Kelly Hensel

Kelly Hensel

Producing 'Pure' Persimmon Juice
A study published in the Journal of Food Science shows that an enzyme maceration process may enable the production of persimmon juice at a semi-industrial scale. Persimmon shows beneficial health effects due to several nutritional constituents and antioxidant capacity, but the preparation of persimmon juice has been based on a process of solid–liquid separation and the product is not considered pure juice. In this study, the researchers describe a technological process to produce non-astringent persimmon juice and note how pasteurization and storage change the physicochemical makeup of the juice.

Face-to-Face: Meet Maggie Sadowsky
After working as a Food Technologist and Director of R&D Strategic Development for ConAgra Foods, Maggie Sadowsky started working as a food industry consultant, helping companies to bridge the gap between R&D and marketing. Her passion for product development has led her to work with Crock-Pot to develop meal kits and recipes. Read about the projects Sadowsky is currently working on in her Face-to-Face interview.

What's Hot on Pinterest: Chef's Recipes
Find the recipes featured in the Culinary Point of View column, including the recipe for Honeynut Squash Hash, which features a variety of squash developed by Cornell’s Michael Mazourek and Blue Hill’s Chef Dan Barber.

JFS Author Video
In a recent Journal of Food Science “Take 5 for Food Science” author video, Travis O’Quinn of Kansas State Univ. discusses his group’s study testing whether consumers were able to detect differences in tenderness, juiciness, or flavor among beef tenderloin steaks from USDA Choice and Select quality grades.

This Month's List: Bugs to Feed the World
Entomologist Harman Singh Johar believes that innovation driven by competition in the next decade will lead to a bugfood invasion. Here’s why:

  • 2 billion people already eat bugs regularly
  • 10 lbs of grain = 5 lbs of cricket meat vs. 0.5 lb of beef
  • 0.5 gal of water = 1 lb of cricket meat vs. 500 gal of water per pound of beef

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