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    Sugar reduction, plant-based eating, increased protein, wholesome nutrition, simple ingredients, sustainability, the microbiome, and the rise of hemp and CBD are trends in the health and wellness sector that are keeping product developers busy. And the IFT19 food expo addresses all of these and more.

    The IFT19 scientific sessions will educate attendees on a wide range of topics, from insects as ingredients to nutritional fats, immunity, and ingredients affecting the microbiome. Attendees are sure to find a session to aid them in their product development endeavors.

    Ingredient companies exhibiting at the food expo are busy formulating unique product concepts that will best showcase their nutritional ingredients. Attendees can sample everything from plant-based street tacos to protein-fortified snacks and beverages. Experts from these companies will be eager to discuss current as well as future trends and how their ingredients can help meet consumer demands.

    Here is a snapshot of what attendees can expect to find at the IFT19 food expo.

    While the ideal is to obtain essential vitamins and minerals from a balanced diet, the truth is that most people are not consuming adequate amounts of the whole foods offering these essential nutrients. Fortunately, supplementing with vitamins and minerals, whether in supplement form or via fortified foods and beverages, can provide benefits related to energy, skin health, cognition, heart health, and more.

    Magnesium is not a nutrient you want to run low on. It is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control, and blood pressure regulation. Deficiency symptoms include muscle cramps, weakness, insomnia, loss of appetite, kidney stones, osteoporosis, nervousness, restlessness, irritability, sugar cravings, fatigue, and high blood pressure.

    Gadot Biochemical Industries’ (GBI) soluble magnesium citrate provides the benefits of magnesium citrate’s high bioavailability. It can be taken on an empty stomach or with a meal with the added value of solubility. The company offers ingredients and fortifying minerals for the food, beverage, and nutraceutical industries. GBI has more than 50 years of experience delivering high bioavailability products that meet national quality and food safety standards. In addition to the company’s portfolio of products, GBI also provides tailor-made solutions for fortification, soluble minerals, blends with soluble fiber, recommended daily allowance ratio mixtures, and calcium for beverages and foods that contain protein. Gadot Biochemical Industries, Booth 1802

    AN EXPANDED LINE of natural tocopherols and vitamin E concentrates in a variety of pack sizes is designed for use in most food applications. The ingredients, recently rebranded as PrairiOX and PrairiOL, are part of the mixed tocopherol and natural vitamin E ingredient lines, respectively, from Organic Technologies. These ingredients are targeted to small-to-midsized manufacturers and are available through a new easy-to-use e-commerce shopping site (, complete with an online formulation tool and chat feature, making selection and purchase of an ingredient solution easy and accurate.

    Organic Technologies is an Ohio-based expert in distillation and refining technologies. It is also the largest manufacturer of omega-3 fish oils in the United States and a manufacturer of phytosterols. The company specializes in refining and extracting products for daily living. Organic Technologies, Booth 3576

    FOUNDED IN 1939, Watson supplies ingredients and services geared toward enhancing human health and nutrition around the world. The company has expertise in microencapsulation, agglomeration, micronizing, spray-drying, and film technology. This allows the company to develop unique formulations and products using the value-added ingredients that it manufactures. Recently, Watson became part of Glanbia Nutritionals (a wholly owned subsidiary of Glanbia plc), a company whose values, culture, and purpose match those of Watson, according to the company. Watson, Booth 3240

    ATTENDEES CAN EDUCATE themselves about vitamins and other important healthful ingredients at the PAT Vitamins booth. There they can pick up brochures and discuss ingredient developments with company experts. Several informational brochures will be available. The brochure about vitamin C discusses the water-soluble vitamin, including its discovery, history, and benefits, while the brochure about vitamin B addresses the group of water-soluble ingredients that have important functions in cell metabolism. There’s a brochure about probiotics that discusses the growing benefits for digestive and immune health and a brochure about amino acids that gives details about these building blocks of protein. The brochure about vitamin A presents information about the importance of this vitamin and carotenoids and the brochure about vitamin D focuses on the emerging role of vitamin D. PAT Vitamins offers a full line of vitamins, amino acids, and specialty ingredients. PAT Vitamins, Booth 3557

    FLAVANOIDS ARE A specific group of polyphenols with a growing relevance due to their health benefits and applications in taste modulation. Ferrer HealthTech will highlight several of these ingredients, including MecobalActive methylcobalamin and Xerenoos citicoline. Based in Europe, Ferrer HealthTech serves the food, dietary supplement, and pharmaceutical industries worldwide and produces these ingredients in state-of-the-art facilities with proprietary processes.

