The following products and services will also be highlighted at the Food Expo.

Hundreds of new jobs in the food and beverage industry are posted daily on one site. provides food and beverage manufacturing jobs to professionals seeking a new career. As a top forum for employers profiling current openings, the site generates 200,000 visits each month and provides access to 7,000 positions in the food and beverage industries.,, Booth 4636

Pasteurization of low-moisture food is this company’s specialty. The Germbusters Club convenes experts in the pasteurization of low-moisture food who can evaluate pasteurization technologies, improving them or designing new ones. The club offers contract consulting. The Germbusters Club,, Booth 4614

Clinical research objectives can be accomplished at this facility. Glycemic Index Laboratories is a clinical research facility conducting acute and long-term trials in healthy participants or target population to monitor satiety, satiation assessment, metabolism, glycemic index, blood glucose levels, cardiovascular disease factors, weight loss, and the effects of novel fibers. Glycemic Index Laboratories,, Booth 2036

Obtain an undergraduate or graduate degree in food science. Kansas State University’s Food Science Institute offers on-campus and distance learning in food science, including a master’s degree in agribusiness. The institute also supports basic and applied research initiatives and provides scientific expertise and information to the food industry, government agencies, and consumers. Kansas State University Food Science Institute,, Booth 2319

Recruitment and placement services are crucial for job seekers. Kinsa Group has been providing recruitment and placement services throughout the world for professionals in the food and beverage industries. Kinsa’s recruitment focuses on placing qualified individuals in food science, research & development, quality assurance, food safety, technical sales, and procurement/supply chain. Kinsa Group,, Booth 4153

High quality probiotics are available in capsule form. DDS Plus 3 aids in maintaining normal intestinal flora through the use of L. acidophilus, B. longum, B. bifidum, and B. lactis. UAS Laboratories manufactures and markets dietary fiber, probiotic supplements, and private label products. UAS Laboratories,, Booth 3783

Improving competition between companies in the food industry is the goal. Wagralim is dedicated to the agro-food industry in Belgium, bringing together companies, training centers, and research centers to add value to projects. The company also offers services to help businesses maintain or increase their competitive edge and innovative creativity. Wagralim,, Booth 752  

Promoting foreign trade and foreign investment is what this agency does. The Wallonia Trade & Investment Office has a worldwide network of 107 trade commissioners. The agency assists foreign investors by providing integral information on the foreign business community. Wallonia Trade & Investment Office,, Booth 752

High quality ingredients sourced globally are available from ingredient food brokerage Henry Broch & Co., which teams closely with its suppliers to vertically integrate production from farm to plate. Its principal companies produce vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, and natural colors that have been concentrated, dehydrated, frozen, extracted, or pasteurized. Product applications are diversified and include spice and seasoning blends, batters and breading, sauces, soups, salad dressings, flavors, extracts and colors, fruit juices, flavored beverages, jams and jellies, prepared meats, entrees, ethnic foods, pasta, rice and grains, pizza, and snack foods. Henry Broch & Co.,, Booths 2604, 2704