Candidates sought for 2006 Macy Award
The Minnesota Section of IFT is seeking nominations for candidates from IFT for the 2006 Harold Macy Food Science and Technology Award.

The award recognizes an outstanding example of food technology transfer or cooperation between scientists or technologists in any two of the following settings: academic, government, and private industry. The deadline for nominations is January 16, 2006. For information, contact Purnendu C. Vasavada, Chair of the Macy Award Committee, Animal and Food Science Dept., Univ. of Wisconisn-River Falls, 410 S. 3rd St., River Falls, WI 54022 (phone 715-425-3150, [email protected]).

Updates to symposia proposal deadline
In the August 2005 issue of Food Technology, readers were informed that the deadline this year for symposium proposals for the IFT Annual Meeting Technical Program has been tentatively postponed until December 1 (the deadline traditionally had been September 1).

The Task Force on the Annual Meeting Scientific Program later this month is expected to submit a proposal to the Executive Committee. After that, information about the procedures for submitting symposia proposals will be listed on

Student Paper Competition Winners
The IFT Divisions sponsor student paper competitions and announce the winners during the breakfast meeting of the Phi Tau Sigma Honorary Society on the final day of the Annual Meeting.

Aquatic Food Products Div. Paper Competition: 1st place, Stephenie L. Drake, North Carolina State U.; 2nd place, Kandasamy Nadarajah, Louisiana State U.; 3rd place, Lihua Huo, U. of Florida.

Biotechnology Div. Poster Competition: Winners, Scott Hanna, Ohio State U.; Wan-Yu Lo, Cornell U.; Jenny Halim, Ohio State U.

Carbohydrate Div. Paper Competition: 1st place, Baljit S. Ghotra, U. of Alberta; 2nd place, T. Wu, U. of Tennessee.

Dairy Foods Div. Manfred Kroger Competitions. Oral: 1st place, Alexandros Tsioulpas, U. of Reading; 2nd place, Julia Fritsch, Cornell U.; 3rd place, Elly Soeryapranata, Washington State U. Poster: 1st place, Anupama Dattatreya, U. of Wisconsin-Madison; 2nd place, Sanem Argin-Soysal, U. of Maryland; 3rd place, Seung Yong Lim, Washington State U.

Education Div. Writing Competition: 1st place, Chee Syen Ong, U. of Guelph; 2nd place, Stephanie Chiu, U. of British Columbia; 3rd place, Allison Aubin, U. of California-Davis.

Food Chemistry Div. Poster Competition: 1st place, Manisha Lokre, Penn State U.; 2nd place, Kevin Mathias, Purdue U.; 3rd place, Bradley Bolling, U. of Wisconsin-Madison.

Food Engineering Div. Paper Competition: Winners, Alejandro Marabi, Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem; Samrendra K. Singh, U. of California-Davis.

Food Microbiology Div. Competitions. John C. Ayres Poster Competition: 1st place, Sun-Young Lee, Washington State U.; 2nd place, Nathan A. Baldauf, Ohio State U.; 3rd place, Ming-Ju Chen, National Taiwan U. Z. John Ordal Oral Competition: 1st place, Samuel D. Alcaine, Cornell U.; 2nd place, Yashodhar Burgula, Purdue U.; 3rd place, Melissa A. Mundo, Cornell U.

Food Packaging Div. Poster Competition: 1st place, Noe Obinata, Rutgers U.; 2nd place, Julie Melissa Goddard, Cornell U.; 3rd place, Veronica Hernandez, U. of California-Davis.

Fruit & Vegetable Div. Poster Competition: 1st place, Illeme Bonsi, Cornell U.; 2nd place, Yuwana Halim, Ohio State U.; 3rd place, N. Joy Dubost, Penn State U.

International Div. George F. Stewart International Research Paper Competition: 1st place, Frederic Depypere, Ghent U., Belgium; 2nd place, Pedro Elez-Martinez, U. de Lleida, Spain; 3rd place, Franco Pedreschi, U. de Santiago, Chile.

Muscle Foods Div. Paper Competition: 1st place, Yuan Kim, Texas A&M U.; 2nd place, Joshua Johnston, U. of Kentucky; 3rd place, Lin Wang, U. of Kentucky

Nonthermal Processing Div. Paper Competition: Winners, Sarah Woodling, Cornell U.; Sandeep Rajan, Ohio State U.; Matthew Lecky, U. of Florida

Nutrition Div. Mark L. Bieber Graduate Student Competition: 1st place, YiFang Chu, Cornell U.; 2nd place, Marjorie Fullerton, Alabama A&M U.; 3rd place, Darlene Williams, Alabama A&M U.

Product Development Div. Poster Competition: 1st place, Normell De Mesa, Cornell U.; 2nd place, Meng Xie, U. of Missouri-Columbia; 3rd place, Ashley Bond, Louisiana State U.

Sensory Evaluation Div. Rose Marie Pangborn Paper Competition: 1st place, Tabra Alpers, U. of Arkansas; 2nd place, Jeffrey Greene, North Carolina State U.; 3rd place, Edith Ramos Neta, North Carolina State U.

Toxicology & Safety Evaluation Div. Poster Competition: 1st place, Alfredo Prudente, Louisiana State U.; 2nd place, Poi-Wah Lee, U. of Nebraska-Lincoln.