    Ferrer HealthTech will be featuring flavonoid-based flavor ingredients to modify sweetness, mask taste, and stabilize colors. Recently, Ferrer HealthTech received an FDA No Objection letter for Cardiose. This flavonoid has been shown to possess potential health benefits, especially in endothelial health, improving arterial flexibility and, therefore, blood flow. MecobalActive is the sustainable and clean form of methylcobalamin produced with “green chemistry,” according to the company. It is GRAS self-affirmed in multiple food categories. Xerenoos citicoline is Ferrer HealthTech’s core ingredient. Over the years, the company has conducted more than 100 clinical trials with Xerenoos to examine its role in cognitive health. Xerenoos is GRAS self-affirmed in multiple food categories. Ferrer HealthTech, Booth 3750

    CALCIUM ENRICHMENT OF finished products is an emerging trend, strengthened by the world’s aging population and consumer demand for healthy products. Omya-Cal has a high elemental calcium content of approximately 40%. Up to five times less is needed in comparison to other ingredients in order to achieve the same calcium content in a finished product.

    Omya plans to feature Omyafood 100-OG particles, which provide powdered sports nutrition products and vitamin supplements with multiple benefits. Besides optimizing flow, anti-caking, and dusting, the consistent porosity of the particles offers a high carrier functionality. Particles have a loading capacity of up to 55% for vitamins, flavors, and other actives. What’s more, the ingredient can be used as an efficient calcium fortification agent, allowing related claims to be made on the pack. The ingredient is neutral in taste. Omya also offers a broad range of specialty ingredients from the company’s global distribution portfolio, such as flavor enhancers, natural food colors, antioxidants, sweeteners, preservatives, acidity regulators, filling agents, and vitamins. Omya, Booth 3127

    white beansPLANT-BASED FOODS
    There is no denying the growing presence of plant-based foods and beverages. Health, sustainability, transparency, and environment all play roles in the mounting consumer interest. This past April, Nestlé announced its biggest move yet into the meat-free market, launching a new “cook from raw” plant-based burger in Europe called Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger. It is 100% plant-based and made with protein from soy and wheat. Natural plant extracts from beetroot, carrot, and bell pepper help create the look of a beef burger before, during, and after cooking. Later this year, Nestlé plans to roll out a cook-from-raw plant-based burger in the United States under the Sweet Earth brand. The variety of plant proteins and their functional and nutritional benefits will continue to help developers meet the plant protein demands of today’s consumers.

    LEARN HOW PEAS are the path to a regenerative food future with PURIS. By now, it’s evident that climate change poses environmental risks. As a result, regenerative agriculture and sustainable solutions are gaining momentum in the food industry, but finding scaled supply chains that embody these concepts remains a challenge. The future demands a better way, where regenerative-sourced solutions available in large supply chains no longer compromise taste or cost. PURIS is working toward a solution by collaborating with more than 400 farmers across more than 200,000 acres of farmland.

    PURIS, which is the only U.S. producer of pea protein isolate, will showcase regenerative and sustainable ingredients made from its own non-GM and organic seeds cultivated in the United States. This unique vertical integration allows PURIS to turn a yellow field pea into great-tasting, clean label ingredients, such as pea protein isolates, starches, and fibers, at its own facilities in the Midwest. At is booth, PURIS will offer tacos made with PURIS Texturized Pea Protein and PURIS Pea Starch

    Non-GM, organic PURIS pea crops contribute to the health of the soil by adding nitrogen, sequestering carbon, and acting as a cover crop. PURIS, Booth 4332

    LEARN HOW TO solve complex challenges when creating plant-based foods with Roquette’s NUTRALYS pea protein and NUTRIOSE soluble fiber. Start the morning or refuel throughout the day at the IFT19 food expo with a high-protein orange-mango smoothie made with NUTRALYS pea protein. Enjoy some delicious tacos made with new NUTRALYS T70S pea protein and tasty chips and salsa enriched with NUTRIOSE soluble fiber. Quench your thirst with a nonalcoholic margarita-flavored water made with NUTRIOSE for a simple, great-tasting way to boost fiber content.

