Explosion of Color

Kelly Hensel, Anna Kleinbaum, Mary Ellen Kuhn, and Bill McDowell

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    The term “influencer” is bandied about frequently these days, often referring to social media superstars whose antics on TikTok or Instagram have propelled them into the limelight. For this feature article, we thought about it a little differently, focusing attention on individuals whose actions and insights have had a significant positive impact on the food system, but whose contributions may not be widely known.

    Our influencers represent varied disciplines, and their professional pr…

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    About the Author

    Kelly Hensel is Food Technology magazine’s deputy managing editor, print and digital ([email protected]). Anna Klainbaum is an independent writer and editor with a specialization in food and beverage content creation ([email protected]). Mary Ellen Kuhn is the magazine’s executive editor ([email protected]). Bill McDowell is the magazine’s editor-in-chief ([email protected]).