IFT Press Book Addresses Calorimetry
One new IFT Press book is now available from Wiley-Blackwell.

Calorimetry in Food Processing, edited by Gönül Kaletunç (ISBN: 978-0-8138-1483-4. 2009. 412 pp. List price: $199.99. IFT Member price: $159.99), introduces the basic principles of calorimetry to characterize temperature-induced changes, including starch gelatinization and crystallization, lipid transitions, protein denaturation, and  inactivation of microorganisms in a variety of food and biological materials.

The chapter contributors—a group of distinguished experts—address important issues in the use of calorimetry in food systems, focusing on data collection, interpretation of the resultant data, and the use of these data for process optimization and product development. Information is provided on the use of calorimetry as a tool for the evaluation of processing requirements to assess the efficacy of food processing and for the characterization of the effects of changes in formulation and processing conditions.

Additionally, the book covers the use of differential scanning calorimetry to detect, monitor, and characterize thermal processes in food materials as well as to evaluate the effects of nonthermal treatments.

Intended primarily as a reference book for practicing scientists in academia and industry, Calorimetry in Food Processing is also a resource for beginners in the field and a potential supplemental text at the graduate level. The editor, Gönül Kaletunç, is an associate professor in the Dept. of Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering at Ohio State University. Her research focuses on applications of calorimetry to food and biological materials.

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Topics of future books in the series include nanoscience and nanotechnology, food laws and regulations, food ingredients for the global market, hydrocolloids, nonthermal processing technologies, fats and oils, proteins and peptides, and dairy ingredients.

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