New Twists on Old Favorites
Mars Snackfood US,
Hackettstown, N.J., is adding five new chocolate treats to its permanent offering, including three previous limited-edition candies that were brought back by consumer demand. At 170 calories per bar, 3 MUSKETEERS Truffle Crisp Bars are a chocolate truffle on a crisp layer enrobed in milk chocolate. MILKY WAY Simply Caramel Bars feature creamy caramel surrounded by milk chocolate. A limited-edition product in 2008, TWIX Java Chocolate Cookie Bars will be a permanent offering in April 2010. Another limited-edition product, M&M’S Coconut Chocolate Candies, will be on shelves again in December. The candies feature a special, coconut-only blend of green, brown, and white candy shells. M&M’S Wildly Cherry Chocolate Candies will be available in December. M&M’S Peanut Butter Chocolate Candies, with a peanut butter creme center, are now available in a “tear ’n share” size.

Stevia-sweetened Vitamin Water
PepsiCo Canada, Mississauga, Ont., has introduced Aquafina Plus Vitamins 10 Cal vitamin-enhanced water with PureVia all-natural sweetener from PureCircle USA, Oak Brook, Ill. The sweetener is rebaudioside  A, an extract of the stevia plant. “We are extremely proud to be the first and only nationally available beverage in the country to feature PureVia as a zero calorie, natural sweetener,” said Stacy Reichert, President, PepsiCo Beverages Canada. “Our hydration portfolio, including Aquafina Plus+ vitamin-enhanced water, has seen explosive growth in Canada, and the Aquafina Plus Vitamins 10 Cal brand is going to further that leadership position.” Aquafina Plus Vitamins 10 Cal beverages are available in three new flavors—Black and Blue Berry, Acai Fruit Punch, and Tropical Cherimoya. The products carry a suggested retail price of $1.89–$1.99 for a 591-mL bottle. Each serving delivers 250% of the Daily Value for vitamin C. 

Snacks for Kids
With parents increasingly looking for healthy snacks for their kids, GoGo squeeZ applesauce from Materne North America, New York, N.Y., hits the mark.The product comes in a squeezable, resealable pouch. It is 100% fruit with no added sugar. Each 3.2-oz pouch delivers 1 serving of fruit. Varieties include appleapple, applestrawberry, applecinnamon, applepeach, and applebanana. GoGo squeeZ 4-packs carry a suggested retail price of $2.99; single pouches sell for about 99 cents. Since the brand’s inception in 1998, it has grown into the favorite snack brand in France with more than 50% market share of the applesauce pouch category last year, selling more than one billion pouches across Europe and gaining a regular spot in McDonald’s Happy Meals. Since the product’s U.S. launch in June 2008, GoGo squeeZ’s distribution has grown to 1,900 supermarkets and children’s retailers across the country.