Aaron L . Brody

The world population today is 6.7 billion and is projected to double by 2067. This means that twice the food and other resources will be required then to sustain humanity. Since much of the world population today suffers from hunger and starvation, what about 60 years from now?

Pallet load of same-size cases. Corrugated fi berboard cases are stacked on grocery pallets, and the loads are stabilized with stretch fi lm. Slip sheets are shown between tiers. Loading different-size primary and secondary food packages on a single pallet in random patterns would not necessarily protect the packages or the product during their trip from the distribution warehouse to the store shelf.

Some people are urging a return to local farming as the definitive means to resolve issues of excesses in energy, petroleum, and resource consumption. They are advocating sustainability— the ability to provide for today’s …

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