Foods and food products have been a major part of a revolution in consumer trends, with increasingly personalized values of convenience, cost, packaging, and taste all emerging as distinguishing variables in the food marketplace. Now food is poised to take a major step to increase the value to the consumer by personalizing diet and health.

Consumers can readily perceive and appreciate many of the inherent values of foods, such as taste, texture, and convenience, yet improved health is not immedia…

Table 3—Diagnostic results, health implications, and potential diet solutions

Table 4—Processes that impart organoleptic properties of foods

The food process chain from agricultural raw materials to the final health effects of products. In more traditional processing, engineering is dominated by added functionalities for sensory and acceptance criteria and renovations designed to minimize cost throughout the production chain. Nutrition and health are properties added on as an isolated part of quality and safety to meet mandated general product compositions. As food products take on a more intimate role in the management of personal health, the wellness of the consumer becomes a key value driver, and various features of the health of the consumer will “bioguide” all of the stages of food processing, from softer refining to point of sale production and individualized benefits to the consumer.

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