Registration opens for Food Policy Impact
Plan to attend the Institute of Food Technologists Food Policy Impact on Dec. 6, 2012, in Arlington, Va. This one-day conference will present information about both current and emerging food policy and how to comply with regulations. Some of the session topics include an update on Canadian regulatory modernization efforts, information about how to interpret varying country and governing body standards, how to navigate trade agreements, and more.

A two-day short course, “Labeling Requirements and Implications for Foods Marketed in the U.S.,” will take place on Dec. 4–5, 2012. Attendees will learn about FDA and USDA labeling requirements, preview food label regulations, identify necessary nutrition and ingredient statements in food products, and understand claims related to nutrient content, health effects, and production methods. This course complements the Food Policy Impact conference, but the registrations for both events are separate. For more information, visit www.ift.org/foodpolicyimpact.

IFT Division Oral Competition Winners
The following are the winners of the oral competitions sponsored by IFT Divisions and held at the 2012 IFT Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, Nev., this past June.

Dairy Foods Div. (Oral): 1st place ($1,000), Qian Wang, Univ. of Minnesota; 2nd place ($750), Andrea Tremaine, Univ. of Minnesota; 3rd place ($500), Margaret Schneider, North Carolina State Univ.

Food Microbiology Div. (Oral): 1st place ($1,000), Madhuram Ravichandran, Univ. of Arkansas; 2nd place ($750), Abhinav Upadhyay, Univ. of Connecticut; 3rd place ($500), Alison Lacombe, Univ. of Maine.

Sensory and Consumer Sciences Div. (Oral): 1st place ($1,000), Lauren Collinsworth, California Polytechnic State Univ.; 2nd place ($750), David Bloom, Univ. of Illinois; 3rd place ($500), Suzanne Jervis, North Carolina State Univ.

Nomination deadlines approach
There is still time to submit nominations for the Institute of Food Technologists 2013 Achievement Awards and Fellows. Achievement Awards honor excellence in a number of areas that affect the food industry. The deadline for receipt of nominations is Dec. 1, 2012. The professional distinction of IFT Fellow is conferred on individuals for contributions in food science and technology, leadership in the profession, and service to IFT. The deadline for receipt of nominations for IFT Fellow is Feb. 1, 2013. For more information, visit www.ift.org/about-us/awards-and-recognition.aspx, or email [email protected].

The Minnesota section of IFT is seeking nominations from all IFT sections for candidates for the 2013 Harold Macy Food Science and Technology Award. The award recognizes an outstanding example of food technology transfer or cooperation between scientists or technologists in any two of the following areas: academia, government, and private industry. The deadline for nominations is Jan. 1, 2013. Visit www.mnift.org to access nomination forms. Completed forms should be submitted via e-mail to Mary K. Schmidl at [email protected].

In Memoriam
Catherine E. Side, Owner and Co-Director of Inside Foods Ltd. and a consultant for Inside Consulting, died in August 2012 at age 58. She joined IFT in 1992 and volunteered her time and expertise to the organization’s British Section Fermented Foods and Beverages Divisions, and International Division. She received her M.A. degree from University of Cambridge, where she specialized in biochemistry and genetics. She earned an MSc degree in brewing from University of Heriot-Watt. After she completed her education, she worked as a shift manager for Scottish and Newcastle Breweries, supervising a large team of brewers. She also worked in technical sales and marketing for Biocon and Photo Bioreactors Ltd.

Section & Division meetings
Visit www.ift.org  to view the Events Calendar, including listings for Section and Division meetings, and for information on how to list your event.