Donald Pszczola

Donald E. Pszczola

From an ingredients perspective, the real Vegas action lies not in slots, poker, roulette, blackjack, or other such games, but rather in the wide range of ingredient innovations that will be showcased at the 2012 IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo. So what’s your pleasure? Any number of winning hands can be dealt from ingredient categories that include emerging flavors, healthier fats and oils, sweetener alternatives, whole-grain flours, and novel texturizers, to name just a few.

For example, at one of our many tables, you may find a flavor collection that gives a new meaning to the term “fruits of the imagination.” Or a sodium-reduction technology that combines regular salt, mineral salt, and taste-enhancing flavors in a single salt grain. Or an “algal flour,” a microalgae-derived ingredient that can help replace saturated fat. Or a new generation of texturizers that combine hydrocolloids and citrus fiber. Or a new type of preservative that is a derivative of vitamin B-1. These developments—and many others—look like sure bets when it comes to formulating—or reformulating—your product to meet today’s trends.

And, of course, a wide range of prototype formulas, available for sampling, will demonstrate the functionality and nutritional benefits of these ingredient innovations. Imagine some of the following. A hamburger, every layer of which (from bun to patty to cheese) has been recreated using potato starches or other potato-based ingredients. A toffee-flavored gummy that contains 20% less fat. A reduced-sodium hot dog. An Achiote Lime Greek Yogurt that capitalizes on the popularity of Greek yogurt. A naturally colored process cheese in fun animal shapes for children. A whole-grain pizza crust. An iced tea fortified with whey proteins. Zesty Middle Eastern- and African-inspired soups and entrées. And many others that you don’t want to miss.

And just like Las Vegas hotels—from the Venetian to the Paris—provide their own exciting visual experience, some of our food exhibitors are recreating their booths in that same spirit. Don’t be surprised if as you walk the Strip—we mean the Expo floor—you suddenly see an oasis. Or a private theater showing the latest videos on egg functionality. Or an exciting Vegas bar scene. These are not mirages; we guarantee it.

With all of Vegas’ glitter and glamour, what better place is there for ingredient companies to announce their new identities? For example, Corn Products/National Starch will use the opportunity to announce their new name, Ingredion, to better reflect the company’s position as a leading ingredients supplier. Attendees will see a new and improved Synergy Flavors which has recently acquired several companies including Sethness Greenleaf and Sensus. You’ll see a company called Nexira—the result of a merger between Colloïdes Naturels International and Bio Serae Laboratories. Stepan’s Food and Health Business has been renamed Stepan Lipid Nutrition to reflect its acquiring of several product lines from Lipid Nutrition B.V., formerly a part of IOI Loders Croklaan Group.

Several companies are also holding birthday bashes to celebrate important anniversaries. Bell Flavors & Fragrances is spotlighting its 100th anniversary. German/Finnish Sachtleben celebrates its 50th anniversary. And U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council honors the centennial of the highbush blueberry.

There’s a saying that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But that’s not true when it comes to the 2012 IFT Annual Meeting and Food Expo. When the lights turn off and the show is over, our attendees take all the ingredient information they have gained and return home. There, in their laboratories, they apply that information to formulating and reformulating their products, creating ones that have better functionality or improved health benefits or ones with emerging flavors and textures found in cuisines from all around the world.

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Now that’s the kind of sin city we like. From “Soy Poppers” to “giving your buns a lift” (we’re referring to hamburger buns, of course), “Special Themes” will highlight some of the booth concepts that ingredient companies are featuring. These concepts—some of them, not surprisingly, having a definite Las Vegas feel to them—will demonstrate how the use of ingredients can address or even set new trends. And what’s on these menus can be very exciting as well as tasty. Here are a few jackpots.

What’s happening in Vegas
“What’s happening in Vegas is happening at the IFT Tabasco Booth,” is the theme that McIlhenny Company/ Tabasco Brand Products will be highlighting. The company will turn its booth into a Vegas bar scene where the company will serve up its famous hot sauce ingredients in a number of applications.

On the bar menu can be found Cajun Lightening and Thunder, a chilled cocktail made with SoCo Fiery Pepper, cranberry juice, and Red Bull, and Blue Voodoo, a chilled cocktail made with SoCo Fiery Pepper, Blue Curacao, Malibu Rum, and pineapple juice.

While enjoying these drinks, bar regulars can sample such appetizers as Buffalo Hummus Filled Fillo Cups; Spicy Chex snack mix; and Crawfish Artichoke Spinach Dip.

New products highlighted include Tabasco Brand Buffalo Style Hot Sauce, which is now available for industrial ingredients, and Southern Comfort Fiery Pepper created by Brown-Forman using Tabasco brand Original Red Pepper sauce. McIlhenny Company/Tabasco Brand Products,, Booth 733

How to build a better burger
Bringing value to every layer of a hamburger will be demonstrated through the use of a broad range of potato-based ingredients. A new brochure in the shape of a burger will be distributed, describing these innovative, allergen-free, and cost-conscious solutions.

Let’s start by giving your buns a lift. Adding Potato Flakes, Potato Granules, or FiberBind can help delay the staling effect in your yeastbased dough and keep your buns fresh and appealing for longer.

Next, keep your dressings stable. When looking to reduce the fat content in your salad dressing, ColdSwell will keep it stable and ensure a pleasant mouthfeel. Because of the intact starch granules in ColdSwell, the shear and heat stability is improved. EmulsiForm specialty starches provide excellent emulsification, and can replace egg or egg yolks, obtaining a cost-effective solution.

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How about stretching the idea of cheese a bit? Dairy protein is an expensive ingredient and frequent price volatility makes the cost-in-use unpredictable. Replace it with cost-effective CheeseMaker specialty starches to make a process cheese product with a firm structure and cheese-like appearance.

And let’s not forget the beef. KMC potato-based ingredients can help lower the fat content in the beef patty while keeping a rich and juicy taste. Furthermore, a high water loss during frying is a challenge when preparing a good burger. Adding Potato Flakes or FiberBind to the patty will improve the yield of the fried hamburger and give a more appealing and juicy sensation. KMC,, Booth 138

Going wild in Vegas
A variety of flavor, color, and nutraceutical concepts available for sampling will be highlighted by Wild Flavors.

For example, Vegeceuticals™ are special taste-free vegetable extracts that can be easily incorporated into a wide array of foods and beverages. Vegeceuticals currently include two varieties: a red and orange blend, both available in liquid and dry form. The orange extract blend provides beta-carotene from carrot, pumpkin, sweet potato, paprika (from chili peppers), and reishi mushroom. The red version is an extract blend providing anthocyanins from purple sweet potato, purple maize, purple carrot, beet, rhubarb, tomato, and red cabbage.

Other concepts include mint-flavored, naturally colored candies featuring mint flavors with blue and green colors; new flavors and colors for seasonal product applications; stevia and taste modification systems for stevia to enhance sweetness; and Immunel™ and Tegricel™ milk peptides for immunity and digestive health. Wild Flavors,, Booth 401

Developing kid-friendly foods
Cargill will showcase new ingredients and prototypes that illustrate kid-friendly food and beverage products that taste great and contain less sodium, calories, and fats and more whole grains, fiber, and protein.

Blueberry Breakfast Cookies with Yogurt-flavored Drizzle feature WheatSelect® white whole-wheat flour, CitriTex™ stabilizer blend, Oliggo-Fiber® inulin, and yogurt-flavored compound. Soy Sliders are formulated with Prosante® textured soy flour and WheatSelect and illustrate a greattasting, cost-effective mini-burger with a white whole-wheat bun. Chicken Quesadillas with SodiumSelect™ sodium reduction system have less sodium than traditional chicken quesadillas, and the tortillas offer whole-grain nutrition benefits. Sugar-free Mint Patties are a sweet treat made with Zerose™ erythritol and Maltidex™ maltitol syrup for a 50% calorie reduction compared to full-sugar mint patty candies. One serving of pretzels made with Oliggo-Fiber inulin is a good source of fiber. Raspberry juice beverages formulated with Xtend™ sucromalt have reduced sugar content. Beverages that feature Clear Valley® omega-3 oil are a way to include omega-3 fatty acids in the diet and for manufacturers to make a “good source of ALA omega-3” claim.

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Kristen Dammann, Regulatory Senior Scientist with Cargill, will conduct live presentations at the booth on Tuesday, June 26 at 1:30 pm and Wednesday, June 27 at 11:00 am to help product developers better understand how the regulatory environment is changing in regards to children’s nutrition. Cargill,, Booth 1721

New name to be launched
A broad portfolio of nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners, specialty starches, and nutritional ingredients will be featured by Corn Products International/National Starch Food Innovation in a savory menu prepared by the company’s team of Culinologists. These culinary experts will conduct live demonstrations throughout the show.

Visitors can sample gluten-free breakfast items in the morning and zesty Middle Eastern- and African-inspired soups and entrees during the rest of the day. A wide selection of dairy desserts, beverages, and baked goods will also be available. These prototypes show how the company can help food formulators and manufacturers address some of the most important issues and trends facing the industry. These include cost efficiencies, sugar and fat reduction, nutritional enhancement, international food trends, and clean label.

Corn Products International/National Starch Food Innovation recently announced that it intends to change its name to Ingredion pending shareholder approval at its annual meeting in May. The new name better reflects the company’s position as a leading ingredient supplier to a range of industries. Corn Products/National Starch,,, Booth 1211

Snack attack
Snacking has become one of America’s new favorite pastimes and applies to all ages. As consumers look for ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle, key snacking trends include creating kid-friendly, nutritious snacks and developing bite-sized, portion-controlled snacks for adults to enjoy.

TruBran® corn bran, a natural, insoluble dietary fiber said to boost fiber levels without sacrificing taste, will be featured in a tasty, kid-friendly pizza snack. The light, creamy color of the ingredient makes it easy for manufacturers to add fiber with minimal impact on finished product appearance. Delectable, portioned-controlled dessert bites for a more grown-up appeal will also be available. Utilizing the moisture-binding attributes of Inscosity® instant food starch, frozen desserts can maintain product integrity during a longer freezer shelf life.

Maltrin® maltodextrins, TruBran® corn bran, and specialty starches (Pure-Cote® film-forming starches, Inscosity® instant modified starches, and Pure-Gel® stabilized starches) fit a wide array of trends and applications. Grain Processing Corp.,, Booth 1259

What’s on the menu for cellulose
Utilizing a proprietary process, Z-Trim® is derived from either oat or corn bran to create powdered cellulose and has a short-chain polymeric structure. Its high water-holding capacity helps to provide texture, mouthfeel, and moistness, extend the yield of certain foods, and may extend shelf-life of some products. Its amorphous cellular structure enhances freeze-thaw and heat stability, and helps to hold in place other liquids and ingredients to prevent syneresis, separation, and settling in emulsified systems.

