issue features Concise Reviews entitled, “Fermentation Technology,” by C. Lee; “The Food Chain: ICSU/IUNS/IUFoST Symposium 1 Part 2,” with articles by W. Blum, H. Eswaran, and M. Bourne; “Agroterrorism: Issues of Reality,” with articles by D. Zink, R. Applebaum, and T. Nipp; and “Water, the Most Precious Resource,” by W.R. Bidlack, W. Wang, and R. Clemens.

The table of contents for the issue, as well as the abstracts of the papers, can be viewed and searched electronically at www.ift.org. The time lapse from paper acceptance to publication is now less than 10 weeks. Visit http://ift.manuscriptcentral.com/ for submission information.

IFT recognizes 50-year members
The following individuals received 50-year-member lapel pins this year:
Gale R. Ammerman, Louis H. Anderson, Harold Bernholtz, S.J. Bishov, Benjamin Borenstein, J. Robert Brunner, Manley W. Cole, Thomas M. Crawford, Louis L. Crawford, Robert O. Dezemler, David L. Estes, Gordon R. Everett, Remo Franceschini, Henry Hallerman, Harry Hannan, William J. Hoover, Robert Horrobin, Helen Hutchings, Richard F. Jackson, Adrian W. Kaufmann, James D. Kemp, Marion S. Kunze, Donald D. Leethem, Howard Linebaugh, Florren E. Long, Edmund W. Lusas, Francis X. McDermott, Charles J. Michel, Robert R. Mickus, W. Kenneth Nank, Thomas F. Osberger, R. Stuart Patterson, Clifford A. Ranney, George C. Rimnac, Theodore L. Roth, Abner Salant, George W. Serbia, E. Richard Sherwin, Herbert Stone, Frank B. Thomas, Harold S. Warren, Noel George Weichman, and Philip Wruk. We congratulate these long-time members.

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