A. Elizabeth Sloan

Functional foods are fast becoming a part of everyday life. Two-thirds of adults made an effort to buy more fortified foods last year—up 17% over 2005 (MSI, 2007a). One-third of young adults age 18–24 regularly drink energy beverages (Experian, 2007). And more than half (57%) of mothers of preteens bought organic foods last year (MSI, 2007b).Younger consumers are a key target audience for functional foods and beverages; those age 18–24 are most likely to purchase such a product. The ability to improve mental performance is a sought-after benefit among users of functional products.

With the majority (69%) of Americans pursuing a preventive lifestyle and 27% taking a treatment approach, not surprisingly, products that offer specific hea…

Figure 1. Benefits offered by top 10 new food and beverage brands, “Pacesetters,” introduced February 2006 – January 2007.

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