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Neutral in flavor, easily dispersible combined with qualities such as improved mouthfeel, texture, emulsification, and shelf life makes Z-Trim extremely versatile for use in multiple processing conditions. Only a small amount of it is needed and its flaked particle form mixes easily with dried or liquid ingredients.

Prototypes made with the ingredients will be available. A cinnamon roll topped with creamy icing features Z-Trim’s oat product designed to reduce the formulation cost while eliminating some of the fat and Z-Trim corn fiber in the icing reduces cream cheese by 20% and enhances the icing’s moisture content. Macaroni and white cheddar cheese is a lower-cost formulation that replaces 15% of the white cheddar in a full-fat formulation. Z-Trim Holdings,, Booth 2840

Soy Popper?
A “Soy Popper” is similar to a soy nut, but the healthy bean is enrobed with a tasty coating providing for a crunchy texture and limitless flavor possibilities. The high-protein roasted product offering provides the many benefits of soy and makes a versatile snack delicious on its own or in snack mixes.

Other new additions to SunOpta’s portfolio will be highlighted. With 92% total dietary fiber, rice fiber is non-GMO, gluten-free, and label friendly. Samples of snacks made with the ingredient will be available. OptaGrade® 350 natural starch is a texture enhancer that offers stabilization, fat replacement, and gelatin replacement in processed dairy foods. A yogurt and fruit parfait made with the starch can be sampled.

Tradin Organics USA, a SunOpta company, will be showcasing organic sesame seeds from Ethiopia. Sesame seeds offer a sweet and nutty flavor to a variety of baked goods, cereals, and snacks. SunOpta Inc.,, Booth 2627

Prototypes address formulation challenges
A variety of nutritional and functional solutions—whey proteins, hydrocolloids, flax ingredients, and others—will be demonstrated in several prototypes available for sampling. These prototypes will address a number of functionality challenges ranging from gluten-free formulating to the use of probiotic systems.

A gluten-free whoopee pie features OptiSol® 5300 hydrocolloid ingredient for cost-effective guar gum replacement in gluten-free baked goods. A tart cherry beverage is made with BevWiseA-101WS blend of whey and soy proteins for protein fortification. A smoothie highlights BevWise I-301WS blend of whey and soy proteins designed specifically for the processing requirements of intermediate pH beverages. It also contains a micronutrient premix for added value.

A high-protein chocolate bite is formulated with BarPro585 whipping protein to create a stable whipped nougat texture in nutrition bars. The chocolate bite incorporates a high-milk protein chocolate coating. A granola topping, Probiotic Flaxola Sprinkle, contains an easy-touse probiotic, Ganeden BC-30, which survives manufacturing, shelf life, and digestive transit to germinate and proliferate, providing benefit throughout the small and large intestines. A Greek yogurt is made with OptiSol®1022 functional milk protein concentrate for thicker viscosity. An Antioxidant Blueberry Topping showcases Pterapure® antioxidant, a nature-identical formulation of the antioxidant compound pterostilbene, which is found naturally in blueberries. Glanbia Nutritionals,, Booth 1241

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Almonds go global
Almonds are the top choice ingredient nut of consumers worldwide, according to the Almond Board of California. It cites information from Innova Market Insights, which reports that global snack products with almonds increased 68% between 2008 and 2010, all the more reason why the company is excited to share its insights and expertise into formulating foods with almonds.

A main focus at the booth will be on how to incorporate almonds into various ethnic cuisines, particularly the cuisines of Southeast Asia.

Vietnamese and Thai Almond Snack Clusters illustrate how the simple but robust flavors of the cuisines pair well with almonds. Almond butter is used in the baking process of the clusters to provide a cooling element and binder without the need for another competing ingredient. Whole almonds add visual appeal. The Almond Board has also developed other almond and global flavor combinations such as anise candied almonds, salt and vinegar almonds, nut mix with rosemary and cheese flavors, Indian chai almonds, chili masala almonds, and crème brulée almonds. Almond Board of California,, Booth 1623

Reducing calories and sodium
Sugar-free gummy bears and reduced-sodium hot dogs will be available for sampling. These prototypes demonstrate how innovative solutions have been developed to reduce calories and sodium without compromising functionality or taste.

The confectionery application, which features a blend of Erylite® erythritol and stevia rebaudiana extracts, offers a pure sugar-like taste and sweetness with no additional ingredients or masking agents necessary. It has no calories and a zero glycemic index. The hot dogs are formulated with sub4salt®, a blend which provides sodium reduction with no concession on taste. The ingredient provides comparable salty taste characteristics with no metallic off flavor, and its technical performance is equivalent to salt with a similar usage level to NaCl. Jungbunzlauer,, Booth 1300

Bringing innovation to the confectionery industry
A new candy invented by Rousselot’s application laboratory, Tof’Gums™, is a toffee-flavored gummy which provides elasticity, a melt-in-mouth feel, and flavor release. It contains 20% less fat and carbohydrates and 15% less calories than a traditional butter caramel candy. The gelatin links the water molecules and stabilizes the structure, thus allowing for reduced sugar and fat content. Rousselot is the leading manufacturer of gelatin for the confectionery industry. The prototype, which will be available for sampling, demonstrates the functionality of gelatin and how it can be used to bring innovation to the confectionery industry. Rousselot,, Booth 3869

A Taste of Canada
Suppliers who offer ingredient solutions that resonate with consumer preferences for health and natural foods will be featured in the Prairie Canada Pavilion, which is organized by Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership (STEP) and Manitoba Trade & Investment (MTI). These companies from Saskatchewan and Manitoba will feature food ingredients from Canada such as gluten-free, kosher and halal options, plant-based fiber and protein sources, flours, pulses, grains, oilseeds, and ancient grains.

Avena Foods Ltd. offers a range of gluten-free oat products such as flakes, flour, bran, pearls, and mixes. Besco Grains highlights conventional and organic mustard, soybeans, and other crops. Best Cooking Pulses supplies organic and conventional whole/split yellow and green peas, chickpeas, lentils, pulse flours, pea fiber, and roasted split peas.

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Several other companies will exhibit. CanMar Grain Products Ltd. is an organic and conventional supplier of uniquely roasted, identity-preserved flax products, including whole flaxseed, milled flax and milled flax with fruit or chocolate, and roasted lentil flour for gluten-free diets.

Hemp Oil Canada Inc. provides a wide range of hemp oil and hemp seed ingredients for use in food manufacturing and nutritional supplements.

InfraReady Products Inc. supplies gently pre-cooked grains, oilseeds, and pulses available in whole, bumped, flaked, meal, and powdered forms. Manitoba Agri-Health Research Network is a global center for the testing and assessment of plant and animal-based bio-active compounds from isolation to clinical trials to product development and commercialization.

Prairie Berries supplies a range of ingredients based on Canada’s high antioxidant fruit, Saskatoon berries, including berry powder, concentrate, IQF, and dried forms. Pulse Canada is a national association representing Canadian growers and exports of pulses.

Look for these companies and more under the Canadian maple leaf. Get a “Taste of Canada” at the Pulse Canada tasting centre in the pavilion and enjoy the variety of applications these products have in food manufacturing. Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership,, Booth 451

Visit the Flavor Oasis
Imagine relaxing by a waterfall while enjoying a refreshing, healthy, lightly flavored spa-type beverage. That’s just one of the pleasures in store for attendees who visit Virginia Dare’s “Flavor Oasis.” There, trendy new flavors, varieties of vanilla, various masking flavors, and new teas and coffee concentrates will all be featured.

Quench your thirst with a delicious ready-to-drink iced tea made from tea concentrate and fruit flavors. The company recently developed new chocolate flavors coupled with natural black tea flavors for the creation of a chocolate tea that imparts a distinctive chocolate scent and taste. Chocolate teas are the color of traditional black tea, as the flavors do not add significant color to the already relatively dark beverage. The finished beverage is 10 Brix, providing approximately 100 calories per 8 oz. serving. Chocolate tea formulations currently use a low level of citric acid as the acidulant and are sweetened with cane sugar.

Several prototypes made with new coffee concentrates will be introduced, including several roasts and popular flavors that will be available for tasting. Or visitors can enjoy a refreshing healthy frozen dessert designed with masking flavors and made with natural, fruit flavors. Vanilla’s most delicate aromatics and complex, full bodied flavor profile can be experienced in a delicious beverage. Virginia Dare,, Booth 2521

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Finger food fusion?
Finger foods that capture the eye and the palate will be available for sampling. The prototype formulations, created by Gold Coast Ingredients’ Application Chef, will demonstrate the use of both sweet and savory flavors from the company’s extensive portfolio.

With expertise in flavor fusion, the company can make possible an infinite variety of flavor combinations. Its research and development laboratory can help the customer stay in front of marketplace trends, assisting with flavor development for prototype or line extensions. Flavors can be used in a variety of products, including bakery, nutraceutical, beverage, and savory preparations. Gold Coast Ingredients,, Booth 1435

Celebrating 100 years with flavor
Since 1912, Bell Flavors & Fragrances has developed and manufactured flavors for food and beverage companies. Its diverse lines have been created for a number of application areas, including confections, beverages, savory, dairy, bakery, and pet care.

As part of its 100th anniversary, Bell will be highlighting products from its 2012 top ten list, the theme of which is “Emerging Cultures.” With consumers having more interest in cuisines throughout the world, these menu items are becoming more mainstream. Korean cuisines are predicted to make a huge hit in the market with Cajun and Greek following close behind. Attendees will be able to sample a variety of dishes that represent these emerging cultures. Bell Flavors & Fragrances,, Booth 2101

What’s new in the world of flavor trends
Using the current retro resurgence as the inspiration, David Michael & Co. will feature two Adults Only® flavored water ices that taste just like their real deal cocktail counterpart. Don’t let your taste buds fool you—no alcohol was used in these cool treats.

Often “gluten free” is synonymous with “not as yummy,” but the company’s food technologists set out to challenge and extinguish that notion. Developed with a thorough understanding of the requirements of gluten-free baking and fueled by the goal of creating deliciously indulgent desserts, Gluten-Free Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Gluten-Free Cocoa Buttercream Frosting won’t disappoint. Greek yogurt—thicker, more tart, and containing more than twice the amount of protein than traditional American yogurts—is one of the fastest growing categories in the cultured foods segment. Highlighted will be an Achiote Lime Greek Yogurt Dip. David Michael & Co.,, Booth 1901

Fruits of the imagination
Imagine certain fruits growing outside their natural season and the effects that would have on their traditional flavors.

