Corteva Agriscience, a seed and agricultural chemical company that was a unit of DowDuPont before being spun off as an independent public company, has announced the results of a global study of Gen Z/millennial farmers and consumers. Conducted by Kantar, a data, insight, and consulting company, the research examined views on the future of food and farming by farmers and consumers (aged 16–38) in the United States, Brazil, China, France, and Russia. Notably, the study reveals survey participants in different global markets are highly aligned in their concern about the future of food and farming.

The study also revealed that next-gen farmers and consumers want to have more influence over decisions about how food is grown, sold, and consumed, and they share a deep desire to be involved in securing the financial and environmental sustainability of farms. In fact, 94% of next-gen consumers and 80% of farmers have opinions about what food should be produced, and they also believe that big players in the food chain—including food wholesalers, food input suppliers, and food manufacturing companies—have more influence than they actually do over how food is grown, sold, and consumed.

Other findings from the study include the following:

  • 89% of surveyed consumers and 73% of surveyed farmers are concerned the world will not have enough food for its nutritional needs by 2040.
  • 90% agree that farmers will have to adopt innovative new technologies and methods to address the food and farming issues we face.
  • 93% of both next-gen consumers and farmers feel they need a more significant voice when it comes to securing the future of food and farming.

“Farmers and consumers often are portrayed as two different parties at opposite ends of the global food system. The findings in this study reveal a different picture of young farmers and consumers wanting to meet in the middle and define ways to solve some of biggest issues in the future of farming and food,” said Dana Bolden, senior vice president of external affairs and sustainability for Corteva Agriscience, in a company press release. “Finding common ground is essential, and we are committed to exploring ways where Corteva can help cultivate the kinds of conversations between the next generation of farmers and consumers that are needed to bring about timely solutions.”

Report (pdf)

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