J. Peter Clark

The Institute of Food Technologists’ Nonthermal Processing Division may be unique among the Institute’s 28 Divisions in sponsoring and presenting an annual international workshop since 2000. The most recent workshop was held on September 14–16, 2005, at the Eastern Regional Research Center (ERRC) of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service in Wyndmoor, Pa. The next workshop will be held on September 2006 in Ireland, hosted by University College Cork and Queen’s University Be…

FDA Senior Science Advisor Robert Buchanan said that a major challenge for new processes is knowledge of the kinetics of bacterial destruction.

Example of “moving window” process control charting, based on the juice HACCP regulation for verification of citrus juices that are only surface treated to reduce pathogen load. Each bracket represents a set of seven consecutive samples (from left to right). If no more than one  positive sample occurs in any set of seven samples, the process is in control.

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