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Tomatoes: To Peel or Not to Peel?
A study published in the Journal of Food Science shows that peeling tomatoes before they are juiced when using a cold break process may enhance the viscosity and preference for tomato finisher, is more expensive and results in more loss, but produces a juice preferred by the consumer. Thus, manufacturers that wish to produce a premium product may wish to change their current practice of not peeling.

Face-to-Face: Meet Valentina Trinetta
After landing her job as Principal Microbiologist at Ecolab by introducing herself to the company during an IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo, Valentina Trinetta now spends her days experimenting in the lab and brainstorming with other scientists. One of the parts of her job that she enjoys the most is getting to test different technologies and chemistries to evaluate shelf-life extension on real food products. Read more about Trinetta’s day-to-day life in her Face-to-Face interview.

IFT on Pinterest: Chefs’ Recipes
Find the recipes featured in the Culinary Point of View column, including Chef David Lebovitz’s Counterfeit Duck Confit, a good introduction to traditional French cuisine.

IFT’s New eLearning Tool
IFT just launched an entirely new platform for its eLearning offerings. Whether you’re searching for live or on-demand webcasts or online courses, the new Learning Management System, called Path, lets you easily find the educational content you want based on your needs or interests.

This Month's List: The Kitchen of 2050

According to Electrolux’s design director Thomas Johansson, the kitchen of 2050 may contain:

  • A refrigerator with modules that fluctuate the temperature to extend the shelf-life of its contents
  • A pantry that keeps a log of its inventory
  • An oven that detects the humidity and internal temperature of the food it cooks

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