One new IFT Press book is now available from Wiley-Blackwell. Food Carbohydrate Chemistry by Ronald E. Wrolstad ISBN: 978–0–8138–2665–3 2012 240 pp Wiley-Blackwell

Food Carbohydrate Chemistry by Ronald E. Wrolstad takes a comprehensive look at how basic carbohydrates relate to the quality attributes and functional properties of foods. It presents the structure and nomenclature of sugars and sugar derivatives, limited to those compounds that exist naturally in foods or are used as food additives and food ingredients. The book covers chemical reactions that affect food quality and occur during processing and storage conditions; how chemical and physical properties of sugars and polysaccharides affect the functional properties of foods; taste properties and nonenzymatic browning reactions; and nutritional roles of carbohydrates.

The book—the first one published as a textbook in the IFT Press book series— assumes that readers have already taken general organic chemistry and general biochemistry so the review and presentation of fundamental carbohydrate chemistry is minimal. The book will benefit both students and professionals. An explanation of how basic principles of carbohydrate chemistry can account for and predict functional properties such as sweetness, browning potential, and solubility properties is presented along with an appendix that includes some laboratory and classroom exercises as well as lecture demonstrations, all of use to upper undergraduate and graduate students studying for careers in the food industry. Professionals working in product development and technical sales can use the book as a technical resource to help them understand the functionality of carbohydrate ingredients. Information in the book will help researchers and those who work in quality assurance understand the principles of carbohydrate analytical methods and the physical and chemical properties of sugars and polysaccharides.

Wrolstad, an Emeritus Professional Member of IFT, is Distinguished Professor of Food Science & Technology, Emeritus in the Dept. of Food Science & Technology, Oregon State University. He has authored more than 150 professional publications, including 115 papers in refereed journals and 17 books or book chapters. Additionally, Wrolstad has served on the editorial boards of many scientific journals, including Journal of Food Science Education, which is published by IFT, Food Chemistry, and Journal of Food Processing and Preservation. He has served as chair of two IFT divisions: food chemistry and fruit & vegetable.

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Topics of future books in the series include coffee, nanoscience and nanotechnology, import food safety, food texture, organic meat production and processing, foodborne pathogens in food processing, resistant starch, fats and oils, gluten-free foods, proteins and peptides, and dairy ingredients.

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