Impact of GMOs on the Future of Agriculture
On August 10, the USDA revised its estimates for this year’s corn crop, cutting it by nearly 17% due to the severe drought the United States experienced this spring and summer. And yet, this year’s corn harvest is expected to be perhaps the fifth largest on record. Recently, Kelly Hensel, IFT’s Digital Media Editor, spoke with Colin Carter, Professor of Agricultural and Resource Economics at the University of California, Davis, to get his insight on how techniques, including genetic modification, have helped U.S. farmers meet increasing demands under extreme weather variation. In addition, Carter addresses the concerns surrounding GM crops. Listen to the interview on IFT’s ePerspective blog and don’t forget to add your opinion to the dialog by commenting.

Face-to-Face: Meet Robert Sobel
In this month’s Face-to-Face series, we will be introducing you to Robert Sobel, Director Technology & Innovation at FONA International. Sobel directs technology and innovation efforts at FONA International in the area of new and novel flavor encapsulation delivery systems. Areas of focus include customizable carrier systems for a variety of patent-pending microencapsulation techniques. Read the Q&A with Sobel to learn about the challenges in microencapsulating flavors and how he uses surface acoustic wave microsensory arrays to conduct flavor analysis.

Certified Food Scientist Credential Program
IFT has officially launched its Certified Food Scientist (CFS) credential program. With the introduction of the CFS, the food science profession now has a formal certification program to recognize the practical, applied scientific knowledge and skills necessary for food scientists to be successful in their field. The CFS exam reflects the breadth and depth of the multi-disciplinary nature of food science. Becoming a CFS provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your knowledge of all disciplines, positioning you to best contribute to teams and collaborate regardless of the specific focus of your role.

Food Science for the Non-Food Scientist
If you missed the Pre-Annual Meeting Short Course, Food Science for the Non-Food Scientist, held at the 2012 Annual Meeting & Food Expo, you still have a chance to participate online. This online course builds your understanding of food science. Through presentations from leading food experts like Roger Clemens (Horn), John Rupnow (Univ. of Nebraska), and Mario Ferruzzi (Purdue Univ.), along with Q&A follow-up sessions and take home activities, you’ll get the basics on food safety, regulatory issues, and food science trends.


Kelly Hensel
Digital Media Editor
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