Baked Potato Chips with Less Fat
Kettle Brand,
Salem, Ore., has added two new flavors—Cheddar & Roasted Tomato and Sour Cream & Onion—and new packaging to its Bakes potato chip line. Kettle Brand Bakes are claimed to be the only baked potato chip on the market made from slices of potato seasoned with natural flavors. The chips are toasted, rather than fried, resulting in 65% less fat. The new products are appearing on store shelves in updated packaging that carries over the signature bold colors from the company’s original kettle-cooked potato chip line. In solid blue, brown, green, orange, and red bags indicative of the flavor of each chip, the packaging also includes appetizing taste cues and visuals of whole potato slices. Kettle Brand Bakes are available in 4-oz bags that carry a suggested retail price of $3.39 at select grocery, mass merchandiser, and natural foods stores in the U.S.

Bottle Cap Delivers Ingredients
Gizmo Beverages, Los Angeles, Calif., is using an innovative, pressurized bottle cap design that infuses a drink with fresh, preservative-free ingredients in Tea of a Kind drinks. Available in Peach Ginger Black Tea, Citrus Mint Green Tea, and Pomegranate Acai White Tea, Tea of a Kind is 100% natural, contains only 20 calories per 16-oz bottle, and contains antioxidants. The all-natural flavors, brewed tea, and antioxidants are housed in the pressurized nitrogen chamber cap, keeping them fresh without the use of chemical preservatives. The chamber cap defends them against UV light, oxidation, and other damaging conditions that degrade nutrients in most pre-mixed beverages. Once the cap is twisted, the ingredients burst into the bottle and self-mix, creating a color change and a visual confirmation that the drink is fresh and ready to consume. Tea of a Kind can be purchased online and is available at select stores in the United States. Text the word “tea” to 67777 for a product demonstration.
Bread Boasts Immunity Claim
Metro Inc., a Canadian supermarket chain, has introduced a new line of artisan breads under the Life Smart Irresistibles brand with an immunity claim. The Immuno Smart category of breads, available in Whole Clove Garlic Petite Artisan Loaf or Sunflower Harvest Petite Artisan Loaf varieties, contains Wellmune WGP, a clinically proven, natural immune health ingredient (beta 1,3/1,6 gluco polysaccharide) from Biothera, Eagan, Minn. The ingredient has regulatory approval around the world, including GRAS status in the U.S. and novel foods approval in Europe and China. “The introduction of Immuno Smart artisanal breads with Wellmune WGP brings new excitement to the bread category in Canada and is a great example of Metro’s commitment to innovation in bringing healthy, great-tasting products to customers,” said Christine Infilise, Business Development Manager, Quadra Ingredients. “The science behind Wellmune WGP made it a natural fit for Metro’s Life Smart Irresistibles line.”


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