    Don’t forget to ask about the new pea protein plant that Roquette is building in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada, to strengthen the company’s position as a global leader in pea protein. The new plant, expected to start production in 2020, will increase Roquette’s production capacity to address the growing demand from this market segment, especially in North America. Roquette, Booth 3215

    LENTEIN A BREAKTHROUGH DISCOVERY was made in extracting plant protein from water lentils for use in foods for functional and nutritional benefits. The crop has the highest yield per acre of all crops and is grown in sustainable hydroponic ponds in Florida. With a minimal environmental footprint, the crop doubles its biomass every day, and it is also harvested every day. The water in the ponds is recycled to 98%, so the water footprint is very low. LENTEIN Complete water lentil protein has the highest levels of essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids of all plant protein and is similar to whey. The protein digestibility-corrected amino acid score is 0.93. LENTEIN Complete contains dietary fiber and omega-3 fatty acids and is hypoallergenic. The protein powder is fully dispersible and works very well in beverages. The first commercial ingredient has about 45% protein density, and a protein concentrate ingredient with a 65% protein density is being developed.

    LENTEIN Complete also functions in bakery and snack products. The green color is stable in both high and low temperatures and has a shelf life of 24 months. Recently, the ingredient received an FDA GRAS no objections letter. The ingredient has won numerous awards for its contribution to health and sustainability and was recently mentioned in Euromonitor’s Top 10 Global Consumer Trends of 2019Parabel, Booth 3523

    PURIFIED CANNELLINI BEAN protein is a natural ingredient isolated from white cannellini beans. Mellitas Health & Foods’ purified cannellini bean protein works by adjusting the starch digestion rate in the small intestines, moving some of the undigested starch into the large intestines, where is moves through and is excreted much like dietary fiber, according to the company. Simply formulating less than 1 g of the protein into bakery, beverage, bar, and snack products allows the consumer to enjoy the benefits of this “starchy fiber.”

    The company’s innovative technology extracts the cannellini bean protein while removing 99% of the bean toxins (hemagglutinins). The purified cannellini bean protein is clean label, affordable, not allergenic, and can easily be formulated into food products without affecting texture, appearance, and taste. Mellitas Health & Foods, Booth 4812

    BY CONTINUALLY ANALYZING market opportunities, AIDP (Advanced Ingredients for Dietary Products) draws on trends it identifies in the supplement industry. The company will highlight its vegan solutions, such as plant proteins, a pure vegan vitamin D3, gelatin replacements, and prebiotics, at the food expo.

    AIDP has noted the booming growth in the vegan and vegetarian market and has made strides in enhancing its offerings in this space. AIDP offers a large portfolio of clean, great-tasting plant proteins, with many available in organic forms. With its smooth texture and pleasing taste, PeasiPro protein is ideal for food and beverage formulations.

    AIDP’s VegD3 is the only 100% pure vegan vitamin D3 on the market, according to the company. It is made from a sustainable source, is not genetically modified, and is Vegan Society approved.

    AIDP offers a natural vegan alternative to gelatins for bars, pastries, and other food items. AIDP is the exclusive distributor for Gelymar, whose carrageenan ingredients are sustainably sourced from cold-water seaweed and are vegan, and gluten free. AIDP is also the exclusive distributor for Algaia, whose Satialgine DVA is a next-generation seaweed extract that produces a rich and creamy texture in dairy and nondairy/vegan desserts.

    The boom in gut health ingredients shows no sign of slowing down. The probiotic market has been highly successful in food and beverage, and now there is a growing interest in prebiotics. AIDP is on the cutting edge of providing vegan, stable, tasty prebiotics in low-dose requirements for food and beverages. The lineup includes PreticX, a low-dose, food-friendly xylooligosaccharide prebiotic; and Actazin and Livaux, which are both naturally sourced from kiwi fruit.

    AIDP will sample Brownie Booty, a chewy brownie bite made from PeasiPro and alginates. It will also offer packets of Actazin and Livaux that can be sampled by mixing with water. AIDP, Booth 1512

    The global probiotics market is projected to grow to $64 billion at a compound annual growth rate of 7% from 2017 to 2022, according to information from “A Global Look at the Digestive Health and Probiotic Market,” a white paper published by Ganeden. Consumers are aware of probiotics’ digestive and immune health benefits. The concept of a healthy microbiome is now more widely understood than it was a short time ago. There is no slowdown in the introduction of products that support a healthy gut microflora and contain the ingredients that offer these benefits.