In its 2012 Flavor Collection, “Seasonal Surprises,” Jean Niel is having fun with Mother Nature and delectable fruit flavors. The flavors in this collection were the result of revisiting their organoleptic characteristics to create new tastes.

We’re all familiar with the taste of a strawberry but what would a strawberry taste like had it grown and matured in the middle of winter, adapting itself to all the elements of that season? It would probably have some significantly different aromatic notes.

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Attendees will be able to sample these new out-of-season flavor experiences. “Seasonal Surprises” is the direct result of creative flavor innovation that gives new flavor notes to some of our old favorites, bringing about an inspired new taste experience. Jean Niel,, Booth 1271

From palatable to delectable
Following the growing trend of wellness, Edlong Dairy Flavors will showcase its premium concentrated dairy flavors that transform better-for-you foods from “palatable” to “delectable.”

In the first application, a Vitamin Fortified Pudding, milk and cream flavors mask the off-notes of added vitamins and minerals. In addition, the flavors enhance perceived richness to the fortified dessert without adding fat. The second application features cheese and butter flavors that offer flavor and mouthfeel and eliminate the reliance on traditional dairy commodities. Artisan flavors also mimic specialty profiles to create a healthy, high-value product.

Whether your goal is finding the right profile, striking a flavor balance, or reducing formulation costs, the company’s R&D team can assist you with your snack seasoning, dressing, sauce, baked good, dairy product, and beverage applications. Stop by to talk about your next health and wellness project. Edlong Dairy Flavors,, Booth 2447

Company uses sustainable methods
Blue Marble Biomaterials produces specialty chemicals for the flavors and fragrances industries using a series of proprietary extractions and fermentations. The company uses brewer’s grain, coffee grounds, wood byproducts, and algae to produce its biobased chemicals such as extracts, oils, carotenoids, terpenes, acids, esters, and biogases. These feedstocks would otherwise be diverted to landfills or burn piles but the company has decided to use them as part of its sustainability efforts. The company reports that the feedstocks are tracked through the final product and that its manufacturing process includes water, biogas, and solids recycling to lower carbon emissions.

At its booth, the company will highlight some of its chemicals, including esters (ethyl butyrate and propyl butyrate), thioesters (ethyl thioacetate, ethyl thiopropionate, S-methyl thioacetate, methyl thiobutyrate, and propyl thioacetate), thiols and other organosulfurs (propanethiol and ammonium sulfide), and extracts and oils (subcritical coffee oil, roasted coffee oil, and coffee butter). Blue Marble Biomaterials,, Booth 1843

Street food, regional cuisine take center stage
Daily chef demonstrations on street food show how to put a twist on familiar street foods like sandwiches, wraps, and tacos.

On Tuesday, June 26, attendees will learn how to turn the Philly cheesesteak sandwich into a spicy Italian Buffalo Philly using Italian-spiked Buffalo Wing sauce over grilled steak and onions covered with melted provolone cheese. On Wednesday, June 27, the chef will show how to add flavor to a plain chicken taco by stuffing a masa flour tortilla with Spicy BBQ Chipotle Chicken and Avocado Slaw. Finally, on Thursday, June 28, learn how French’s® Dijon, cream, beef demi-glaze, and tarragon can flavor beef chuck to produce a hearty sandwich served with Swiss cheese on a crunchy French baguette. French’s Flavor Ingredients,, Booth 661

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Flavors highlighted in popcorn
Since 1979, Carmi Flavors has been supplying flavors for the entire food industry. A wide range of flavors is available for beverage, bakery, ice cream, and marinade market segments.

Flavors will be featured in prototypes such as popcorn, which will be available for sampling. Carmi Flavor & Fragrance Co., Inc.,, Booth 2037

Synergy Flavors acquires flavor companies
Synergy Flavors has acquired Sethness Greenleaf, a flavor company in the Chicago area. The purchase strengthens Synergy’s offerings to several key markets, including beverage, dairy, and bakery.

The acquisition of Sethness Greenleaf follows Synergy’s acquisition of Sensus, LLC, Hamilton, Ohio, a leading natural essence and extract manufacturer. This purchase provides Synergy with access to unique and innovative technologies for natural essence manufacture. This expansion also strengthens Synergy’s capabilities in several key markets, including the rapidly growing tea and coffee sectors. Business operations for Sensus will remain in Hamilton, Ohio. Synergy Flavors,, Booth 1508

Distillate takes the heat out of chili
A new pepper Treattarome® enhances savory flavors without adding the fiery sensation of chili pepper. Jalapeno Treattarome 9816 is a companion product to Habanero Treattarome 9815, but like the natural pepper, the new Jalapeno Treattarome 9816 carries a greener, bell pepper-like note, differentiating it from the hot, tangy habanero chili.

This natural FTNF (from the named food) distillate delivers the complex flavor of jalapeno. Jalapeno Treattarome 9816 is wholly distilled from top-grade jalapeno peppers, which are processed and distilled in a short, rapid production process that preserves the fresh character of the pepper.

Using specialized technology, this new distillate is collected without the need for extended heat processing. The resulting clear-to-pale yellow extract is miscible with water, alcohol, and propylene glycol. At a dose of 0.1%, Jalapeno Treattarome 9816 imparts a strong fresh, green and earthy flavor with warm paprika notes, but without the intense heat. At a dose of less than 0.01%, it delivers fresh, green peppery undertones. Successful applications include salsa and pepper sauces where control of the capsaicin heat level is important. Furthermore, with no added preservatives or antioxidants, it carries a clean label to increase consumer appeal. Treatt USA,, Booth 2713

Prototypes demonstrate meat and savory flavors
Prototypes showcase customized meat and savory flavors with special signatures that can be used in a broad range of food applications. By controlling all product development steps from concept through delivery and drawing upon a deep history of reaction flavors expertise, Innova, a Griffith Company, offers flexibility, creativity, quality, and value in flavors. Spray- and pan-drying technologies for products delivered in powder, paste, or liquid, in water- or oil-soluble forms are also available.

Flavors highlighted include Robust®, a full line of meat flavors; Vegamine®, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins, and SavorNotes™, a portfolio of savory flavors and flavor enhancers. Innova, a Griffith Company,, Booth 2529

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New concentrated flavors introduced
Using enzymatic modification technology, highly concentrated natural flavors are created in convenient powdered, paste, and liquid form. These natural dairy concentrates deliver up to 400 times the flavor strength of standard dairy ingredients, and are used at extremely low application levels. At typical application levels they contribute less than 0.1% fat and no trans fat. They are all natural, kosher, halal, organic, easy to use, and stable in price.

The newest additions suitable for vegan/kosher-parve foods include Non-Dairy Butter and Non-Dairy Cream flavors. These flavors, produced under rabbinical supervision in special tanks, are suitable for use in bakery, confectionery, sauces, meat, poultry, gravies, dry mixes, and cheese products.

Other products in the portfolio include Butter Buds Bacon™, Olive Oil Buds®, CocoaButter Buds®, and Dried Beer Extract™. Butter Buds Food Ingredients,, Booth 1251

Color ideas bring new life
Come visit The Color House where creativity blends with advanced technical capability to bring color ideas to life for customers. Newest innovations include certified organic annatto powder, oil-dispersible caramel color, low 4-MeI caramel color, and acid-proof Class One “Plain” caramel color.

A certified annatto extract in powdered form has been developed. The water-soluble food coloring provides a yellow-orange shade in dry mixes. An improved oil-dispersible caramel color using emulsion technology offers a 25% increase in color intensity compared to its previous blend version and demonstrates improved solubility in food and beverage systems containing lipids. Potential applications include compound coatings, seasonings, glazes, batters, dressings, processed potatoes, and ready meals. Food manufacturers may label it “caramel color” on the ingredient statement.

A wide array of naturally derived colorings will be featured in a variety of food and beverage prototypes. These include lemonade tea, mango margarita (non-alcoholic), snack/cereal bar as a multi-colored system, process cheese shaped for children, panned confections, potato chips, popcorn, breakfast cereal, and crackers containing natural flavor providing incidental color. D.D. Williamson,, and colorMaker Inc.,, Booth 1551

Presenting a colorful natural spectrum
Exberry® will highlight a colorful spectrum of naturally derived food colorants made exclusively from fruits and vegetables in a variety of applications, ranging from beverages to confections. Experts will be on-hand to demonstrate how these natural colorants can be applied so that customers can reap brilliant and tasty results. Produced only with water, Exberry colors provide a natural alternative to artificial colors in all types of applications. The products are kosher, organic compliant, GMO-free, and available in liquid or powder forms.

Different colorful tasting samples will be offered daily. GNT USA Inc.,, Booth 1501

Color packets add ease of use
Single-use packets of naturally derived colorings allow the consumer to quickly select the desired color to use in frostings, icings, or other applications where color is needed. The company will display these packets along with samples of colorings from its naturally derived colorings line. These include colorings made from ingredients like turmeric, saffron, purple carrot juice, beet juice, annatto, and red cabbage juice. colorMaker Inc.,, Booth 1551

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Coloring foods, naturally
The Fusion Precise Natural Colors® line features bold colors with improved visual consistency allowing food manufacturers to add vibrant color to food and beverage products. Most shades in the line have enhanced light, heat, and ascorbic acid stability throughout the product’s shelf life. Customized shade development is available as well as multiple formula bases to meet product developers’ specifications like sugar-free, invert sugar, and glycerin-based. Sensient Technologies,, Booth 1440

Natural colors offer improved solutions
A new line of clear carotene colors in a full range of yellow to orange will be highlighted. Also showcased are natural pigment colors that can be used to replace carmine and FD&C lake colors.

New, stable emulsions, FISclear™, are made from apocarotenal, paprika, lycopene, astaxanthin, Valencia orange oil, and beta-carotene. These emulsions offer greatly improved clarity and stability because of their small emulsion particle size (less than 100 nm).

Patented water- and oil-dispersible natural pigments are used to replace synthetic lakes in a variety of applications such as tablet coatings, meal replacement bars, panned candies, compound coatings, gels, seasonings, and powder blends. Food Ingredient Solutions, LLC,, Booth 2575

Happy anniversary, Sachtleben
German/Finnish titanium dioxide manufacturer Sachtleben celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. (The company started the production of titanium dioxide in Finland in 1961 and in Germany in 1962.)

Using the sulfate process, Sachtleben is able to produce anatase particles for the food industry according to all international quality and purity standards. The product is also known as E171 (authorized food colorant).

