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Information highlighted in this section has been supplied by providers of equipment for food safety and quality applications and has been edited for content, clarity, and space.

THE SAFETY OF FLOUR has become very important for the flour milling industry. NEO-TEMPER is an organic food safety solution for flour millers. A liquid solution applied on wheat, NEO-TEMPER reduces pathogens in flour by more than 99% without loss of quality or functionality. By seamlessly integrating into the tempering step of the milling process, NEO-TEMPER requires no changes to the existing process flow. In addition, the NEO-TEMPER validation program allows flour millers to produce safer flour and protect their businesses, brands, and consumers in a quick and economical manner. Agri-Neo, agri-neo.com

RELIABLE INSTRUMENTATION FOR many applications is what laboratories need, and AMETEK Brookfield delivers. Brookfield is said to be a leader in viscosity measurement and has been operating for more than 85 years. The company has a portfolio of instruments to analyze texture, moisture, toxic gas, and powder flow. Brookfield also provides services including calibration and repair and testing. AMETEK Brookfield, brookfieldengineering.com

THE DEMAND FOR dietary supplements, functional foods, and nutraceuticals is steadily increasing. But without adhering to regulatory standards for these products, a company’s reputation could be at risk. Burdock Group has experience in safety and regulatory assessments, claim substantiation, and DSHEA compliance. The company provides consulting on all aspects of safety and compliance for new dietary ingredient notifications, regulated claims, specification development, risk and regulatory assessments, and more. Burdock Group, burdockgroup.com

A NEW AND improved microwave muffle furnace was recently released. The new Phoenix BLACK builds on the best-in-class technology found in previous versions of the Phoenix. This new microwave muffle furnace has an updated cavity design with dual magnetron technology, delivering twice as much power for faster results. Its touchscreen display seamlessly integrates CFR-compliant software, offering user-friendly traceability and data management. The Phoenix BLACK’s sulfated ash option completely automates ash analysis, and its software automatically calculates and logs results. CEM Corporation, cem.com

A NEW RHEOMETER, the Farinograph-TS provides a reliable, reproducible picture of the water absorption and kneading properties of flours in a compact housing form with continuous speed control. In addition to rheometers, C.W. Brabender’s broad array of instrumentation for food industry applications includes viscometers, mills, moisture testers, extruders, dies, drive units, and software. C.W. Brabender, cwbrabender.com

A POPULAR NUTRITION analysis and compliance software has been updated. The newest release of Genesis R&D Food Formulation and Labeling Software has extra functionality for labeling and packaging with a new attributes feature. Federal bioengineered food disclosure regulations mandate that food products made with bioengineered material must disclose the information on product labels. The attributes feature can track bioengineered materials for accurate product labeling and easier compliance, and monitor additional food characteristics such as allergens and artificial ingredients. ESHA Research, esha.com

A STATE-OF-THE-ART ANIMAL health testing laboratory will soon open in Indianapolis. Eurofins Animal Health provides a wide variety of services, including GxP analysis on low-level pharmaceutical compounds and animal feed, consultation and report generation for registering compounds with the Center for Veterinary Medicine, enzymatic activity in animal feed, and more. Eurofins provides a variety of consulting and testing services for food safety, food quality, research and development, and process validation. Eurofins’ new animal health facility will allow companies to get their products to the market faster. Eurofins, eurofinsUS.com/food

FEW COMPANIES OFFER hemp and cannabidiol testing along with a range of food safety and quality testing. FoodChain ID has a broad portfolio of technology-enabled services and tools to support product testing, supply chain management, risk assessment, food safety, non-GMO certification and verification, and more. The company’s expertise across regions and industry sectors allows it to provide accurate and reliable information. In addition, FoodChain ID is the only company that is the exclusive certifying body for the U.S. Hemp Authority and provides certification for the U.S. National Organic Program and Non-GMO Project Verification. FoodChain ID, foodchainid.com

AN AUTOMATIC SPIRAL petri dish plater, easySpiral Pro Milk, allows for a sample of 100 to 1 x 107 CFU/mL to be plated on a single petri dish, without prior dilution. easySpiral Pro Milk is particularly suitable for the dairy industry for analyzing raw materials and for the payment of milk. Because there is no need to transfer a sample from its original container for intake, the risk of cross contamination is eliminated. Interscience, interscience.com

FSQ NDCT Technologies
FSQ NDCT Technologies

NEXT-GENERATION MEASUREMENT and process performance is possible with the new Series 9 food gauge from NDC Technologies. NDC reports that Series 9 allows manufacturers to perform comprehensive measurements in unique applications, providing process vision beyond that of conventional in-process measurement systems. With it, users may perform single- or multi-component measurements of moisture, fats/oils, protein, and more across a wide range of food processing applications. Series 9’s flexible, building-block architecture, combined with advanced process connectivity and adaptable integration, allows manufacturers to scale NDC’s gauging system to meet current and future needs. NDC Technologies, ndc.com

AN INDEPENDENT MICROBIOLOGICAL research, testing, and consulting facility, Region Food Laboratory places particular emphasis on meeting the needs of small and mid-size food companies. The lab provides custom and basic applied microbiological services, including routine food microbiological testing, shelf-life and challenge studies, and consulting for HACCP, sanitation, and ISO 17025 gap audits. Region Food Laboratory, rf-labs.com

REDUCE OR ELIMINATE pathogens in dry and wet food products with safe sterilization. Safe Sterilization USA is an all-natural, proprietary water-based kill step that is chemical- and radiation-free. This gentle but thorough process safely treats most dry ingredients while maintaining flavor, color, aroma, and texture. Bioactive Resources / Safe Sterilization USA, safesterilizationusa.com

FSQ Shimadzu_iSpec_S
FSQ Shimadzu_iSpec_S

COMPREHENSIVE PARTICLE CHARACTERIZATION in a compact design is possible via the iSpect DIA-10 dynamic particle image analysis system from Shimadzu. The iSpect DIA-10 performs particle imaging, size analysis, and foreign object detection, and obtains size distributions and number concentration in as little as two minutes. The system creates a user-friendly environment by automating processes such as pump operation and particle imaging according to the analysis conditions selected. Because it can utilize a sample size as small as 50 uL, it is well suited for trace analysis. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, ssi.shimadzu.com