IFT recognizes 50-year members
The following individuals received 50-year-member lapel pins this year:

Arthur W. Anti, William J. Balke, Allen Baron, Armand Belanger, Leo Bernstein, Philip J. Bouckaert, Lester J. Bruens, Ada Marie Campbell, Allan N. Cohan, Frank L. Daylor, Cleve B. Denny, Philip L. Drew, Dean D. Duxbury, R.H. Ellinger, Donald F. Emery, Michael G. Fader, Richard P. Farrow, Owen Fennema, Peter R. Freund, Roderic R. Frost, Frederick Gardner, Calvin Golumbic, Donald J. Graham, Richard A. Greenberg, Thomas H. Hartzell, William C. Hurley, Gordon K. Jensen, Alfred J. Kahn, William J. Kent, Arthur S. Kiratsous, William J. Klinker, Eugene V. Kwiat, R.V. Lechowich, Bruce J. Lime, Johannes W. Mansvelt, Marvin H. Martin, John Martone, Ahmad M. Moustafa, Harry E. Nelson, Richard A. Pfluger, Vitolds Racenis, Fred M. Reiter, A. Charles Roland III, William H. Root, Robert D. Seeley, Leo E. Sharpe, John J. Simon, Lloyd M. Smith, Robert E. Snyder, Spyros Sophianopoulos, Marion B. Stevens, Chee-Teck Tan, Louis E. Taylor, John C. Tinker, Joachim H. Von Elbe, Hugo E. Wistreich, and Kenneth J. Wohlpart.

We congratulate these long-time members.

Harris Award nominations sought
Nominations for the 2006 Ohio State University Distinguished Food Science Harris Award are being accepted. This award was named for Ronald D. Harris, Adjunct Professor in the Dept. of Food Science and Technology at Ohio State University. It is presented annually to recognize excellence in and contributions to the discipline of food science.

The award includes a $3,000 honorarium and all travel expenses to the university to attend the Harris Award celebration. The nomination deadline is July 1, 2006. For more information, call 614-292-6281, e-mail [email protected], or visit www.fst.ag.ohio-state.edu/harris/about.htm.

Eskin appointed Associate Dean
Michael Eskin, Professor in the Dept. of Human Nutritional Sciences at the University of Manitoba, has been named Associate Dean of Faculty of Human Ecology at the university. Eskin, a Professional Member of IFT, has authored or coauthored nine books on various food science- and technology-related topics. He is currently working on the third edition of his book Biochemistry of Foods.

Murphy wins ISU research award 
Patricia Murphy, Professor of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Iowa State University, was awarded the Outstanding Achievement in Research Award for her research on soybean isoflavones. She began her research on these compounds more than 20 years ago, before the compounds were widely recognized as health-promoting phytochemicals. Murphy is a Professional Member of IFT.

Miller joins U. of Illinois
Michael J. Miller recently joined the faculty of the University of Illinois’ Dept. of Food Science as Assistant Professor. His research will focus on food microbiology, including the use of lactic acid bacteria as probiotics, and he will assist in teaching the Introduction to Food Science and Human Nutrition course. Miller is a Member of IFT.

ISU honors Sebranek
Joseph Sebranek has won the Iowa State University Mission Award, which recognizes faculty members of the College of Agriculture who have contributed to extension, teaching, and research. He is a Professor of Animal Science and a Professional Member of IFT. The award was presented by the Iowa Chapter of the Honor Society of Agriculture, Gamma Sigma Delta.

Klaenhammer wins dairy award
Todd Klaenhammer has received the William C. Haines Dairy Science Award from the California Dairy Research Foundation for his contributions to the field of dairy science.

Klaenhammer, a Professional Member of IFT, is William Neal Reynolds Distinguished Professor of Food Science, Microbiology, and Genetics at North Carolina State University and Director of the Southwest Dairy Foods Research Center. He conducts research on the improvement and diversification of food bioprocessing and preservation systems through genetic investigation and modification of lactic acid bacteria.

McLellan chairs advisory committee
Mark McLellan has been named chair of the Food and Drug Administration’s Food Advisory Committee. He will serve in this position through June 2008 and will lead a group of 17 scientists, consumer advocates, and industry representatives consulted by FDA for advice on complex or controversial issues. The committee said that it may address topics ranging from basic food safety and product labeling to genetically modified foods, allergens, and emerging pathogens.

McLellan, a Past President and Professional Member of IFT, is Dean for Research and Director of the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station at the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences.

Riaz and Anjum receive extrusion grant
Mian N. Riaz and Faqir M. Anjum have received a grant to establish an extrusion technology center at the University of Agriculture–Faisalabad in Pakistan.

The Centre for Excellence in Extrusion Technology will facilitate teaching, research, and product development for students; strengthen cooperation between the United States and Pakistan in the field of research and development through close collaboration between the two nations; and provide educational support to private and government entities.

Riaz, a Professional Member of IFT, is the head of the Extrusion Technology Program and Graduate Faculty of Food Science and Technology Program at Texas A&M University’s Food Protein Research and Development Center. Anjum, a Member of IFT, is Director of the Institute of Food Science and Technology at the University of Agriculture–Faisalabad.

The grant was awarded by the Pakistan–U.S. Science and Technology Cooperative Program, which includes the National Academy of Sciences, U.S. Agency for International Development, and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Lewandowski elected to IAFP board
The International Association for Food Protection has elected Vickie Lewandowski to serve as secretary of its executive board. She will fulfill a five-year commitment to IAFP and will serve as President in 2009–10.

Currently, she is an associate principal microbiologist at Kraft Foods, where she is responsible for providing microbiological and food safety expertise to the company’s global cream cheese, cultured dairy products, and specialty cheese business. She is a Member of IFT.

Helferich named Endresen Lecturer
John Helferich was recently named the 17th Endresen Lecturer by the Dept. of Food Science at the University of Massachusetts.

He is Vice President of University Research for Masterfoods USA, where he is responsible for creating and managing links between leading management thinkers and strategic problems at Masterfoods. He also has appointments as a visiting professor at the McIntire School of Commerce at the University of Virginia, a visiting scholar at the Sloan School of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and an executive-in-residence at the College of Business Administration at Northeastern University. He is a Member of IFT.

Butts receives food safety award
John N. Butts has won the Food Safety Magazine Distinguished Service Award for promoting and advancing science-based solutions for food safety issues.

He is Vice President of Research at Land O’Frost Inc. The award recognizes his work in the development of the company’s "Seek & Destroy" program of sanitation, equipment, and maintenance; his leadership in the implementation of one of the first food processing plant HACCP programs in the United States; and his leadership in his company’s application of the AMI Principles of Sanitary Equipment and Facilities Design guidelines in the construction and design of Land O’Frost’s new Greenfield processing facility.

Butts is a Professional Member of IFT.

Section & Division meetings
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