Experts from the company will explain how to incorporate these small particles in several food products and how to improve coloration and clouding properties. In addition to the international purity and quality standards, all Sachtleben products are also kosher and halal certificated. The Sachtleben brand names for the food industry are HOMBITAN AFDC and HOMBITAN FG. Sachtleben,, Booth 2648

Natural colors highlighted in coatings
A coating line will be highlighted in a variety of natural colors. Star Natural coating line is designed to meet the customer’s “all-natural” product claims and enhance end applications. The coatings contain non-hydrogenated oils, allowing for a clean label declaration, while the low levels of trans-fat present in the coatings mean they can be labeled as “Zero Grams Trans Fat” for health-conscious consumers. From enrobing and bottoming to panning and drizzling, Star Natural color coatings are versatile enough to meet a wide range of needs. Clasen Quality Coatings,, Booth 701

Highlighting caramel color’s functions
Used to improve the visual appeal of foods and beverages, caramel color is produced by the controlled heat treatment of food-grade carbohydrates.

Liquid and powdered caramel colors are available from minimally processed Class I caramel colors to sulfite ammonia processed Class IV caramel colors. Each has its own characteristics and functional benefits.

Sethness Products Co. recently opened a manufacturing plant in China through its joint venture with Roquette Frères called Sethness-Roquette Food ingredients (Lianyungang), Co. Ltd. (SRC). Sethness Caramel Color,, Booth 1124

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“Where no flax has gone before”
Ultra-pure, virgin flax seed oil, available as either organic or conventional, demonstrates the potential of flax products in terms of functionality, stability, and long-lasting qualities. Real Cold Pressed (RCP) Premium Flax Oil has a maximum shelf life stability of greater than one year and is identity preserved. The oil is smooth flowing at room temperature. It has a golden, tan, or amber color, and a nutty, flax odor with no off-odors.

Heartland Flax recently began producing its premium flax oil, which the company claims is “opening the door to the future, going where no flax has gone before.” This latest product joins a portfolio of other flax-derived ingredients, including whole and milled flax seed. Heartland Flax,, Booth 1851

Cooking demos highlight high-oleic soybean oil
Tasty food samples fried in Plenish™ high-oleic soybean oil will be available for sampling. The oil offers food industry and consumer benefits with improved performance and broader applications than other available edible oils to help meet the need for a soy-based trans fat solution.

Plenish contains the highest amount of monounsaturated fat (more than 75%) of any soybean product under commercial development. This significantly increases the stability of the oil and provides greater flexibility in food applications. Plenish has 0 g of trans fat and 20% less saturated fat than commodity soybean oil. The oil has a neutral clean flavor; the ability to perform under both extreme high and low temperatures, making it very versatile; and can provide a crisper texture without any noticeable change in taste to foods cooked with the oil. Pioneer Hi-Bred,, Booth 1426

Simplified solutions
Simplified solutions will be featured in the form of hybrid shortening options that balance nutritional and functional ingredient performance needs. These next-generation solutions demonstrate the innovative directions that blends of fats and oils are taking and can be targeted for a number of application categories.

Attendees can experience these solutions in a number of prototypes. Representatives will be on hand to discuss the functionality and health benefits that these solutions can provide. For example, UltraBlend is a line of enzymatic interesterified shortenings that have the ability to remove trans fats while optimizing saturated fats for cookies, crackers, cakes, tortillas, and other baked goods. Bunge North America,, Booth 2420  

From Ecuador, with oil
A vegetable oil producer based in Ecuador, La Fabril will highlight a number of its products as well as explain its history in the oils sector. The company, an important participant in the oilseed industry in Latin America, has developed next-generation products with high nutritional value, such as substitutes and cocoa butter extenders with a base of palm and palm kernel oil.

In the 1990s, La Fabril established Ecuador’s first research center for the development of vegetable oils and in 2002 it purchased the oil products business of Unilever Best Foods, including the production unit for the brands of oil La Favorita, La Favorita Light, Criollo, and several others. Its commitment to quality and research has made it the largest producer of vegetable oils for human consumption in Ecuador. LaFabril,, Booth 2484

Portfolio of nutritional oils highlighted
A broader portfolio of nutritional oils will be featured by Stepan Co., as a result of its acquisition of the Clarinol®, Marinol®, and PinnoThin® product lines of Lipid Nutrition B.V., formerly a part of IOI Loders Croklaan Group. The acquired product lines were integrated into Stepan’s Food and Health Specialties business, which was renamed Stepan Lipid Nutrition.

“The Lipid Nutrition product lines combined with our Neobee mediumchain triglycerides products provides us with a unique portfolio of nutritional fats for the food, supplement, and nutrition industries,” said F. Quinn Stepan Jr., President and CEO of Stepan. “The clinically proven benefits of these brands are of value to companies seeking to provide consumers with healthy and nutritional products.” Stepan Co.,, Booth 2034  

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Let them eat cake
A variety of fresh, moist, delightful, and healthy cake products highlighting the benefits of emulsifiers will be on display.

A high-performance powder emulsifier, Emulpals® 110, is now available for producers of retail and semi-industrial cake mixes in the United States. Benefits of the easy-to-use powder include very long shelf life (at least two years, which is twice the shelf life of many competitive products); stable performance from batch to batch; excellent tolerance for challenging factors such as heat; and natural carrier, containing only two emulsifiers (monoglycerides/diglycerides and polyglycerol esters) and a single activating medium. All these features make this emulsifier the most dependable choice for cake mixes ranging from sponge cakes to Swiss rolls to pound cakes.

Also featured is Palsgaard® SA 6600, which helps cake manufacturers address a variety of challenges. It contains only one ingredient that needs to be added to a label: the emulsifier. In most cases, its single food carrier, wheat flour, is already on the label. It may be used to replace fat sources containing a high amount of saturated fats with healthier liquid vegetable oils containing a high amount of unsaturated fats without compromising taste. Potential applications include a variety of cake types with high fat content, including pound cakes, Swiss rolls, cup cakes, muffins, and all types of sponge cake. Palsgaard Inc.,, Booth 329  

Promoting benefits of canola oil 
Canola oil is available in regular and higholeic versions. Produced from North American identity-preserved canola seed using expeller processing, it is low in saturated fat, has zero trans fat, and contains a healthy blend of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

The oil has high stability that allows for longer fry times and shelf life. With its resistance to off flavors, canola oil works well as an ingredient in many applications, including salad dressings, mayonnaise, cooking oils, snack foods, and fried foods. Representatives will be on hand to discuss the benefits of this oil as well as other oils from the company’s portfolio. These include corn, sunflower, safflower, soybean, coconut, peanut, almond, grape seed, hazelnut, pumpkin, and walnut. SK Food International,, Booth 1855  

Algal flour may replace saturated fat
A microalgae-derived ingredient, described as “algal flour,” contains more than 50% lipids (primarily monounsaturated fatty acids) and about one-third carbohydrates, as well as protein, phospholipids, monoglycerides and diglycerides, and micronutrients. Because of this special composition, it can function as a better-for-you alternative to traditional lipids or as a natural emulsifier in the creation of fat- or calorie-reduced foods.

Whole algalin flour, marketed under the name Alagine™, may be used to improve the nutritional value of a variety of products including baked goods, ice cream, crackers, beverages, sauces, and salad dressings. The ingredient can reduce fat by up to 75% and remove cholesterol; has a lipid profile similar to olive oil; and can decrease the level of saturated fats and trans fats in a formulation. Solazyme Roquette Nutritionals,, Booth 1961

Developing healthier oils
Food manufacturers, foodservice operations, and restaurants are looking for ingredients to help lower fats, particularly trans fats and saturated fats, in products without affecting the overall quality of the food. Omega-9 canola and sunflower oils are said to represent the next generation of healthier oils because they have zero trans fat, the lowest saturated fats, and high heart-healthy monounsaturated fats (omega-9). These oils provide this without affecting taste or functionality. Dow AgroSciences,, Booth 2946

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Plant-based source of SDA developed
A plant-based source of omega-3 stearidonic acid (SDA) will be introduced. The product, Ahiflower™ oil, contains up to 20% SDA, one of the highest natural plant sources of SDA known, as well as other fatty acids, including 5.3% gamma-linolenic acid, 38.8% alpha-linolenic acid, and 11.2% linoleic acid. The oils high levels of SDA will convert efficiently to EPA, making the oil a suitable alternative to oils derived from marine sources. Once commercialized, the oil will have application in food products, nutritional supplements, nutraceuticals, and other products. Technology Crops International,, Booth 3854

Interest in high-oleic soybean oils increases
New research reveals active testing of high-oleic soybean oils by foodservice operators. In a recent foodservice industry study conducted by the United Soybean Board (USB), 29% stated that their companies are already testing high -oleic soybean oils (the first of which just reached commercialization in June 2011) in their operation. Eighty percent of respondents report general awareness of high-oleic soybean oils, with one quarter “very aware” of these enhanced oils. Ninety percent of survey respondents report interest in oils with reduced saturated fat and/or reduced trans fat.

Whether frying, sautéing, or baking, high-oleic soybean oils offer a solution with zero grams of trans fat and 20–60% less saturated fat than conventional soybean oil. They also have high heat stability. The neutral taste of high-oleic soybean oils allows the flavors of the dish to shine through and improves the consistency of food flavors. And with OSIs (Oil Stability Index) at 110°C exceeding 25 hours, high-oleic soybean oils support extended fry life, benefiting food service operators from less waste, translating into cost savings. United Soybean Board,, Booth 1069

Solvent-free lecithin available
Mechanical extraction is used to produce Giralec SF, a raw sunflower lecithin made without the use of chemical solvents like hexane. The company cold presses the sunflower seeds to produce the lecithin. The ingredient reportedly has the same functionality as conventional sunflower lecithin but is solvent-free and unbleached.

The company also offers Lecisol RF, a specialty sunflower lecithin powder compound that can be used as a substitute for de-oiled soy lecithin in bakery applications. This ingredient will help improve loaf volume, crumb structure, and shelf life. Austrade Inc.,, Booth 3269

Fat solutions to functionality challenges
Ingredients in the SanTrans line are no trans fat and non-hydrogenated fats for use in a wide variety of snack food and bakery applications. Each ingredient addresses specific functions in these applications like extended fry life or creaming and aeration. They are 100% vegetable oil that are used in frying, dry mixes, or as shortenings incorporated into bakery applications like cookies, cakes, and icings. The company reports that the ingredients provide the texture, shelf life, and aeration that are comparable to products made with shortenings made from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. Loders Croklaan IOI Edible Oils,, Booth 1727

Enhanced soybean oil closer to marketplace
Benefits of soybean oil made from Vistive Gold soybeans will be highlighted. Compared to conventional soybean oil, it has 60% less saturated fat with significantly increased monounsaturated fat, leading to substantially improved oil stability. Because of the increased stability, it does not have to be hydrogenated and therefore does not contain trans fat. With superior stability and flavor performance, the oil can be used for frying, topical applications, and oil blends.

