Food OligosaccharidesFood Oligosaccharides: Production, Analysis and Bioactivity, edited by F. Javier Moreno and María Luz Sanz (ISBN: 978-1-118-42649-4), discusses ways in which the introduction of bioactive oligosaccharides into foods can produce digestive health benefits. Oligosaccharides can be introduced into a wide range of items, making them potentially useful in a variety of applications, both within the food industry as well as areas such as pharmaceuticals, bioenergy, and environmental science. In this title, the authors divide their discussion into three sections: production and bioactivity of oligosaccharides, analysis, and prebiotics in food formulation. They intend this book to function as a comprehensive reference on naturally occurring and synthesized oligosaccharides so that professionals can easily select and use these components in their products, and they also examine practical issues these professionals may face when incorporating prebiotic oligosaccharides into foods. This title may be of particular interest to food researchers, nutritionists, and those with an interest in functional foods.

Food Texture Design and OptimizationFood Texture Design and Optimization, edited by Yadunandan Lal Dar and Joseph M. Light (ISBN: 978- 0-470-67242-6), examines recent research in food texture derived from advances in formulation science as well as sensory and instrumental measurement. The book, which is divided into two parts, is equally appropriate for both new professionals and experienced readers who wish to expand their expertise. In the first section, case studies are presented on product formulation in a range of applications that include cheese and ice cream, gluten-free items, and low- or non-fat dairy products. The authors discuss challenges that arise in the process, such as maintaining texture while optimizing nutritional content, cost, and flavor, and provide examples of ways that experts have used this knowledge to address them. In the second part, the authors explore advances in tools and techniques for food texture design and optimization, with an emphasis on the use of instrumental techniques, the application of sensory techniques, and the use of marketing and consumer insight tools in the design and optimization of food products.

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