The Symrise Flavor North America team annually conducts extensive research, including interviews with trendspotting chefs and bartenders around the world, to identify top trends affecting the industry. Yet, the world can quickly change, as with the rapid escalation of the COVID-19 pandemic. While Symrise’s 2020 North American trends still hold from a macro perspective, the company has already seen a return to simplicity, comfort food, and value making an impact on consumer behavior.

Symrise’s top 10 flavor trends for this year are as follows:

  1. Tea Inside
  2. Next-Gen Adaptogens
  3. Drink to Your Health
  4. Fruit Gets Funky
  5. Nature Added
  6. Spice & Salt Meets Sweet
  7. Incredible Spreadables
  8. Prime Classics
  9. Next Wave Asian
  10. Global Horizons 2020

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