In December 2011, the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture deregulated the biotech trait in Vistive Gold soybeans. This deregulation completes the regulatory process in the U.S., allowing for field testing and seed production to take place. The Food and Drug Administration completed the consultation process in January 2011. Monsanto,, Booth 1110

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New generation of texturizers
Learn how to balance cost savings and product improvement with Hydro-Fi ™, the next generation of texturizers for the food industry from Gum Technology and Fiberstar. Launched in November 2011, Hydro-Fi ingredients are a combination of Gum Technology’s Coyote Brand® hydrocolloids and Fiberstar’s Citri-Fi® citrus fiber. The resulting product improves texture, increases yield, and enhances mouthfeel.

Hydro-Fi is available in several types for specific formulations. CXA-0823 was developed for partial egg replacement in baked goods. Proven benefits include 50% egg replacement, without the need for extra emulsifiers and substantial cost savings of the full egg control recipe; improved moisture retention, with increased shelf life; and enhanced texture, mouthfeel, and crumb structure. Developed in March 2012 to help offset rising guar prices, XCT-0123 is a blend of xanthan, citrus fiber, and tara gum that can be used to replace guar in muffins, cakes, and other baked goods where it will increase moisture retention at much lower usage levels than guar itself. Gum Technology Corp., Booth 3255

Carrageenan and pectin offer texture solutions
A range of high-quality carrageenan, pectin fiber, and pectin products for the global food industry will be highlighted. Derived from natural sources such as red seaweed and citrus peel, the hydrocolloids offer an optimum texture solution for all food products. Potential applications can include meat, dairy, water, and fruit. Representatives will be on hand to discuss how to meet texture challenges with a broad range of hydrocolloids. Visitors can enjoy a “ham session,” where the CEAMSA team will hand out ham imported from Spain and will cut up a leg of ham, also imported from Spain. CEAMSA,, Booth 3668

Merger provides new gum advancements
Colloïdes Naturels International and Bio Serae laboratories are merging to become Nexira.

Nexira and its food division (previously CNI) are launching a new range of highly purified acacia gum products with enhanced properties.

The attributes of this new acacia range was achieved through a proprietary process developed by the Nexira R&D team to protect the natural characteristics of the gum. The acacia gum will provide better transparency with reduced turbidity, which broadens the scope of applications for this natural soluble fiber.

Products highlighted include Crystal Pure, a new range of highly purified Acacia gum, and Fibregum™, an organic, presoluble dietary fiber that is the first and only acacia gum approved as a fiber source by Health Canada. Nexira,, Booth 3375  

Benefits of hydrocolloids in no-sugar foods
Product demonstrations juxtaposing full-sugar with no-sugar substitutes will make evident how gum and gum systems can replace the texture and stability that is lost in food and beverages when sugar is removed.

High-intensity sweeteners can replace the sweetness of sugar or corn syrup but not the texture, stability, and pleasing sensation in the mouth that are all attributes of fully sugared items.

Food scientists from TIC Gums have developed blends of gums and gum systems that can very closely mimic the texture, body, and adhesiveness that is lost when sugar is replaced with artificial sweeteners.

To demonstrate first hand to visitors how hydrocolloids can be used to replace texture and adhesion, full-sugar and no-sugar comparisons will be made with beverages (liquid), desserts and dessert toppings (semi-solids), and granola bars (solids). There are visible and experiential differences for each, with the full-sugar and no-sugar samples juxtaposed in side-by-side comparisons. TIC Gums,, Booth 421

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Gums keep things together
Ashland Aqualon Functional Ingredients will highlight a number of its cellulosic food ingredients under the theme of “Health. Wellness. Convenience.”

To help optimize cost, the company has developed two cellulose gums made from sodium carboxymethylcellulose for guar gum supplementation or replacement.

Aquacel™ GSH provides viscosity in solution, stability, and water-binding capabilities. It also helps to suspend solids and modify flow and texture.

Aquasorb™ A-500 can help to increase bake stability, extend shelf life, and improve freeze/thaw stability and water binding. The anionic nature of the ingredient allows it to interact with the positive charges found on protein in acidic conditions making it a stabilizer for low-pH dairy beverages. Ashland Aqualon Functional Ingredients,, Booth 2848

Encapsulation solutions address sodium reduction
Novel encapsulation solutions address the primary sources of sodium in processed foods and bakery products, namely sodium chloride and chemical leavening agents.

C-Salt™ choline chloride can be used as a 1:1 “drop-in” replacement for salt, allowing reductions in sodium chloride of up to 50%, without imparting undesirable flavor or otherwise complicating food processing operations. Reduced-sodium and zero-sodium variants of Bakeshure® Complete Double-Acting Baking Powder can easily be implemented in existing bakery formulas, providing expected functionality while contributing much less sodium. Balchem Corp.,, Booth 2755  

Sodium reduction in bakery powders
More than 50% of the sodium contribution in baked products comes from the raising agents—most commonly sodium bicarbonate and sodium acid pyrophosphate. New, functional alternatives will be highlighted that can help bakers reduce sodium levels without losing the aerating function of the raising agents.

Kudos™ Potassium Bicarbonate is a patented alternative to sodium bicarbonate, which maintains all the functional qualities of sodium bicarbonate without the sodium content. These “second generation” grades of potassium bicarbonate are hydrophobic to ensure that stability and free flowing qualities are maintained during shipping, handling and storage. Not only does this water repellent feature improve the stability of the single ingredient, it also improves the shelf life of baking powders and bakery pre-mixes where it is used. The very fine particle size of the powder allows for full dispersion and dissolution in any dough or cake batter to ensure the baked goods achieve maximum volume. Kudos Blends,, Booth 2381

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Spotlight on Seasonings
Newly introduced Paella Seasoning is hand blended in small batches from saffron, garlic, onion, paprika, turmeric, and others. The seasoning can be used as a standalone seasoning for meats and seafood or to season any type of rice or pasta and add inimitable Spanish flavor to soups or sauces.

Lemongrass Powder imparts the flavor and aroma of a clean, lemony bouquet with hints of ginger. The lemon flavor combines well with a ginger-garlic mix, which is the backbone of most Asian cuisines. Lemongrass is used mainly in Asian, Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, and Indonesian cuisine. It imparts a unique, lemony flavor to soups, stocks, stews and curries.

Hot, smoky, and assertive, Chipotle Flakes add a flavor kick to Mexican-inspired cuisine, Tex-Mex dishes, lentils, and beans. Toasted Chipotle Chiles are ripe, mature, red jalapeño chilies that are slowly smoked dry over pecan wood fires. They are used to add a smoky piquant flavor to Mexican-inspired cuisine, Tex-Mex dishes, braising liquids, soups, barbecue sauces, and dry rubs.

Birdseye Chiles are closely related to the piri piri, malagueta, Thai, and Tabasco peppers. They are very popular in cuisines from Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines, with a heat similar to the habanero and a Scoville heat rating of 100,000-522,000. This chili is excellent for sauces and marinades that accompany chicken and fish, and are used where heat is desired in pastas, soups, sauces, and dips. Woodland Foods,, Booth 1000

Station spotlights specialty salts
Attendees can visit the Salt Inspiration Station, where they can learn more about Morton Salt’s specialty products, and experience for themselves different salt particles and their functionality across product categories. Morton’s specialty products deliver on three important fronts for food manufacturers: shape, size, and stickiness (a.k.a. adhesion).

A variety of specialty products will be displayed. Morton® California Pure Sea Salts are natural sea salts available in three varieties: coarse, medium, and fine. Star Flake® dendritic salt is a high-purity salt formed in porous, star-shaped modified cubes. Its special and diverse physical properties result in low bulk density, a rapid dissolving rate, exceptional flow characteristics, strong blendability, unmatched liquid adsorption, and a quick, salty sensation. Top Flake Coarse Salt is compacted into flat, uniform flakes to provide strong adhesion. This product can be used across a variety of applications including snack toppings, dry blends and seasonings, and cheese.

In addition, Morton Salt will introduce the newest addition to its line of sodium-reduction solutions—Fine KaliSel Potassium Chloride (KCl). With its fine particle size, food manufacturers now have a new option for blending with salt for seasonings, snacks, and other topical applications. Also offered is granulated KaliSel, a versatile ingredient that can be used in the production of a variety of foods such as meats, soups, sauces, snacks, dairy, prepared meals, sides, bread, and baked goods. Morton Salt,, Booth 2559

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New technology for sodium reduction
OneGrain technology from AkzoNobel Salt Specialties can achieve up to 50% sodium reduction by combining regular salt, mineral salt, and taste-enhancing flavors in single salt grains. Suprasel Loso OneGrain offers a direct, one-to-one replacement for regular salt with products that look, taste, flow, blend, dissolve, and cook in exactly the same way. The technology used turns salt into a free-flowing, easy-to-handle carrier of flavors and nutrients. The resulting ingredient behaves like salt, and is a genuine replacement for salt in both functionality and taste. It will not lump or produce dust. It is a single product that blends and dissolves easily. Because it provides a simple one-to-one replacement, no changes in recipes are needed. Akzo Nobel Salt,, Booth 2885, 1641

Gluten-free soy sauce highlighted
Kikkoman Gluten-Free Soy Sauce (available in liquid and powder) can be used to boost flavor naturally in dry mixes, soup bases, bouillon, sauces, dips, rubs, snack coatings, and seasonings. It’s naturally brewed using Kikkoman’s fermentation process; however, the traditional wheat is replaced with rice, creating rich flavor and a complex, pleasing aroma that enhances umami and blends seamlessly with other ingredients. It is produced in accordance with FDA mandatory guidelines for a gluten-free declaration, enabling manufacturers to offer a wider range of Asian and globally-inspired products to customers with gluten-restricted diets.

Also highlighted will be a full line of authentic, on-trend Asian sauces and ingredients, plus innovative and healthful flavor-enhancement solutions. A variety of prototypes made with the gluten-free soy sauce and other featured sauces will be available for sampling. Kikkoman Sales USA, Inc.,, Booth 311  

Add umami taste to foods
Ajimate™ SAX provides a combination of umami impact and kokumi richness to savory foods like creamy soups, meaty gravies, cheesy sauces, and stews. Umami taste is described as savory and kokumi is the taste often associated with foods that have been stewed, simmered, or roasted. The company also offers other flavor enhancers like monosodium glutamate, amino acids, and savory ingredients. Ajinomoto North America Inc.,, Booth 1450  

Enhancing taste in sodium-reduced products
A range of naturally derived ingredients for sodium reduction and flavor enhancement will help harmonize taste and increase the intensity of salt perception with no salt addition in finished food products.

