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Kashi Berry and Chocolate loops

Super Loops cereals are the result of a collaboration between Kashi and teens who are passionate about sustainability, food, health, and the environment.

Digiorno croissant

DIGIORNO Croissant Crust Pizza offers a new take on classic comfort food and is the only croissant-style pizza available nationally in the frozen aisle.

Chicken burgers

Gourmet Chicken Burgers are made from whole-muscle dark meat chicken and include enhancements such as fruit, vegetables, and cheeses within the patties.

Cereal created by kids, for kids

Kashi’s Kashi by Kids cereal line recently introduced Super Loops, a blend of superfood ingredients that includes berries, lentils, and cocoa. Created as a collaboration between Kashi and the Kashi Kids Crew, a group of 13- to 17-year-old Gen Z leaders, the cereal delivers 4 grams of protein per serving.

Super Loops is available in two flavors–Chocolate and Berry–and combines craveable taste with ingredients like brown rice flour and red lentil flour to enhance texture and flavor.

Each member of the Kids Crew had a say in what they wanted to see in the new cereal: Hannah, a sustainability activist, wanted more protein; Charlotte, a creative baker, asked for less sugar; and Valentine, a dancer, requested more chocolate.

“Each member of the Kids Crew brings something different to the table, and it was so fun to create something that we can feel good about eating every day,” said Tabay Atkins IV, Kids Crew member and yoga instructor, in a press release.

Super Loops can be found at retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $3.99.

Croissant crust pizza

In a new mashup aimed at consumers who want comfort food they can enjoy at home, Nestlé has debuted DIGIORNO Croissant Crust Pizza, which combines multiple layers of light, flaky crust with the traditional appeal of pizza.

Available in the frozen aisle, the croissant-style pizza comes in three versions, all of which are topped with 100% real cheese. The savory crust delivers a light crunch with layers that are textured for a new twist on classic pizza taste.

DIGIORNO Croissant Crust Pizza is available nationwide in Pepperoni, Four Cheese, and Three Meat flavors for a suggested retail price of $6.49–$7.40 each.

Chicken burgers in three varieties

The latest launch from family-owned Bell & Evans is a line of Gourmet Chicken Burgers made from whole-muscle dark meat chicken and chunks of real fruit, vegetables, and natural cheeses. Crafted from simple ingredients, the burgers cook like a traditional burger but have fewer calories and less fat, making them an appealing option for health-conscious consumers.

Gourmet Chicken Burgers come in 6-ounce patties that are nitrogen frozen and uncooked, locking in freshness and flavor. Three versions are available: Chicken Bacon & Sharp Cheddar, Roasted Portabella & Swiss, and Granny Smith Apple & Gouda. All three varieties are gluten free.

“These aren’t blended burgers. We created gourmet chicken burgers to offer unique flavor options to our very popular traditional chicken burgers,” said Bell & Evans owner Scott Sechler, in a press release. “Rather than piling up toppings on a burger, these have your favorite enhancements within the patties for all the flavor and none of the mess.”

Gourmet Chicken Burgers from Bell & Evans can be found at retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of $6.99 for a package of two patties.

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