A. Elizabeth Sloan

Representing more than 70 billion meal and snack occasions—and 49% of the U.S. food dollar—restaurant industry sales are expected to reach $580 billion this year (NRA, 2010). On a typical day, more than 130 million Americans are foodservice patrons. Eating places are projected to account for sales of $388.5 billion; retail, vending, recreation, and mobile sales will total $55.2 billion; noncommercial foodservice $47.6 billion; managed services $40.9 billion; bars and taverns $18.8 billion; and m…In the wake of the economic downturn, consumers remain discriminating in their dining out decisions, even as the economy has improved, but ethnic breakfasts represent a bright spot in the foodservice forecast.

Figure 1. Dining Out Behavior. From Technomic, 2010.

Figure 2. Flavor Appeal by Gender. From Technomic, 2009.

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