At the booth, demonstrations will take place to illustrate the use of ingredients from the Bionis and Bioenhance lines perform synergistically to allow for a 70% reduction in sodium in snack applications. The Bionis line of yeast extracts provides body, mouthfeel, and umami taste and the Bioenhance line of naturally derived taste enhancers will help improve the salty taste in sodium-reduced products without the addition of salt. Biorigin,, Booth 1735

A new age for sodium reduction
Not all sodium reduction alternatives are created equal and in this “new age for sodium reduction,” according to the Scoular Co. and SmartSalt Inc., the choice of ingredients and how they are blended matters in providing the best taste properties.

The SmartSalt® ingredient developed for sodium reduction is formulated with a co-crystallized triple mineral salt, magnesal, which the company reports is primarily a form of magnesium chloride that has a clean flavor profile and reduced hygroscopicity. (The ingredient itself is a blend of potassium, sodium, and magnesium.) It is said to provide 100% salt taste with up to 60% less sodium in a number of applications. The Scoular Co.,, Booth 1807

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Let’s talk mushrooms and sodium reduction
Research results show new applications of mushroom concentrate as a clean label alternative to MSG and as a salt reduction tool. The 100% natural extract is perfectly suitable for taste enhancement in for example broths, soups, gravies, and meat products.

While extracts serve as a mushroom base for soups and sauces, they can also be used as a flavor enhancer for a variety of dishes without imparting a pronounced mushroom flavor. This natural product has the potential to replace monosodium glutamate and reduce the use of salt in a number of food applications. On average, the mushroom concentrate has a flavor-enhancing effect which is 6.623 times the effect of MSG when used in pure form. Since the liquid concentrate contains 40% water, this effect is reduced to approximately 4 times the effect of MSG. For the spraydried powder, this factor is 3. Salt can be reduced in different products by up to 50% with the range of concentration being between 0.06 to 0.7%. Scelta Mushrooms,, Booth 1741

Systems-driven approach to reducing sodium
Sodium reduction is not a “one size fits all” effort. Each product has its own ingredients, sensory qualities, and performance needs, and product developers need to take this into account. Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings uses what it calls an integrated systems approach to sodium reduction by looking at the whole product from concept to finished product, customizing the sodium reduction solution, and working cross functionally. The company will demonstrate its sodium reduction efforts by highlighting its newly patented Micron Salt ingredient.

A blend of ultra-small crystals made by micropulverizing salt to a patented particle size, Micron Salt has three times more surface area per volume than salt. The ingredient can be used in oil slurries, snacks, and other topical applications where fine texture and dispersion are desired. Spicetec Flavors & Seasonings,, Booth 2401

Enhancing flavor with soy sauce
AIPU Food Industry Co. offers a line of flavor enhances made from soy sauce. The newest ingredient is its soy sauce paste. It also produces soy sauce powders made from soy sauce that is fermented for a long time. In addition to soy sauce ingredients, the company offers sodium succinate, compound flavor enhancers, and hydrolyzed vegetable protein. AIPU Food Industry Co.,, Booth 2485

Sea salt aids sodium replacement efforts
Salona is a sea salt that can provide a 25%–50% replacement of sodium chloride allowing food formulators to meet consumers dietary and taste demands.

This mineral sourced from the Dead Sea is minimally processed and low in sodium levels. Analysis of the sea salt shows there is 1.7 g of sodium for every 100 g of Salona compared with 39 g of sodium for every 100 g of sodium chloride salt, according to ICL Performance Products. The ingredient comes in fine, medium, and coarse granulations. It has several functions such as partially replacing sodium chloride, replacing potassium chloride, providing magnesium and potassium fortification, balancing flavor profile, and minimizing off flavors often observed with other salt replacers. ICL Performance Products,, Booth 2458

Yeast extracts enhance flavor
Levapan SA will highlight several of its yeast extracts for salt reduction and flavor enhancement.

SaltLower is a salt replacer made from yeast extracts. It can be used as a substitute for salt as much as 45% reportedly without affecting the salty flavor or mouthfeel of the finished product. FlavourMax yeast extract can replace 100% MSG in food products. It is said to enhance the savory flavor of foods as MSG does and it also enhances the creamy notes in dairy applications. This ingredient contains 9% I+G and 9% glutamic acid. HNHGLS-3111-R3 is a yeast extract high in nucleotides made using proprietary methods and it contains 12% I+G and 11% glutamic acid. It enhances the umami and salty perception of savory foods and can suppress bitter or sour off notes to provide a more balanced flavor profile. Levapan SA,, Booth 736

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HVPs, yeasts enhance savory taste
Hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (HVPs) boost the flavor profile of soups, sauces, snacks, condiments, and ready-cooked meals when sodium level is not a consideration. The proprietary line of Meat Plus+ flavors combines meat products like broth powder, extracts, and fats with traditional yeast extracts and HVPs to produce ingredients that take the place of two or more. The line features beef and chicken ingredients, including some with roasted meat notes. Standard yeast proteins subjected to a specific reaction in the extraction process form yeast-based flavors with selected flavors notes. The line includes beef, pork, and poultry flavors, as well as a salt replacer and vegetable variety. Savoury Systems International Inc.,, Booth 739

Developing sweetener solutions
Natural flavor NSF-02 was launched in 2011 for use within North America, Latin America, and Europe. The ingredient was developed specifically to work well in combination with PureCircle’s high-purity stevia sweeteners, including reb A, SG-95, and PureCircle Alpha, as well as sugar or high fructose corn syrup, enhancing the flavor, sweetness, and taste of food and beverages.

The company’s comprehensive patent portfolio covers all aspects of the company’s proprietary manufacturing process, as well as various modes of NSF-02 uses in virtually any key food and beverage category. PureCircle scientists discovered that NSF-02 can be used at particular concentrations to provide significantly enhanced flavor and sweetness profiles that deliver a more rounded, sugar-like taste. Synergistic effects with a number of commercial sweeteners were obtained with NSF-02, making it ideal for use across broad categories of food and beverage products. PureCircle Ltd.,, Booth 343  

Beverages showcase sweetener synergy
A sweetener innovation platform, Sunsation™, will be highlighted in a variety of beverage concepts that have a clean, sweet taste. This platform combines synergistically acesulfame potassium (Sunett® SL) with other high-intensity sweeteners and specialty ingredients to produce low- and no-calorie products that taste closer to sugar and high fructose corn syrup.

Sunsation provides novel sweetness systems based on Sunett. These solutions are designed to meet key consumer and manufacturer needs which stimulate the development of new ideas, concepts, and products for the food and beverage industry. Nutrinova,, Booth 1685

Chicory root fiber for sugar reduction
A low-calorie sweetener, Frutalose® SF75, is specifically designed to help manufacturers reduce sugar in their products. Development work has shown the ability of the sweetener to significantly reduce sugar in a multitude of applications, including sweet baked goods, dairy, and cereal bars.

Labeled as “chicory root fiber”, it also provides a consumer-friendly way to replace less desirable ingredients. Nutritionally, Frutalose SF75 is a clinically proven prebiotic, shown to support digestive health and weight management. Sensus America, Inc.,, Booth 459

Beverage formulation service helps reduce calories
Through Beverage Optimize™ formulation service, U.S. food and beverage manufacturers can now work directly with Tate & Lyle to reduce calories in their products. The service provides access to the company’s extensive beverage formulation experience and wide portfolio of ingredients, including sweeteners such as Splenda® sucralose, and Krystar® crystalline fructose, as well as texturants and acidulants.

Tate & Lyle has developed a variety of new prototypes to showcase the great-tasting sugar reduction capabilities of the Beverage Optimize service for customers. Prototypes are now available in the following categories: juices, carbonated soft drinks, still drinks, and beverage mixes. Tate & Lyle,, Booth 2501

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Organic sweeteners line expands
An extensive line of organic and naturally derived sweeteners are available in both crystalline and liquid forms. They include rice syrups, honey, agave nectar, sugars, molasses, malt extract, and chicory syrup. Suzanne’s Specialties will display samples from its entire retail line at the booth, and representatives of the company, including the president, vice president of operations, and one of the scientists who formulates the company’s products, will be available to discuss formulation opportunities with naturally derived sweeteners. Suzanne’s Specialties,, Booth 1946

Blue California sweetener earns GRAS status
Blue California’s BlueSweetLHG Extract has received GRAS certification.

The sweetener is derived from luo han guo, also known as monk fruit, a sweet fruit that has been consumed in China for hundreds of years. For the last four years, Blue California has conducted research on this and other naturally derived sweeteners and flavors. The ingredient is standardized to mogroside V and is said to be 300 times sweeter than sugar.

The company also offers L-Tea Active™ green tea extract. This water soluble ingredient will impart no taste or color to finished products, according to the company. Blue California,, Booth 753

Sweeteners abound
Domino Specialty Ingredients can provide any number of sweeteners such as organic agave nectar, stevia, sugar and stevia blends, organic sugar, malt, molasses, honey granules, rice syrup, rice bran, rice flour, rice maltodextrins, fondants, and icing sugars. It also offers Florida Crystals Certified Carbonfree Evaporated Cane Juice and Golden Granulated products. Domino Specialty Ingredients,, Booth 1629

Monk fruit extract functions as sweetener
BioVittoria has developed a process to concentrate the monk fruit (also known as luo han guo) to produce an extract used as a naturally derived sweetener. Food manufacturers can reduce up to half the amount of sugar used in food and beverage products while still providing acceptable taste by using the ingredient, reports the company. BioVittoria USA,, Booth 2549

Sweetener blend helps minimize bitterness
A proprietary blend of reb-A extracted from stevia leaves and mogroside V extracted from the luo han guo fruit is available. Lovia® is said to weaken the bitter compounds in stevia with the front-end sweetness of luo han guo to provide a more rounded, longer-lasting sweetness perception. The company can customize formulas based on customer applications. Layn USA Inc.,, Booth 2578

New whole-grain pizza crust developed
Bay State Milling Company recently opened the Rothwell GrainEssentials® Center at its headquarters in Quincy, Massachusetts. The center contains state-of-the art equipment and is dedicated to grain-based food development. It is staffed with experts in cereal science, baking science, food technology, and culinology who will create commercial products with the taste, nutrition and performance to meet the specifications of its clients.

One of the new products created at the center is helping customers meet the new school lunch standards. A whole-grain pizza crust mix, Easy Grain is made with Bay State’s GrainEssentials White Whole Wheat Extra Fine Flour to achieve a 53% whole grain content that has a lighter color and sweeter flavor profile than traditional whole wheat. Bay State Milling Company,, Booth 3677

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Taste the difference whole grain makes
Roasted whole grains can enhance the flavor of two highlighted applications—cupcakes and cornbread. Both will be available for sampling.

