Mary Ellen Kuhn

For busy kids and adults up to their elbows in activities, handheld food can be a fun, convenient way to satisfy hunger pangs. So it’s hardly surprising that this developing foods market is substantial in size and has grown steadily in recent years.

When it comes to grab-and-go offerings, convenience is not enough. Today’s consumers put a priority on taste and health, as well.Getting a handle on handheld foods is not a simple matter, however. Not only does the category of handheld/on-the-go foods include items distributed and retailed in a variety of ways—frozen, refrigerated, and shelf-stable—but it incorporates an almos…

Figure 1: Tracking sales of handheld foods in mainstream channels for the years 2003–2007 shows a near-steady upward sales trend. From Information Resources Inc. (2008).

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