A. Elizabeth Sloan

Bun-less burgers, Atkins-endorsed menus, deconstructed burritos/fajitas, downsized super-sized fries/drinks, and even “Pizza in a Pail”—Americans’ new penchant for health has sent the foodservice industry back to the kitchen to develop recipes that remove unwanted carbs, calories, trans fats, and more, as the desire to “take it off” in the name of health, for the first time, goes head to head with more indulgent restaurant fare.

Il Fornaio’s North Beach Diet program delivers America’s favorite cuisine—Italian.But at the same time, savvy TV Food Channel–educated, restaurant-spo…

Table 1—Restaurant industry food and drink 2004 sales projections. From NRA (2004c)

Table 2—Top 10 fastest-growing chains in the U.S. From Technomic (2004)

Table 3—Most-ordered items in casual-dining and fine-dining restaurants. From NRA (2004b).

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