    A BRANDED PROBIOTIC ingredient, DE111, is designed to boost the health benefits of foods and beverages. Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes’ exclusive strain of Bacillus subtilisDE111, remains viable under a wide range of temperatures and pH values and can withstand the processing conditions of foods and beverages. The strain is GRAS, non-GMO Project Verified, kosher, Health Canada approved, and supported by multiple human clinical studies for its benefits to digestive and immune health and sports nutrition. Stop by and learn more about how to make good-for-you foods even better. Attendees can also get a digital caricature of themselves drawn by a professional artist. Deerland Probiotics & Enzymes, Booth 2461

    QUALITY, SCIENCE-BACKED BRANDED functional ingredients, Wellmune and GanedenBC30, elevate functional benefits and provide the digestive and immune support consumers are looking for. GanedenBC30 is a spore-forming, patented probiotic ingredient that can be formulated into food, beverage, and companion animal products. Wellmune is clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system, making it easier for people of all ages to be well and stay well.

    Kerry is fueling innovation through taste, nutrition, and functionality. Kerry’s better-for-you solutions solve the challenges of removing what it calls “no-no ingredients” and adding in what consumers seek, such as protein and clean label alternatives. With 40 years of experience and 24,000 staff members on six continents, Kerry has a renewed focus on taste and nutrition, where the science of taste merges with the science of nutrition. The company combines a deep understanding of taste with its in-depth knowledge of people, culture, life stage, and daily nutritional needs. Kerry, Booth 2319

    SPORTS AND ACTIVE lifestyle brands can benefit through NZMP’s diverse SureProtein portfolio. As consumers have increasingly adopted a more holistic view of health, there has been a clear need for additional functional ingredients to enable customers to tackle multiple health concerns.

    NZMP offers the probiotics BifidoB 019 (Bifidobacterium animalis lactis HN019) and LactoB 001 (Lactobacillus rhamnosus HN001)—first discovered by Fonterra Research & Development Centre’s dedicated microbial fermentation unit. These multitasking strains address health concerns of consumers who are leading busy, stressful, and active lifestyles.

    The clinically researched benefits of NZMP’s probiotics include digestive health (supporting gut function and addressing gastrointestinal discomfort and constipation); immunity (helping to support a healthy immune response and reduce inflammation); and mental well-being (potentially helping to support mood management).

    Furthermore, NZMP’s probiotic specifications have been designed for use in ready-to-mix powder or dry supplement applications (i.e., capsules, sachets, and sticks), providing advantages in shelf-life stability and cost-in-use. NZMP, Booth 1310

    Although plant proteins are one of today’s top trends, animal-based proteins are still just as important and desired. From whey to eggs and collagen, these proteins offer unique amino acid compositions as well as protein quality. Many benefits have been shown in satiety, weight management, muscle maintenance for all ages, and skin and bone health.

    HummusAS CONSUMERS’ INTEREST in health and wellness foods continues to climb, delivering nourishing products that are simultaneously delicious, enjoyable, and convenient becomes both a challenge and an opportunity for food and beverage formulators around the world. Beyond nutrition, consumers are looking for their foods and beverages to check other boxes such as being made from sustainably produced sources and providing memorable experiences and global flavors. 

    To showcase the neutral flavor profile, nutrition, and functionality that dairy ingredients such as whey protein, milk proteins, and whey permeate can uniquely provide, the U.S. Dairy Export Council (USDEC) developed on-trend snack product concepts that boost these benefits. Booth visitors will have the opportunity to taste refreshing Protein-Enhanced Calamansi-Flavored Jelly Snacks and Protein-Powered Hummus flavored using a Savory Curry Seasoning with whey permeate. 

    USDEC’s network of offices and spokespersons are driving awareness and consumption of U.S. dairy products in key markets across the globe. The organization is positioned to help local food and beverage manufacturers capitalize on the growing demand for more nutritious and tasteful products across a wide range of innovative applications. USDEC, Booth 5613

    AN EXPANDED PORTFOLIO of ingredient solutions from Glanbia Nutritionals includes Crunchie Milk Protein Crisps inclusions to enhance eating experiences by delivering a hearty crunch, clean dairy flavor, and dairy protein. The crisps and ball formats can also be seasoned or coated for a standalone snack.

