E. Liz Sloan

A. Elizabeth Sloan

Experimenting with a variety of diets and eating plans is among the latest trendy consumer behaviors aimed at healthier eating. According to the Hartman Group’s Health +Wellness 2019, half of adults have tried a new diet or eating approach in the past year, up from 40% who did so in 2017.

Young adults were the most likely to do so; that breaks out to 69% of Gen Z and 65% of Millennials versus 42% of Gen X and 34% of Baby Boomers. Health/wellness has replaced weight control as the top reaso…

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About the Author

A. Elizabeth Sloan, PhD, a member of IFT and contributing editor of Food Technology, is president, Sloan Trends Inc., Escondido, Calif. ([email protected]).

E. Liz Sloan

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