High Pressure Treats Luncheon Meats
Ifantis Group
, Athens, Greece, uses high-pressure processing (HPP) to extend the shelf life of its FreshPress product line of luncheon meats, such as smoked pork loin, mortadella, smoked turkey filet, and dry salami. Avure Technologies, Kent, Wash., USA, supplied the HPP system. The packages are clearly distinguished by the new FreshPress label, which announces “ultimate food protection” from “the newest American technology.” The label also refers consumers to a Web site, www.freshpress.gr, where they can watch a video of an Avure HPP system at work in Ifantis’ state-of-the-art facility in Athens, Greece.

“Consumers, now more than ever, care about food safety,” said Kostantinos Ifantis, CEO. At the same time, they are asking processors for products with fewer or no preservatives, he continued. Partnering with Avure to develop the FreshPress label allowed Ifantis to address both concerns. Since the installation of the HPP system and the launch of the new brand in 2009, Ifantis’ sales of sliced meats are up more than 30%.

Pouched Milk in the UK
Following a successful trial, Dairy Crest, Esher, UK, is rolling out innovative milk packaging in all Sainsbury’s stores throughout the United Kingdom. The JUGIT system, from RPC Containers Market Rasen, Lincolnshire, UK, offers consumers a pouch-based format that uses 75% less packaging material by weight than conventional plastic milk containers. Once the pouch is placed into the reusable JUGIT container, a spike perforates the bag so it is ready to pour. “Sainsbury’s has been immensely supportive the milk bag initiative throughout the project, seeing the environmental benefits in terms of reducing packaging waste and a lower carbon footprint compared to plastic milk bottles,” explained Richard Pryor, Innovations Controller at Dairy Crest. Consumer feedback during the trial led to several changes that improved the design of the packaging, including the securing of the bag in the container via an integral clip, adding the spike to the lid, and changing the location the handle where it attaches to the container.

Mayo with Cage-free Eggs
Unilever North America,
Englewood Cliffs, N.J., has announced that its Hellmann’s Light Mayonnaise will be made with 100% certified cage-free eggs in the United States, which equates to approximately 3.5 million pounds of eggs annually. “Hellmann’s is made from real, simple ingredients—vinegar, oils rich in omega 3 and omega 6, and eggs,” said Jamey Fish, Hellmann’s Senior Brand Manager. “Hellmann’s understands that people are increasingly attuned to what’s in their food and where it comes from and that’s why Hellmann’s Light is now moving to 100% cage-free eggs, keeping with the brand’s commitment to ‘Real Food’ using simple ingredients.” With half the fat and calories of regular mayonnaise, Hellmann’s Light is the brand’s second most popular selling recipe and will be the first in the line to contain cage-free eggs. Hellmann’s intends to change all its mayonnaise products to cage-free eggs over time as a certifiable and consistent supply becomes available in North America.