    New OptiSol 1005 is a concentrated whey ingredient that solves heat stability issues when adding protein to products. The ingredient allows for higher protein levels of up to 12% at a variety of pH levels and processing temperatures without the use of additives or stabilizers. Heat-induced gelation does occur with OptiSol 1005; however, it is decreased by 10 times in heat-induced gels formed with OptiSol 1005 versus heat-induced gels formed with standard whey protein concentrate. This creates thin and creamy textures.

    XtraPro Seasonings can increase protein by 3–7 g in a savory healthy snack application to result in a more protein-packed product. The new seasonings maximize protein delivery while minimizing carbs when added to snack products. They are available in dairy- or plant-based options and are fully customizable.

    The new BevOat Low Viscosity is a super-fine, cold-milled, gluten-free, heat-treated oat ingredient that disperses very quickly in water and does not increase viscosity. It delivers clean flavor and all the goodness of oats in drinks and creamy foods. Glanbia Nutritionals, Booth 1635

    A PIONEER IN collagen proteins, GELITA will showcase its latest collagen innovations and scientific findings for the nutritional supplement industry. GELITA’s bioactive collagen peptides promise to be attention-getters thanks to the role they can play in sports nutrition products.

    TENDOFORTE is GELITA’s latest collagen peptide ingredient that is said to strengthen tendons and ligaments. GELITA’s portfolio of bioactive collagen peptides also includes BODYBALANCE for body toning and increased muscle strength; FORTIBONE for improved bone mass density and bone stability and flexibility; FORTIGEL for the support of joint health and mobility; and VERISOL for improved skin elasticity, wrinkle reduction, cellulite reduction, and nail growth.

    GELITA experts will be on-site to discuss these ingredients and to talk about how gummies can be used as convenient and healthy dietary supplements. GELITA, Booth 2009

    Another one of today’s top trends is the use of clean, natural, and familiar ingredient statements. Consumers have indicated that they are willing to pay more for clean, recognizable ingredients. Ingredients like fruits and botanicals meet the consumer call for healthy yet familiar ingredients. The desire for naturally derived and minimally processed foods and beverages will continue to spark innovation in the ingredient realm.

    AS A MEMBER of the International Aloe Science Council, Ashland is dedicated to producing ingredients that conform to established standards for purity and potency. Ashland manufactures aloe vera in both powder and liquid forms. Sustainably sourced aloe vera is grown on farms that Ashland manages.

    Teaming up with leading global producer of probiotics Probiotical Healthcare Srl., Ashland supplies ingredients and provides cutting-edge knowledge for the formulation of nutraceutical applications that may aid gut health. The company’s custom processing capabilities and particle engineering knowledge help product development efforts from trial batches to full scale. The company is continuing to invest in the health and wellness sector with a focus on natural and sustainably sourced ingredients and innovative solutions for sports nutrition, general wellness, and weight management. 

    Ashland also plans to introduce new medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) powders. The versatile powders can be used in a variety of applications including keto diet–friendly products. Because of their high oil loads, these MCT powders contain high amounts of MCTs per gram. Ashland, Booth 127

    A SPROUT POWDER developed by SunGarden is being promoted for its high nutrient content and how it can enhance the nutritional profile of many food applications. There’s a period right after a seed has sprouted but before it’s a plant when the potential for nutrition, taste, and performance rises. This high nutritional content is what makes sprouts a superfood. SunGarden’s natural ingredients are derived from sprouts. They contain antioxidants, probiotics, plant protein, digestive enzymes, and adaptogens.

    SunGarden and Agri-Neo have an exclusive partnership whereby SunGarden uses Agri-Neo’s EPA- and FDA-approved technology to achieve a 4-log (10,000 times less) to 6-log (1,000,000 times less) reduction of pathogens while safeguarding the nutritional profile, germination, taste, and texture of the seed. SunGarden offers complete vertical integration, taking its ingredients from seed to sprout to shelf. SunGarden is a division of International Specialty Supply, which has provided sprouting seed, sprouting equipment, and sprouted fresh products and ingredients to the global market since 1979. SunGarden, Booth 4712

    NEW INNOVATIONS WITH cranberry and blueberry ingredients will be showcased by Fruit d’Or. According to the company, Fruit d’Or is first to market with its Organic Cranberry Juice Powder. It contains no maltodextrin or magnesium hydroxide. It is carrier free, non-GM, low in calories and sugar, and 100% water soluble. This ingredient is a good choice for beverage formulations. It can be encapsulated without fillers or lubricating agents for use in the dietary supplement market.

