bacterio phages

Emma L. Farquharson

Sam R. Nugen

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    Providing the world population with sufficient quantities of safe food and drinking water is hampered by several factors, including erratic weather patterns from climate change and global overpopulation (Berners-Lee et al. 2018). Within the United States, the annual aggregated economic burden of foodborne disease is estimated to be between $51 billion and $71 billion, depending on the model used (Scharff 2012). The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the annual global burden of foodbo…

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    About the Authors

    Emma L. Farquharson, PhD Candidate, Food Science Department, Cornell University, Ithaca N.Y. ([email protected])

    Sam R. Nugen, PhD, Professor, Food Science Department, Cornell University, Ithaca N.Y., ([email protected])