The chocolate cupcakes are made with 25% of the cocoa powder replaced with CocoaPlusCocoa Replacer. This ingredient is made from 100% pure dark roasted malted barley and has the flavor, color, and functionality of cocoa powder. The cupcakes have a richer texture and chocolate flavor than cake made with only cocoa powder.

The cornbread is made with 20% of the corn flour replaced with Briess® Yellow Dent Corn Flour, an all natural, 100% pure roasted ingredient. The flour contributes a rich, savory, roasted corn flavor and can also be used to improve the flavor of corn snacks, taco shells, tortillas, gravies, roux, batters, and soups. Briess Malt & Ingredients Co.,, Booth 2825

Go with the grain
Grains add function and nutrition to food products, and many product developers are looking for ways to incorporate them into food products. Grain Millers Inc. offers a full line of various grains for cereals, bars, baked goods, snacks, and many more applications. These include oats, wheat, barley, rye, and corn in different forms and cuts like rolled, flakes, and flours to name a few.

The company also developed several enzyme blends to help inhibit mold, improve shelf life, extend batter, and condition dough. Grain Millers Inc.,, Booth 2061

Meet changing health and taste needs
The latest innovations in wholegrain development, multi-use premium flours, and flour food safety will be spotlighted in a number of prototypes. Attendees will be able to sample a variety of dishes made with these trend-setting ingredients.

Ultragrain Pasta™ provides whole grain nutrition with a mild flavor, light color, and speck-free appearance. The pasta is made with Ultragrain, a 100% wholewheat flour with the taste, texture, and appearance of white flour. Sustagrain®, an ultra-high fiber whole grain, has three times the soluble and total fiber of oats. SafeGuardReady-To-Eat Flour is the first and only line of fully functional RTE flours, specialty grains and custom products on the market with up to a 5-log pathogen reduction. Ancient grains—amaranth, millet, quinoa, sorghum, and teff—deliver whole-grain nutrition with special flavors and textures to add culinary appeal to a wide variety of foods. Ancient grain flours are also available in gluten-free and custom multigrain blends, including ConAgra Mills 51% Gluten-Free All-Purpose Multigrain Flour Blend.

Attendees can taste such prototypes as breakfast foods, pizza and pasta, breadings and coatings, cookies and bars, snacks, and more. ConAgra Mills,, Booth 2401

Investigating rice’s potential
Representatives will be available to discuss how rice and rice products can be incorporated in a variety of applications. One rice ingredient that is highlighted is BP-100, a low-moisture, parboiled brown rice that rehydrates in 10 minutes for use in rice mixes where instant brown rice and seasoning can be packaged without clumping. Other rice ingredients include instant rice, milled and parboiled rice, and retort rice with cook times ranging from 15 to 20 minutes; valueadded quick-cooking wild rice with a 3-10 minute hydration time; and rice flours, broken rice, and rice hulls. Riviana Foods Inc.,, Booth 721

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Don’t go against the grain
Adding grains to food products is easier than ever with an expanding line of whole-grain oats, oat bran, barley, granola clusters, and toasted whole grains. These ingredients allow food formulators to add nutrition to products and also enhance appearance, taste, and texture.

In addition to these ingredients, malt ingredients are available, from pale to roasted wheat malt, as well as pasta available in more than 150 shapes. Viterra,, Booth 2511

Ingredient provides cocoa alternative
With cocoa powder and chocolate prices on the rise, product developers are looking for ways to deliver chocolate flavor while meeting the bottom line. A combination of malted ingredients, Maltichoc can replace up to 50% of cocoa powder without a loss in flavor or color.

The malted ingredients are blended to emulate the organoleptic properties of cocoa and chocolate. Maltichoc, Maltichoc Soluble Standard, and Maltichoc Soluble Dark are said to improve the texture of baked goods by retaining more moisture throughout shelf life and provide a smooth mouthfeel to creams and ice creams. Maltichoc is suitable for use in bakery applications and cereals and the other two versions are suitable for use in beverages, ice cream, whipped products, and confectionery. Muntons Malted Ingredients Inc.,, Booth 130

Blueberry birthday treats
Celebration is the theme at the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council, which is marking the centennial of two American originals: the highbush blueberry’s 100th birthday and the birth of Julia Child on August 15, 1912.

A century ago, USDA botanist Frederick Coville and collaborator Elizabeth White began breeding the best and most promising blueberry plants and produced an entirely new variety—the highbush blueberry, which provides a sweet, fruity, burst-in-the mouth flavor and bright, bold possibilities for innovative product development.

For Julia Child, the emergence of oven-warm blueberry muffins was reason for a late-night champagne celebration. Julia was the first “star” chef, and her efforts helped spawn the appearance of the celebrity chef, which has become so common on television and the book circuit.

Today, blueberries are an important ingredient in many recipes—both sweet and savory. They can form flavor combinations with spices, botanicals, floral flavors, and citrus and herbaceous products, and they can complement and enhance as well as balance flavors. Their sweetness adds excitement to the smoky qualities of sauces and salsas. Highbush Blueberry Council,, Booth 2438  

The pomegranate craze 
Pomegranates are composed of hundreds of arils, which are juicy casings around the seeds. Arils range in color from white to deep red or purple. Both the seed and juice-filled sac are edible.

Infused dried pomegranate arils are shelf stable and contain no sulfites, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. Their sweet and tart flavor allows for a variety of applications including baked goods, beverages, cereal, chocolate, confections, frozen medleys, granola, ice cream and yogurt toppings, salads, sauces, smoothies, fruit blends, trail mixes, and nutraceuticals.

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Kendall Frozen Fruits Inc. will be showcasing samples of infused dried pomegranate aril products. These include infused dried pomegranate arils, dark chocolate-covered dried pomegranate arils, milk chocolate-covered dried pomegranate arils, natural candy-coated chocolate pomegranate arils, and yogurtcovered pomegranate arils. Kendall Frozen Fruits,, Booth 1473

Concentrates have fruit, vegetable essences
Essentia® beverage concentrates are made using Vegetable Juice’s proprietary process, Advanced Concentrate Technology®, a minimally invasive cold concentration process that is said to preserve the essence of fruits and vegetables.

The company states that the process has several benefits, which are allowing fruits and vegetables to retain their natural minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants; making beverages taste better with clean flavors, more resonant top notes, and greater degrees of clarity; providing beverage manufacturers with a range of marketing alternatives like clean label and increased fruit and vegetable servings; and improving the product’s overall aroma. Vegetable Juices Inc.,, Booth 212

Eat your veggies
Experts will be available to explain the best ways to formulate products with vegetable ingredients.

Dehydrated vegetables add color, flavor, texture, and nutrition to food products and are produced using air drying, freeze drying, drum drying, and spray drying.

The company offers a full line of dehydrated vegetable ingredients as well as herbs, spices, and select fruits. FDP USA, a BCFoods Company,, Booth 3549  

Deodorizing radish and cabbage
EPC (Beijing) Natural Products Co. has developed technology that it says can control the odor and smell of radish and red cabbage.

The company reports that it has used the technology to produce two types of radish and red cabbage: one that is similar to common deodorized precut products currently on the market but at a lower cost and one that is a true odorless product. EPC (Beijing) Natural Products Co.,, Booth 157

A trip to the tropics
A line of tropical fruits, including pineapple, berries, and deciduous fruits are available to add color, flavor, and nutrition to a variety of food and beverage products for consumer packaged goods as well as foodservice.

Product developers can choose from individually quick frozen, purees, and concentrates to create frozen entrees, beverages, salads, and a number of other products. Dole Packaged Foods Co., LLC,, Booth 2341  

Wild blueberries add distinction 
Wild blueberries pack antioxidant power and a fruity taste in a unique small size.

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The fruit comes in frozen, dried, powder, extract, and concentrate forms to add nutrition, color and flavor to desserts, confections, snacks, cereals, sauces, and beverages. Representatives will be available to discuss how product developers can add wild blueberries to applications.

The individually quick frozen (IQF) wild blueberries are said to not lose their flavor, nutritional value, and structure while frozen for up to two years. Wild Blueberry Association,, Booth 3569

Dairy ingredients resolve taste and texture challenges
Grande Custom Ingredients will demonstrate how one of its newest products, Grande® Grade A Yogurt Powder, and one of its most versatile products, Grande Bravo® whey proteins, can be used to deliver the taste and texture consumers demand while helping formulators meet challenges such as reducing fat, calories, or cost.

Visitors will see firsthand how Grande Bravo can improve the mouthfeel and texture of a lowfat creamy tomato basil soup. With a wide range of taste and texture profiles, the ingredient can be used in many applications, including sauces and fillings, spreads and dips, low-fat foods, processed meats, salad dressings, baked goods, confections, cheese sauces, ice cream, and desserts.

Grande Grade A Yogurt Powder provides a tart, authentic yogurt flavor to a yogurt coating for dried fruit and nuts, and provides a thick and creamy yogurt texture for a shelf-stable orange-mango and yogurt smoothie. Grande Custom Ingredients,, Booth 2255

New beverage concepts highlight protein fortification
Exciting new concepts in protein fortification highlight the use of whey protein and lactose. These concepts available for sampling include an energy shot for a quick and consistent boost, iced tea for active aging, and a clear citrus drink for revitalizing refreshment.

With large-scale manufacturing facilities in California and Texas, Hilmar produces the 8000 series of 80% whey protein concentrates and whey protein hydrolysates; the 9000 series of WPIs; and the 5000 series of high purity edible, refined, and USP lactose. Hilmar Ingredients,, Booth 2651

Demand for dairy
Looking to help reduce sodium content? Trying to add more protein to that formula? Interested in developing a rehydration beverage? A number of food and beverage prototypes demonstrate how dairy ingredients can contribute to improved taste, functionality, and nutrition, while solving many of today’s formulation challenges. These prototypes were developed to showcase the latest trends.

For example, Dairy Protein Dip uses milk protein concentrate blended with hummus and red pepper to target today’s protein-seeking and label-savvy consumers. A crispy Protein Cracker incorporates whey protein concentrate and milk protein concentrate to boost the protein content and uses permeate to reduce sodium content. Savory Greek Yogurt mixes delicious rich Greek yogurt with vegetables and spices, creating a savory protein-rich snack that picks up on the popularity of Greek yogurt. Dairy Protein Chew, made with whey protein concentrate and whole milk, is dried and shaped into a jerky-like product, providing protein for consumers seeking nonmeat sources. A “Dairy” Rehydration Beverage features naturally occurring milk minerals from permeate that provide potassium, calcium, and sodium in a thirst-quenching beverage. U.S. Dairy Export Council,, Booth 1458

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Natural solutions for delaying oxidation
Featured product lines include natural plant extracts and flavors, plant-derived and synthetic antioxidants, antimicrobials, and mold inhibitors. These innovations deliver shelf-life and food safety solutions to keep your food products tasting as fresh and looking as good on day 365 as day 1. Consumer demands for natural products are a driving factor for food manufacturers to develop label-friendly food safety interventions. Kemin’s food safety platform offers easily understood labels and recognizable ingredients that can be used in lieu of commonplace lactate-based products.