    Also new from Fruit d’Or is an ingredient that is a combination of its organic cranberry juice powder and black elderberry liquid extract from Innovative Natural Solutions. This dual-action formulation is geared toward urinary tract health and immune support. Innovative Natural Solutions is the largest grower, processor, and supplier of black elderberries in North America.  

    Fruit d’Or will also showcase its cold-pressed organic Cranberry Seed Oil, which is registered by Health Canada with a natural product number claim as a “source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids for the maintenance of good health. Source of antioxidants. Source of oleic acid.” The cranberry oil ingredient is rich in antioxidants, is antimicrobial, and is a natural preservative that helps improve stability and oxidation of other oils. Many CBD companies have found cranberry oil to be an excellent carrier in place of using MCT oil or safflower oil. Fruit d’Or will showcase cranberry oil in cosmetic creams, lotions, liquid tinctures, and liquid capsules that are combined with vitamin D3 and probiotics.

    In addition to the cranberry oil ingredient, Fruit d’Or will introduce wild blueberry Organic Blue Naturelle and Conventional Blue d’Oringredients. These ingredients will be available in whole fruit powder and water-soluble juice powder form. Fruit d’Or is the first to market wild blueberry juice powder, which is 100% soluble, carrier-free, and non-GM. The powder is made without chemicals, excipients, food coloring, flavors, and preservatives. All blueberry ingredients have been tested for anthocyanins and polyphenols and have been standardized for a guaranteed potency. 

    Fruit d’Or grows, processes, and supplies organic cranberries and wild blueberries. The farm-to-table company is vertically integrated, which controls the quality and enables it to deliver consistency from lot to lot. The cranberry and wild blueberry ingredients are polyphenol fingerprinted for identification, DNA tested for authenticity, and tested for standardization and efficacy. Fruit d’Or, Booth 4452


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    © bhofack2/iStock / Getty Images Plus

    A NEW FERMENTED ingredient line will be showcased by BI Nutraceuticals, a Martin Bauer Group company. The new line consists of BI’s commercially available conventional and organic apple cider vinegar and organic kombucha.

    BI Nutraceuticals’ Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Powder offers 4%–10% acetic acid, which contributes to its strong taste. Available in both powder and granulated forms and in both conventional and organic versions, Apple Cider Vinegar Powder acts as a substitute for liquid apple cider vinegar in beverages, dry mixes, seasoning blends, and more. The powder has minimal visual impact due to its neutral white-to-beige color. The company’s Organic Kombucha Powder is a label-friendly, shelf-stable substitute for liquid kombucha. The ingredient comes in both powder and granulated forms. Probiotics can be added to it to provide digestive health benefits.

    BI Nutraceuticals can help add functionality and value to food and beverage products with ingredients ranging from plant-based proteins to fruit and vegetable powders. The company conducts extensive species identification and quality testing on every ingredient so manufacturers can be assured each one meets clean label claims. BI Nutraceuticals has developed a comprehensive database of its GRAS ingredients, which are categorized in 10 condition-specific, functional platforms: bone health, calming, cognitive health, digestive health, energy, heart health, immunity, joint/inflammation, sleep, and weight management. BI Nutraceuticals, Booth 3623

    CHICORY ROOT, SUGAR beet, rice, and wheat serve as sources for ingredients from BENEO. Nature provides an infinite source of inspiration when it comes to food. With this in mind, the company looks for solutions that can improve health and nutrition. This has led to the development of ingredients such as Orafti Inulin and Oligofructose, isomalt, Palatinose, rice starches, and rice flours that are part of BENEO’s range of functional fibers, functional carbohydrates, specialty rice ingredients, and functional proteins. BENEO, Booth 3423

    About the Author

    Linda Milo Ohr is a food scientist and writer based in Highlands Ranch, Colo. ([email protected]).
    Linda Ohr

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