National food safety authorities from all 28 European Union Member States, Iceland, and Norway have called for more public investment in food safety research and have pledged a commitment to support European research through partnership building and training, among a range of other measures. In a joint statement with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the Advisory Forum, tasked with providing EFSA with strategic advice on scientific issues, also stressed the benefits of increased interaction between funders, EU agencies, and national partners on food safety research.

“There is a compelling case to be built for public funding in food safety research. We must not forget that research and innovation among and within Member States ultimately feeds into the risk assessments that we carry out at an EU level, which are the basis for public health policies in Europe,” said EFSA’s Executive Director Bernhard Url.

In the statement, the EFSA and its Advisory Forum declared their commitment to
supporting the European Research Area by:

  • Stimulating new partnerships in food safety risk assessment
  • Supporting the formation of research consortia, for example, through the network of EFSA national Focal Points
  • Informing the setting of research agendas based on the knowledge and research gaps identified in risk assessments
  • Offering the regulatory science context that assesses the latest scientific findings to inform policy decisions
  • Maintaining operational scientific networks with representatives from all Member States that identify knowledge gaps and establish partnerships
  • Being active partners in international cooperation
  • Training and enabling the mobility of researchers
  • Contributing to Open Data portals and improving data interoperability, advancing the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence

EFSA press release

Joint Statement

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