Kemin will also be presenting scientific posters. These include a comparative study of EDTA, rosemary extract, and green tea in delaying oxidative rancidity in ranch dressing, and the use of spearmint extract in delaying carotenoid bleaching in frozen tomato sauce. Kemin,, Booth 2261

What is TLS?
Thiamine dilaurylsulfate (or TLS) is a new type of preservative marketed under the name Vita-LS. Because it is a derivative of vitamin B-1, it is healthier than existing preservatives, according to its manufacturer Kanematsu U.S.A. Inc.

TLS may be used as an ingredient for shelf life extension in many kinds of foods. Covering a wide pH range, it provides high bacteriostatic activities against fungi and lactobacilli, as well as common bacteria. Kanematsu U.S.A. Inc.,, Booth 3559

Antimicrobial extends product freshness
A new antimicrobial ingredient, eat-Fresh™, extends shelf life by inhibiting the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mold.

This synergistic citrate blend made with FDA-approved GRAS ingredients can be used in beverages, dips, sauces, soups, prepared meats, deli salads, baked goods, seafood, cooked poultry, and more with minimal impact on product flavor. The suggested usage level of this patent-pending ingredient is 0.3-0.7% by volume and up to 2% for more bacteria-prone formulations. Independent lab tests show a 3-5 log reduction (up to 99.999%) of coliform bacteria, Escherichia coli, Listeria, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus, according to the company. PLThomas,, Booth 1335  

Familiar brand provides leavening improvement
Home bakers have used the Arm & Hammer® brand of baking soda for more than 160 years. This and other branded products are available to product developers as well to provide a number of different functions to baked goods.

Arm & Hammer sodium bicarbonate comes in four granulations. Grade 1 (powdered) dissolves rapidly for quick, complete availability for reaction with the acid ingredients in scratch bake biscuits, cookies, instant or quick breads, and most cakes. Grade 1 TFF (treated free-flowing) is treated with tricalcium phosphate to improve flow quality and promote consistent mixing for self-rising flours and packaged mixes.

Grade 2 (fine granular) has narrow particle size distribution for rapid, uniform blending in dry mixes and baking powders. Grade 4 (granular) can be used in the same applications as those for grade 2 but where the formulation compatibility issues or environmental conditions are of concern. Church & Dwight Co.,, Booth 2005

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Processing yeast with enzymes
Promod144P is a botanical protease used for pre-treatments in the production of fermented sauces, for flavor hydrolysates, and for increasing yields from yeast autolysis.

Depol™ 667P is a hydrolytic enzyme that degrades insoluble cell wall debris during the production of yeast extracts.

Promod™ 192P is a microbially derived acid peptidase used for modification, control, and development of flavor alone or where proteases have been previously used and generated bitter peptides.

Flavorpro™ 192P, a peptidase preparation from a fungal source with low levels of endoprotease, is used to debitter protein hydrolysates produced using animal and bacterial proteases. Biocatalysts Ltd.,, Booth 122

Enzyme blend improves dough
Caravan Ingredients will highlight its new CrackerVantage ingredient, an enzyme blend that is said to produce stronger, more tolerant cracker dough.

By improving the dough in this way it helps to reduce waste throughout the manufacturing process. Company representatives will be available to discuss the specific features of this ingredient. Caravan Ingredients,, Booths 1521, 1526

Enzyme increases distillery output
An enzyme, Sanferm® Yield, can help produce 2-3% higher alcohol yields and increased fermentation efficiency with a 10-20% shorter fermentation time.

The ingredient functions as a catalyst during the fermentation process to help break down the existing proteins and compounds in grain mashes into fermentable sugars and amino acids.

It can be used on a variety of grain-based raw materials like wheat, corn, rye, triticale, and rice in the production of distillery products. Novozymes,, Booth 2537

Ingredients assist cheese production
The newest ingredients, Cheese-Mor™, are a line of reduced-casein and casein-free ingredients for analogue cheese production. Using the ingredient may help food manufacturers control cost.

Cheese anti-caking agents, Free Flow®, are blends of selected starches with and without cellulose to achieve optimum anti-caking functions depending on the application.

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SureFlo™ anti-caking agent is used in applications where cellulose alone is preferred. The ingredients in these lines can be customized to co-deliver antimycotics and oxygen scavenger ingredients.

SecureFlo™ inhibits pathogens in cheese. Allied Blending & Ingredients,, Booth 1700

Highlighting functions of gelatin
Gelatine is a neutral-tasting ingredient used in applications where gelling agents, stabilizers, binders, emulsifiers, film formers, foamers, and whipping agents are needed.

Two ingredients can enhance texture, melting qualities, shelf life, and aroma release in sorbets. Gelita® Sorbet Fruit can be used to produce sorbets that have a refreshing fruity character and taste. Gelita Sorbet Cream helps to improve the creamy texture and aroma taste in foamy sorbets.

Another ingredient, Gelita Gel-Slice®, is a gelling and thickening agent that offers the possibility of converting liquid products like sauces, ketchup, and mustard into solid form at room temperature. This can make the product easy to handle, provide dosing properties, reduce waste, provide variability in formulation, and provide freeze-thaw stability, reports the company. Gelita USA Inc.,, Booth 435

Improving your Egg-Q
Starting June 1, six new functionality videos will be offered on American Egg Board’s website. The site will now have 12 videos that provide educational information about the unique and multiple functional properties of egg products.

The videos will cover such topics as value-added egg products, production, safety, and handling of egg products, mouthfeel and texture of baked goods and prepared food, and information on gluten-free formulations.

In addition to the videos, a series of quizzes enables food technologists to earn a certificate for Continuing Education, and a personal record log helps viewers keep track of their progress through the series. Extra features include a FAQ section and a conversion table for the various egg products available: liquid, solid (dried powders) or shell.

Egg products provide more than 20 functional properties for a diverse array of food products and categories. American Egg Board,, Booth 1114

Egg product aids baking results
OvaBake™ enzyme-modified whole egg has a number of functional benefits in bakery applications.

The ingredient is said to improve the overall height, humectancy, and crumb structure. It can also improve moisture retention for a softer crumb texture and an extended shelf life of an average of 5–7 days. The ingredient reportedly has an improved flavor over traditional dried whole egg, which results in baked goods more like those made with liquid egg product. The ingredient helps to incorporate more air into the product, potentially reducing mix time by several minutes per batch. It is available in two versions: OvaBake Enzyme Modified Whole Egg and OvaBake 7 Enzyme Modified Whole Egg. Michael Foods Inc.,, Booth 1935

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Improving beverages
Product developers have used isolated soy proteins to formulate soy protein–enriched acidic beverages. There are challenges to using traditional isolated soy proteins in low-pH beverages, namely that they have very low solubility in low-pH applications, require stabilization and homogenization to keep the proteins in suspension, and generate opaque solutions when hydrated in water. Representatives from Archer Daniels Midland Co. will present information about an isolated soy protein ingredient that helps product developers to overcome these formulation challenges in the session “Clarisoy: A New Acid Soluble, Transparent, Isolated Soy Protein.”

Clarisoy™ 100 was developed to help beverage developers formulate better tasting and nutritionally enhanced products like sports drinks, citrus-based drinks, fruit and fruit blends, lemonades, powdered drinks, and waters. Traditional isolated soy proteins are typically spray dried at a pH greater than the isoelectric point of the soy protein while Clarisoy 100 is spray dried at a pH less than the isoelectric point. The ingredient’s high solubility at a pH less than 4.0 means that homogenization or stabilization are not required to produce clear acidified beverages.

The flavor of the ingredient is said to differ from traditional isolated soy proteins; using traditional isolated soy proteins may result in a slight beany, cereal, bitter, or astringent flavor while using Clarisoy 100 is said to result in an overall clean and bland flavor with slight astringency. ADM,, Booth 2020, Session 153-04  

Ingredients at the ready 
A national network of distribution facilities is ready to provide product developers with the ingredients they need to successfully develop food and beverage products. A full portfolio of the company’s ingredients include sugars and sweeteners, liquids, dairy ingredients, beverage ingredients, baking ingredients, confectionery ingredients, nutraceutical ingredients, and many more. Batory Foods,, Booth 1279

Vegetarian protein alternative for foods
Nutralys® pea protein is a vegetarian, non-allergenic protein source extracted from the dry yellow pea.

The pea is subjected to a wet process treatment to isolate 85-90% of the protein. The line includes Nutralys F range for emulsifying and Nutralys S range, which has suspension properties. The ingredient has a range of application uses, including cereals, gluten-free foods, wet pet food, and vegetarian products. In vegetarian products, the ingredient is said to provide emulsion stability and easy blending with regular hydration. Roquette America Inc.,, Booth 1759, 1961

Vinaigrette lends sweet and sour flavor
Modena Fine Foods Inc. offers Rosato Vinaigrette, a sweet and sour condiment made from Rosato Wine Vinegar and selected grape musts. Ideal for those who like a balsamic vinaigrette but want an additional tangy flavor, Rosato Vinaigrette enhances the flavors of thinly sliced raw meat and seafood, especially oysters, tuna tartar, and seafood salad.

The company offers a number of other balsamic products and specialty vinegar products like glaze reduction of balsamic vinegar, sauces, jams, snack flavorings, and marinades. Another line of products is balsamic vinegar from Modena, Italy, certified as Protected Geographical Indication by the European Union. Modena Fine Foods Inc.,, Booth 3945

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Add whimsy to baked goods
Colorful sprinkles, nonpareils, shapes, dragées, colored sugars, and more not only provide color but also provide flavor, texture, and a decorative touch to baked goods and confectionery products.

Highlighted ingredients include flavored bits available in blueberry, strawberry, cinnamon apple, chocolate, and cinnamon. They are trans fat-free, made with real fruit, ideal for freezing and baking, and provide texture. A line of sprinkles, nonpareils, and sugar are colored with naturally derived colorings. Mavalério,, Booth 1840

Morning caffeine fix with instant coffee
One of the leading suppliers of instant coffee and instant coffee drinks to the retail own-brand market will preview and provide information about its product line.

The company, DEK, manages the whole value chain—from the purchase of raw materials and production to fully automated packaging and distribution—to supply customers with the blends they require in a variety of packaging options. The product line includes instant coffee, instant coffee drinks, cocoa drinks, and coffee substitutes. Fine Foods International New York LP,, Booth 1070


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