Mary Ellen Kuhn

Although it serves a worthy purpose—feeding the world—the food supply chain is a major drain on the planet’s resources. Agricultural production is responsible for 17% to 32% of global greenhouse gas emissions, food processing accounts for 25% of worldwide water consumption, and the food system consumes nearly 16% of total energy use in the United States, reports Cheryl Baldwin in the book Sustainability in the Food Industry.ON A GREEN GRWOTH TRACK

Statistics like these make it clear why sustainable business practices t…

Used bicycles serve as decorative touches in Clif Bar’s energy-efficient headquarters in Emeryville, Calif. Inset: Clif Bar buys bikes for employees who wish to use them to commute to work.

Sheena Bliss (left) and Jessica Ruiz show off Follow Your Heart Vegan Ranch Salad Dressing and Vegenaise.

Heinz plans to introduce more than 120 million PlantBottle™ packages for ketchup this year.

Coca-Cola has implemented water-preserving initiatives at its bottling plants around the globe.

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