FDA support article timely
I wish to congratulate Food Technology and Peter Barton Hutt on his factual and timely Perspective article (“Funding FDA: A Call for Action,” September 2007, p. 148). As the political satirist Bill Maher said recently, “The United States Government [Congress] is a wholly owned subsidiary of the drug companies.” It is shameful that the once highly respected Food and Drug Administration has been reduced to its current level.

I happened to be born and raised in Salem, Ore. I had the pleasure of meeting Sen. McNary when I was a boy and later the honor to participate in his funeral. He of course was the co-author of the McNary-Mapes law which I think formed the basis of FDA.

Later, when I was in the food industry, I had many dealings with FDA in factory inspections and corrections in our operations. Many times with some arguments on conditions, but always respectful and correct. After leaving the food industry and as a senior officer in the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, I could see the need for effective FDA types of organizations.

I have done what I can to support a strong FDA and will continue to do so. I think one measure which IFT might pursue would be to use the young professional which the IFT sponsors to work with Congress. This person could have considerable influence in promoting Congressional support for future needs for a strong FDA.

Again, congratulations for something well done.

—James Bunnell, [email protected]

Outstanding coverage of IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo
Congratulations and thanks to the editorial staff for the outstanding September issue of Food Technology. Coverage of the 2007 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo is comprehensive, of the highest quality, and simply outstanding.

One often hears attendees comment about the size and complexity of the Annual Meeting & Food Expo and the inherent difficulty of trying to attend all the sessions and exhibits in which they are interested. I am frequently asked, often by non-IFT members, about “What were the major emphases/themes among exhibits at the Food Expo this year?” The September issue does an outstanding job of answering such inquiries and giving a summary of the many events/seessions/meetings occurring during the 2007 Annual Meeting & Food Expo.

Not only did it allow me to update myself on much information missed due to involvement in other meetings that were scheduled, it also will become a valuable reference for future use. I feel certain that this also applies to others who were in Chicago. As an IFT member, this excellent coverage is most useful and greatly appreciated.

Please convey my thanks and appreciation to those involved in preparing the September issue for a job “very well done.”

—David R. Lineback, Director (Retired), Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, University of Maryland; IFT Past President and Fellow; and President, International Union of Food Science and Technology ([email protected])